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  1. TheRoss0411 Fair enough I will check that when I am in there removing one 670. The Great Sayain Man I am only about 20 degrees Celsius ambient temperatures.
  2. TheSLSAMG I have tried re installing the drivers but the problem still persists. TheRoss0411 I am running at 45 degrees Celsius at idle and 69 degrees Celsius under load. Joe3417 I will try that and see what the results are. FatalWaffles I have made sure that I am running the latest drivers.
  3. Hey there this is my first computer build. Because of this, these issues are new to me. The issue I am having is during gameplay mostly steam downloaded games aka(Amar 3,2 ect.,Battlefield) I have been encountering a problem were during the start up of a game I am running at Ultra settings at 1080p res. I am running at 60fps. My computer runs good for about 5mins. in then suddenly the frame rate will drop off to around 15fps and then blue screen about 10-20min. later. My computer tells me its a hardware/driver issue I just don't know where this could be because I bought fairly top quality components. If anyone has any ideas that would be great! PC Specs: a) Asus Maximus 6 Gene Motherboard b Intel Core i7 4770k 3.5ghz. c) Dual EVGA GeForce GTX 670 2gb. of GDDR. 5 memory FTW running in SLI ​d) Corsair Vengeance 16gb Gddr 3 memory 1866mghz. 2x8gb. e) Corsair GTX Neutron Series 240gb. SSD (Games and operating system stored here) f) WD Black 1tb. HDD 7200rpm. g) H100i CPU Cooler h) Asus 12x Bluray Reader/DVD Burner i) Corsair AX860i Power Supply j) Corsair 350d Case