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    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X @ 4.2 GHz
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    ASUS ROG Strix Crosshair VIII Hero
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    Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 32Gb @ 3000Mhz
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    NVidia GeForce RTX 2070 STRIX 8Gb
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    Corsair Carbide Spec-Omega RGB
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    500GB SSD Boot + 1TB NVMe SSD + 2TB RAID HDD
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    Rosewill Capstone 750W 80+ Gold
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    Dell 27" 1440p 144Hz + MSI Optix 27' Curved 144hz + Acer Predator 27" 144hz
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    Corsair H100i AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
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    Corsair Strafe v2 Silent RGB
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    Corsair Ironclaw
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    Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDac
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Hey, so my friends been having this problem quite often and I can't seem to trouble shoot it. My friend can play games such as OSU, Among Us, and Mnecraft just fine, but when he launches Rocket League, OW, or Dota 2, he's fine at the main menu, but crashes when he actually gets into a game. He's already reinstalled graphics drivers, and it didn't help. Specs: i5-7400 8Gb DDR4 at 2133Mhz 1060 6Gb VRAM 500W 80+ Bronze Error Codes: RL: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED OW: RENDERING DEVICE HAS BEEN LOST Any help is appreciated!
  2. Yeah I intend to wait for the aftermarket ASUS Strix card since it will match my build well.
  3. So as you all may be aware, the previous cards were running on PCIe 3.0, and the newer ones are running on PCIe 4.0 Now with that change does anyone know if using a vertical riser cable will hinder performance if it's not branded as 4.0 (given there aren't that many on the market branded for 4.0" Only curious because I'm planning on getting a 30 series NVidia card and mounting it vertically.
  4. So I’m essentially attempting to run games (and stream) at 1440p with more than 144fps. I currently have a Strix 2070 card that can do that for some games, but just overall doesn’t have the power I want. It’ll be paired with a Ryzen 9 3900x as well.
  5. Hey all! So essentially I’m wonder what the major differences are besides the 3Gb of VRAM difference. The price difference is $400 and I’m really just wondering, is the 2080ti worth saving up for, and if so then why? I couldn’t find a video from Linus between these cards specifically. Any info is appreciated!
  6. I just so happened to me working on a laptop for someone and in the mean time I ended up accidentally pulling too hard on one of these clamps and I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find a replacement? It’s the KB BL ribbon that lost the clamp and it functions the same way as the MK clamps.
  7. Can anyone link me the tool kit that Linus uses? Thanks!
  8. So lately I've been considering fixing up my old pc to use as a streaming pc so my current rig can play with better performances... however I cant seem to find a video that explains everything. I'd like to start with specs Stream PC: Intel i5-6400 GTX 1060 3Gb 16Gb RAM 2133 Game PC: Ryzen 5 2600X RTX 2070 STRIX 8Gb 32Gb RAM 3000 I was wondering if the stream pc would be able to capture anything from the game pc since ive heard that GPU's contain a capturing device. Just a random thought however... Secondly I dont understand what cables are needed to be ran from the game pc to the streaming pc. Thirdly I was wondering what ways would be best for transferring voice and other audio. Any help would be appreciated... I'm kind of a confused mess over this...
  9. The CPU was the problem. Everythings working now, thanks! (I happen to have a lot of parts laying around my house)
  10. It hasnt allowed us to boot to a screen. There are no graphics available. We're just now turning it on for the first time.
  11. Hey, My friend just built his computer and everything seemed to be successful until the end. When we booted it up, it continuously began a post cycle, only staying booted for 5-7 seconds, then shutting off and restarting the cycle. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated. Friends Parts: CPU: i5-6400 GPU: RedDragon RX 580 RAM: 2x 8Gb 2133MHz PSU: EVGA 500 BR 80+ Bronze Motherboard: Gigabyte H310M HDD x2 1 TB
  12. So my GTX 1060 is currently having issues with software. I ran an update for the card and after I restarted my computer, the install said it failed... afterwards any gpu related software ended up crashing and it wasn’t showing up in my devices & drivers. I ended up shutting down my computer and turning it on just for it to have a frozen screen when it boots up. All of my RGB lights are still doing it’s thing however. Any ideas?
  13. I currently have a GTX 1060 6Gb and a Viewsonic 22” 1080p 1ms 75Hz monitor... sorry I thought I listed that.
  14. So I currently have a 1080p 75hz monitor and I’ve been trying to decide on whether or not I should get a 1440p 144hz monitor or a 1080p 144hz monitor... my main issue is that my current monitor seems to display games at terrible qualities even though the settings are on max and I’m not sure if it’s my GPU or my current monitor. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  15. So I think the issue is the power supply, I plugged it into my old build and it did the same thing. Both systems had the loud two clicks from when it powered and failed. 2D385493-9A83-4573-85C1-8DB7A8807DF3.MOV