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  1. You got nvidia gpu? If yes how good G-sync works? How pixel responsiveness any noticeable ghosting in games?
  2. "The black uniformity of the monitor is terrible. Backlight bleed is evident almost everywhere on the screen in our overexposed test image. Unfortunately, this is also noticeable in normal content, especially when displaying a uniform dark color background. Note that black uniformity is panel specific and will differ from unit to unit, but we have seen reports displaying similar uniformity." Review from Rtings https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/dell/s2719dgf
  3. So because of backlight bleed? How pixel response no ghosting? Looks not so bad compared to that on the right it's IPS? I saw other post from you about dell TN model and it looks horrible. You got other model after returned?
  4. I wanna buy 144 Hz monitor. Maybe some1 got them and could say about nvidia g-sync comaptiblity. Asus VG279Q MSI Optix MAG271CR Wicth is better?