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    Live in Cardiff, Love Motorbikes, Cooking, Technology & Gaming.
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    Web & Software Developer


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    Intel i5 4690K
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    MSI Z97-G55 SLI
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    16GB Kingston Hyper X
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    MSI GTX 970
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    NZXT H440 White
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    120GB Samsung SSD, 120GB Corsair SSD, 1TB HDD, 2x 500GB
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    EVGA 650G
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    Samsung 32D850D & Asus VE228
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    Corsair H55
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    Corsair K95
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    Logitech G402
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    Asus D1
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    Windows 10

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  1. Hey there, I have a h55 with a faulty pump, the clicking is slowly driving me mad so I'm looking for a replacement. Now i'm looking to spend around £50, I have a 4690K which I intend to start overclocking. I'm using a H440 and a z97 g55 sli mobo so size shouldnt be a problem. What can you recommend? Was looking at this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/noctua-NH-U9S-Noctua-for-PC/dp/B00TBHYYFK/ Thanks
  2. M.2 it is then, any you can recommned? I see WD do a good priced blue one (uk)
  3. Hmm okay, the whole reliability thing isn't as big a deal for me, all my important shit's in the cloud or on my NAS, it'd be games and the hassle of reinstalling.
  4. Hey, So looking to do some improvements on my system. I'm upgrading my 970 for a 1070 and about to learn to overclock my 4690k, but looking to either move to a m.2 for my main drive or buy a 850 to raid 0 with my current 840. Which will ultimately be the best solution here? Thanks
  5. Really dude!? Rub salt in the wound... it was my daily bag for work, containing a glass water bottle with a screw top which wasn’t done up properly, first time in 4 years of commuting. So it’s not like it was a shitty leaky water bottle.
  6. Not completely no, it’s been sat in rice most of the day and it turned on this evening, but the front dial and shutter button doesn’t work... oh at it set at F0 apparently... so yeah waiting to hear back from Fuji, but may be a contents insurance claim. I went with the cheaper kit lens, 16-50mm.
  7. So I bought the x-t20 yesterday, it's a lovely piece of kit but very different from my 600D so I have a lot of learning to do. I stuck it in my bag to day to have aplay with in the day, go to work to find my water bottle leaked... So it bricked. Got these last night though:
  8. Awesome! Thanks for your help, I’ll shop around a bit and see what deals I can get.
  9. That fujifilms a nice camera, but a tad on the pricey side As for canon, I have 2 lenses and that'd be about it that's specific to canon. Why the 800D over 750/760? From what I see it's pretty similar other than a higher ISO? Yeah looking about a fair few aren't that happy with m4/3 and as you say Sony is just beyond my price point. The glass is far more expensive too. Is there any others than the x-t20 you can recommend? EDIT: That said, they're a bit cheaper body only on ebay...
  10. So I have a 600D but it's on it's way out so i'm looking for a new camera. Now I use it for photography, street and landscapes mostly. I'd ideally like something smaller than the 600D, it's quite big but still open to something like a 750D. I'm also open to moving from canon and I realise if I do it'll be somewhat more expensive by the time I buy the lenses. So what can you recommend me? £500-£800, not including additional lenses if I were to move from canon. Thanks
  11. Yeah substantially more expensive! May get this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-M2070W-Multifunction-Wireless-Printer/dp/B00ETKT2J2/ref=sr_1_3?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1490632477&sr=1-3
  12. Thanks, but there doesn't seems to be any known retailers selling it in the UK
  13. Hi all, So i'm after a fairly cheap yet reliable, ideally wireless laser printer. I don't tend to use them often (hence laser), so my old one's all dried out and dead, but i'm in the process of buying a house will be printing loads of documents, so kinda need a working one. I'm not overly fussed if it prints colour or not and looking sub £100. What can you recommend? Thanks!
  14. So i've recently started at a new job and I often work in a communal office space which is great but sometimes it can be a little loud. So i'm looking to buy a set of wireless noise cancelling headphones. The obvious hipster choice would be to grab a set of Bose QC 35s but I want you opinions and recommendations. Budget wise, around £200ish...