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  1. I know this is a weird question to be asking but I wanna know where does saliva naturally gathers in the mouth. Is it on top of the tongue or under the tongue (on the floor of the mouth)?
  2. Not a full on casino. Just poker alone. But yeah imagine it being a casino with poker as the only game.
  3. Can someone please explain if a poker game app can be made on the etherium/neo blockchain. If it is possible can you explain the requirements and processes I would have to go through to create something like this. I dont want a separate token for the game. People would deposit ether. After an user is finished playing he can withdraw the ether. It would obviously be a multiplayer game. Imagine zynga poker except you would deposit real ether and the game would be trustless.
  4. There are plenty of things that are wrong with processed food. It cointains hydrogenated fats which leads to inflammation and obesity. The glycemic load is way too high which might lead to insulin resistance and obesity. If you consumed 2000 calories of processed food vs 2000 calories of healthy food a day, the difference in body fat and overall health will be massive. However you right about the fact that processed food is too easy to eat too much. The reason is that it is mostly empty calories without much fiber hence you need to eat a lot processed food in order to feel full. I don't know much about processed meats though. Where I come from processed meats are hard to come by but I think they probably contain hydrogenated fats.
  5. Everyone says 'eat healthy' but not many people really know which foods are actually healthy. Avoid processed foods at all costs. Examples of some of these processed foods include white flour, artificial sweeteners, white rice, white sugar, hydrogenated fats, american cheese, deli meat etc. You have to realize that this rules out almost all snacks you will find at the supermarkets and fast food shops. No cookies, coke, cakes, chocolates, chips, most mayonnaise, sauces, burgers, fries, fried chicken (cause of the breading), bread etc. Eat only healthy fats from sources like nuts, fish, butter, ghee, fatty fruits, cold pressed oils, organic meat etc. Only have sugar from natural sources like fruits, raw honey, molasses etc. Get your carbs only from whole grains, chickpeas, beans etc. Get your protein from fishes and organic meats. Eat a decent portion of veggies too. If you can follow these I can assure you that you will lose weight and get back to shape even if you are a bit lazy. If you need recipe ideas google paleo or keto diet recipes.
  6. What can I say. Life has been pretty tough for me too. Life was great as a kid but since the past few years I have anxiety and inferiority complex. And thanks a lot for helping out. It helped me out much more than you would think. Honestly means a lot.
  7. This honestly helped out a lot. I honestly can't thank you enough. It was bothering me a lot. And it's great that you breathe through the nose now. Mouth breathing a lot of health consequences. Tongue thrust is basically a habitual disorder where instead of the tongue moving upward during swallow , it only moves forwards. In order to compensate for the lack of seal created between the tongue and roof of mouth (this seal helps full the saliva inwards) facial muscles have to pulled inwards to create the seal, which results in sunken face and protruded teeth. The cause for tongue thrust includes bottle feeding, thumb sucking, not breastfeeding etc as a kid. I have tongue thrust and I was bottle fed for a long time. If you don't mind then I would like to ask two more question. I know they sound weird but they are really important to me. Every bit of detail helps. 1) Does the tongue stays in contact front row of teeth throughout the swallow process? where does the tongue go after you are done swallowing. 2) does the whole tongue press against the roof of the mouth at once , or is it one portion after another (first tip, then middle then back)
  8. I am talking about how the front and middle of the tongue moves during swallow. I know it moves but the question is how does it move. Up, down left, right. Does it touch the roof of the mouth etc.
  9. True that. Can you ples help by sharing the process by which you swallow.
  10. I know this sounds very weird but I am confused on how to swallow saliva properly. So basically I was researching on how proper swallow, mouth breathing and tongue posture affects facial structure as I have been a mouth breather all my life and have tongue thrust. While practising the 'proper way' to swallow I got very confused. So my question is what steps do you take during swallow and how does your tongue move. Do you have a sucking motion during swallow? So far what I understand is you suck the saliva to bring it on top of the tongue. Then you swallow it whilst moving the front part of the tongue upwards. It would be very helpful if someone described the process. Please do mention whether you are a mouth breather or nose breather.
  11. Please vote on this poll and help the community get a discount on these great IEMs . https://www.massdrop.com/vote/Battle-of-the-100-IEMs
  12. Thanks a lot. This has been bugging me a lot.
  13. how does your tongue stays behind your tongue ._.