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  1. Hello All, I noticed this when I posted this comment today that the count on the "XX seconds ago" actually counts every second. is this a bug or an easter egg?
  2. @CPotter do you have any news on streaming tickets? I can't make it but I would love to support you guys and participate virtually
  3. the problem there would be making it fit in a backbag. but... leaving it caseless is... intresting.. hmm, I'll have to think about it. Cheers
  4. not many laptops support 64GB, I think only the dell 7510, aorus x5 v6, one from lenovo, and one from clevo
  5. however says size doesn't matter is lying. my question to you guys is, how small can you get a server with 64GB of RAM? I work with a software that is quite memory hungry(its an in memory database) and I move around quite a bit, so I was wondering if there was anything(besides another laptop) that I could leave in my workbag and whip it out when I need to rock out? what do you guys recommend? how small can you make a 64GB machine?