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  1. Manufactoring errors brands made in the past (or present)

    OK. Where do we start? We have the ACX 3.0 cards from EVGA that were toasting themselves and required vBIOS update and manually installing thermal pads that warn't originally a part of the cards. HP laptops (multiple models). The display hinges ware screwed to a plastic shell and eventually broke. iPhone 4 antennagate. LG phones (G4, V10, Nexus 5x) spontaneous unrecoverable bootloops, that turns out to be a faulty logic boards that needed to be replaced completely. HTC One (M7) camera that decided the world should be purple.
  2. Manufactoring errors brands made in the past (or present)

    Are are talking about failed products that in hindsight shouldn't exist or decent ones that had design/manufacturing flaws?
  3. [Graphics Design] Need help with downsizing

    I still suggest you ask the printing service if it's possible to print at that size and resolution. Personally i've never heard of a print that size that's been done in 300dpi. Just so you'll understand what size you are talking about - your image size is 388 Mega Pixels. that's insane.
  4. [Graphics Design] Need help with downsizing

    Based on the resolution you stated your file is set to 300dpi. Are you sure the printer is even capable of this?
  5. Apple Won't Repair I-Mac Pro Reality

    No. Breaking stuff those NOT lost you the right to get service. It will deny you the right to get it fixed under warrenty, but that's it. If we'll' keep the comparison to cars, where i live a dealer has to keep parts (or order them for you) 7 years after the Last car was sold. even if i tried to replace the camshaft myself and somehow broke the engine, or even drive the car straight into a wall. A manufacturer have to supply replacements parts for his product, for his own good. How many of you would buy a 5,000$ PC (or car, ac unit or anything else) that cannot be repaired if damaged, no matter the circumstances? Anyway, the problem here is that Apple admits they can't fix the Mac pro nor have parts for it. What if it broke on it's own and was cover under warranty? a costumer would have to wait months? remember, this is a product aimed at professionals who use those machines for a living. Every minute a machine is out of order cost them money.
  6. [Build Log] Super Nintendo PC

    It will be really cool if you'll modify the GPU shroud to look like a cartridge. Awesome work!
  7. I have a question about Aura Sync

    The case come with 3-way Splitter cable for the fans, so they only take one RGB header. It's clearly mentions in CoolerMaster page for this case.
  8. Alienware and Omen lineups.
  9. Vapor chamber. Far from what we call 'Water cooling'. I remember when Microsoft try that marketing BS with the Xbox One X.
  10. The term 'Pro' lost all meaning a long time ago and is now pure marketing. Foe the phone itself, i get the idea but it would be more useful if the camera was removed too. When i was in the army (and in a lot of companies that does military contracts) we were not allowed to bring our phones to some working areas (even turned off), or needed to cover the phone cameras with spacial sticker that cannot be removed without being damaged. Phone like that can be brought to places like that while allowing offline apps to work.

    Well, you can connect Quadro GV100s using NVLink. They cost 599$ per bridge and the card itself cost 8,999$, but that's a small price to pay for UNLIMITED POWER!
  12. What Kind of Gear Do You Own and Use Everyday?

    Basically brand new, i'm still using D200. Just love the form factor, crop sensor in a fully-featured pro body. Tried D7000 for a while and although the image quality is far superior (D200 start getting noisy at 320 ISO) the body fill less comfortable to me. Now that the old D200 start killing it's batteries i'm considering upgrading to D500, the true successor to the Dx00 family. For lenses i mostly use fast primes. i have 30mm and 50mm f/1.8, along side 60mm, 90mm and even 400mm prime (that's really need professional cleaning at this point). for zoom i have 12-24 f/4, 17-50 f/2.8, 70-300 f/4-5.6 that i barely use and finally Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 that i got second hand for stupid cheap. about 450$ when new one cost 2,500$ around here at the time. Actually, apart from the 50mm i think all my lenses are second hand. as they offer great value.
  13. Free PC GAMES!?!?!

    Free-to-Play is not quite 'Free'. I don't really get multi-player games, so i'll talk about Single-player games that i got for free over the last year or two. Not the most shiny, brand new titles. But all of them are good games and was completely free and legal. Follow the big stores on Twitter, maybe a few gaming sites and from time to time you will get updates on games that are free for a limited time.
  14. from what we've seen from Vega so far, the power consumption relative to performance is nowhere near Nvidia current line up. And that's with HBM2 compare to GDDR5. I can't see how they can make it much better on the same architecture.
  15. AMD is acting weird as usual. Hopefully we'll see an awakening like we saw with Ryzen. Polaris 10 is 2 years old and will be with us for at least another year. Vega is a power hungry beast in Discrete GPU (in 14nm, and as of now 7nm isn't coming to consumers GPUs) and we've only seen 3 of those, the rest of Vega is APUs and mobile. Navi is still a long way away. Or that they're just making banks off of consoles and don't care anymore.