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  1. The current plan has a bit over 1800$ cost in just the pc parts. Gonna end up well over 3k total with all the peripherals and windows. I would also be interested if there are better performing parts for equal/slightly higher price. I'm really just looking for the best value, high end, mixed gaming/productivity rig I can build.
  2. The initial budget was mostly just for the pc components. When you lump in all the peripherals I will also need it goes much higher. I have a basic build idea I was thinking of but I was hoping I could get ideas for a lower price without sacrificing any performance. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/ArticulatedDrunk/saved/TGgHhM Whichever gpu I decide on will likely be based on what is on sale at the time. I may go used but that's not likely. I only have a mouse so I'm gonna need a headset as well at some point but I don't really want to go down that rabbit hole too much right now unless people have suggestions.
  3. I had my last desktop for a long time and it died on me about a year ago. I've been running on a laptop since then and have been looking into building a new pc. I was planning ~1500 usd for the pc parts and I am also in the US. As of right now the system will mostly be used for gaming, and hosting servers for games. There will also be a bit of picture/video editing. I'm thinking of aiming for two 1440p monitors, one high refresh rate and low lag, one with a better color gamut for productivity. I would also like some tips on keyboards. I prefer full size ones, with a few macros. I'm not sure what type of switches I prefer. My current thoughts are leaning towards ryzen 7 with about a 1080 level gpu.
  4. Hey so I'm looking on newegg and amazon for a 128gb sd card and I'm trying to find a decent brand to buy one from.
  5. So I've been trying to find a good router for a while but there's so many and they all claim to do so much(been burned before) so I came here t ask for you guys help in finding one. I need it to be dual band. Gigabit at least. Able to support 20-40 devices. At least a 15-25 meter range. And under 1000$. All in one or a separate modem is fine. Thanks for the help.