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    I have worked with computers most my life. I am very quick to learn new things or troubleshoot thats why I work with Apple support, theres alot of people that need answers.
    Grew up in Colorado, currently going to school in Salt lake.
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    Apple pc support
  1. gtx 560 get really tired of the power output causing my room to be a heater lol. best of luck to everyone else that has entered!
  2. I recently got an imac because of work, would be awesome to upgrade it to an ssd. hoenstly everyone should have an ssd installed now a days, it makes such an amazing impact on how snappy even older computers can feel
  3. omg so excited, my keyboard is looking pretty worn after using it for personal and work use. the keyboard looks solid would need to see how it fairs to linues "can you beat someone with it" test. The headphones look so comfy i wanna sleep with them
  4. like woah 4k video recording, hope this bad boy can fit an extra sd card for all the vids i wanna take!
  5. just get a battery bank to plug the fans into, they actually show that they did that in the article
  6. found this article and was laughing so hard because it reminded me of the macbook watercooling Linus did awhile ago. they attached different heatsinks to the phone and getting different results http://weekly.ascii.jp/elem/000/000/364/364818/
  7. just found out you can run parallels on raspberry pi, so you could run disk images from your server to the pi, might make a cool video to try since you guys have all that new server stuff
  8. vessel: spooley88 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JLpxC_Zl9
  9. cool add me two, and if you need a clan we are happy to invite peeps, its a small clan but we have all the research done username Kookiecutt
  10. gosh addicted to Warframe, i have a small clan with a few friends and we are always happy to invite to our clan or play with others. username: Kookiecutt
  11. there is an option to turn off the 60fps cap in the settings, not sure if it shows it right at the beginning
  12. I have loved every minute of watching linus. ill be honest if i got the surface pro i would install OSX, still cant stand windows 8 will forever be excited to see what you guys bring to the table
  13. ha ha, love how much coverage those pictures were given. what about the thousands of creditcards that were stolen recently from the homedepot and dozens of other stores since their security sucked. honestly if someone wants to get access to your account they will find a way to get around the security, computers are fast enough that crunching passwords really doesnt take that long anymore.