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Everything posted by xrex64

  1. Lol. I need some high gold novas/mg's to play with. Lemme know if you want to play right now. Dear Mods: I'm looking for a group of CS:GO players to play with me right now. (Just in case this got reported for the wrong section).
  2. CSGO comp anyone? I'm amazing :p

  3. xrex64

    Good Book

    I'm looking for a good book to read. Name anything you thought was outstanding. I've tried googling this but only clickbait crap came up. Thanks.
  4. xrex64

    Good Book

    I'm open to anything but romance pretty much.
  5. xrex64

    Best Buy Geek Squad

    Has anyone ever worked for the Geek Squad at Best Buy? Long story short, I just applied and I'm wondering how it is. Thanks. Also, let me know if you have any other Best Buy job experiences I should know about.
  6. xrex64

    Tech Jobs

    Hey guys, I'm looking for jobs for 16 year olds that involve technology or something of that sort. If you have any ideas, let me know. Thanks.
  7. xrex64

    Best Buy Geek Squad

    It said I could be. Seems odd.
  8. xrex64

    Best Buy Geek Squad

    Do you think I have any chance getting the job as a 16 year old? I definitely feel I can benefit the company as well. if not better than other Geek Squad employees from experiences.
  9. xrex64

    Best Buy Geek Squad

    I can see that being extremely frustrating, but I'd rather do it than some repetitive job that bores me.
  10. xrex64

    Tech Jobs

    I considered this, which is the reason I made the thread.
  11. xrex64

    Tech Jobs

  12. xrex64

    Best Buy Geek Squad

    Exactly. I honestly wish I could tell them this in my application; that I sincerely want to help them out and fix their negative rep.
  13. xrex64

    Your Tech Pet Peeves

    I have some tech pet peeves or things that bug me. Here are some of mine: Cluttered desktops Cluttered desk tops (difference) Downloading things into C:\ Distorted pictures More than 30 tabs open When people play games in a window if not needed When someone opens up their laptops and it looks like they spit on it 87 times a day What are some of yours?
  14. xrex64

    Steam in the light of recent events.

    **immediately checks to see if in off topic**
  15. xrex64

    Your Tech Pet Peeves

    I noticed one the day I got my Nexus 7 and tried returning it. The guy laughed at me and said he couldn't see it.
  16. xrex64

    Your Tech Pet Peeves

    This was a good thread. RIP.
  17. I wonder if anyone remembers me...

    1. EpicGeekonFire
    2. ShearMe
    3. xrex64


      I'm the muffin man

  18. Anyone want to play CS:GO right now?

  19. xrex64

    Sister Needs a Laptop

    My sister is using Adobe programs and Rihno, AutoCAD and Sketchup and needs a good laptop to fit her needs. Max price: 1,000 USD Thanks
  20. xrex64

    LTT unofficial Team Speak?

    I'm not sure what you're talking about....
  21. I'm turning my server computer off for the first time in 150 days. :(

    1. Vitalius



      *sysadmins everywhere*

    2. Yummychickenblue
    3. EpicGeekonFire


      150 days, thats it!

  22. xrex64

    "Unofficial" Pebble Owner's Thread!

    Also, it seems that not ALL notifications go to my pebble (Ex. Twitter, Games, etc..) Is this normal?
  23. I have a budget of around $200 for a smart watch. Which one should I get? Uses: - Wearing at school - Running - I listen to podcasts too