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  1. Funny
    Shammikit reacted to Statik in There's a black widow in my pc   
    There's one solution.
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    Shammikit reacted to Srijan Verma in I am using Norton antivirus program but it does not remove "RECYCLE.BIN" virus!!   
    try malware bytes free; generally gets rid of most malware/spyware/adware
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    Shammikit reacted to freeagent in Ways to stop my laptop from thermal throttling   
    That’s what I would do. If those games worked before and now you see throttling, I would clean it out completely and repaste.
  4. Informative
    Shammikit reacted to Smit Devrukhkar in Ways to stop my laptop from thermal throttling   
    So undervolting is your best bet, and repasting. Even the cheap Chinese stuff is fine.
  5. Informative
    Shammikit reacted to seapriestess in Ways to stop my laptop from thermal throttling   
    Ive never really looked at whether or not they actually work tbh.
    I would assume they would? It was just what popped into my head admittedly. They might be more geared towards laptops that use their housing as a heat sink.
    Did you manage to find any videos that actually test using a laptop thats throttling? It might be a different story if they were testing laptops that don't have heat problems to begin with, the performance wouldn't change because the clocks would be about as high as they go to begin with.
  6. Informative
    Shammikit reacted to Smit Devrukhkar in Ways to stop my laptop from thermal throttling   
    Undervolting seemes to be your best bet besides re pasting. Download and run throttlestop, click on FIVR under cpu core voltage click unlock adjustable voltage, click on offset voltage then reduce it in small incriments untill you get a stable undervolt then do the same undervolt for cpu cache voltage.
  7. Funny
    Shammikit reacted to minibois in Whats Going ON!!! Linus is in a ad   
    I'm so glad someone wrote 'Linus' on the screen in MSPaint, otherwise I would have never recognized him!
    He has done an ad for Pulseway and also Honey now. He's moving up in the world, as to consumers (the more techie ones) obviously see him as a knowledgeable figure.
    Makes sense why these companies would hire him for advertisements.
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    Shammikit got a reaction from TofuHaroto in CPUS made in China   
  9. Informative
    Shammikit reacted to steelman in Is there any website to verify if my images are violating someones intellectual property rights?   
    I highly doubt that  a website/ software that  can do such verification would be free.  I think  reading about  your  country's copyright  law  will be a good idea.
  10. Informative
    Shammikit reacted to EAvirus in What are your thoughts on assassin's creed odyssey?   
    Totally worth it I haven't played the whole game but did play for like 2 hours on my friends computer as I'm still building my computer and I only need to buy the ram now. I enjoyed the game very much the story seems to be awesome 🙂
  11. Informative
    Shammikit reacted to Skiiwee29 in What are your thoughts on assassin's creed odyssey?   
    its amazing. There is some sea/ship combat, but majority of the gameplay and story takes place on land in cities and exploring the world. Its got some breath taking views... well worth it. You're doing yourself a disservice not getting it IMO. 
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    Shammikit reacted to Chabax in What are your thoughts on assassin's creed odyssey?   
    just dont forget to put volumetric clouds from ultra to high,  ultra option for volumetric clouds eats like 20-30% fps from high
  13. Informative
    Shammikit reacted to Chabax in What are your thoughts on assassin's creed odyssey?   
    AC Odyssey Gameplay/Combat/Graphics are much better then Origins, and theres so much content its insane
  14. Funny
    Shammikit got a reaction from mineblaster in Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned   
    Saw this on Facebook. Is that Linus? ??

  15. Funny
    Shammikit reacted to Curious Pineapple in How Linus and his wife fall in love?   
    Buy a Reliant Robin, every girl you cruise past will drop to the floor wet, usually from tears of laughter.
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    Shammikit reacted to minibois in Will tiktok Fall?   
    An app won't fail or stop just because a single nation is (mass) disliking the app.
    China and the USA are probably in their top 3 largest userbases, which won't die down because of these reviews.
    Whether the app will die on its own? Yes, at some point it will die, once the userbase has decided the app is not 'cool'  anymore. At some point you will have more people leaving than joining, which is it dying down.
    When will that happen? Unknown.
  17. Informative
    Shammikit reacted to jj9987 in What security checks/pen-tests can be done in an Amazon AWS environment?   
    First, make sure all the tests you do are in accordance with AWS policies - https://aws.amazon.com/security/penetration-testing/
    AWS EC2 instances are quite secure out-of-the-box. Generally it's the application that's running on the instance, that will be targeted and exploited. Depends if you are willing to pay for the pen-testing. You can look into Metasploit, it includes a large database of vulnerabilities.
    As for security checks - look over all the IAM permissions that you have assigned to IAM users (as much as necessary, as minimum as possible). Look at all the services that are running on your instances, which are listening to certain ports. Check your firewall rules - do not expose services that do not need access from the Internet. Check your credentials, ensure no password SSH access (only PKI), renew where necessary. 2FA wherever possible (AWS login, maybe even for SSH access). You can search the Internet for more, there are lot of articles for cloud security.
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  19. Funny
    Shammikit reacted to TempestCatto in Ubisoft Sues Google And Apple Over Rainbow Six Siege Clone   
    Mobile gaming...
    There's always someone in China who wants to make an illegal clone.
    You're better off asking China for a Covid-19 vaccine than suing for damages.
    Well it's always a money game, ain't it? The company with the most money, has the best lawyers, and as a result always wins.
    EDIT: Thanks to @givingtnt for finding the vidi:
    Grape Jelly: https://kotaku.com/ubisoft-sues-google-and-apple-over-rainbow-six-siege-r-1843493191?utm_campaign=Kotaku&utm_content=1589654884&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR01ie4FZFb395Ct1MHGHyNDSmv2RB4d4BON77gFR4q-EqY-9x_8muDe4Sk
    This tech news post is sponsored by PIA! PIA Private Internet Access, allows you to brows the web autonomously and safely, using military grade encryption, multi-hop, a kill switch, and more. Go to privateinternetacces.com/linus and get protected today!
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    Shammikit reacted to Monster_King in Nokia Lumia 1020 emergency   
    Actually I bought it 2 weeks ago because of the camera and now I have to take pictures with my oversharpened Samsung phone. Oh well. I might look somewhere for a new board. 
  21. Funny
    Shammikit reacted to Doobeedoo in Do I need a "gaming mouse pad"?   
    You're all bunch of savages!
  22. Informative
    Shammikit reacted to 5x5 in Remember the old RC car game Re-Volt? Where can I get it now?   
    It's abandonware now
  23. Agree
    Shammikit reacted to Nicnac in Volvo bucks the industry, will sell LIDAR-equipped self-driving cars to customers by 2022   
    Just a shame Volvo limits their cars’ max speed at 180
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    Shammikit got a reaction from Riziko in Do I need a "gaming mouse pad"?   
    and here I am using a piece of card board as my mouse pad for FPS games
  25. Informative
    Shammikit reacted to Just Monika in Did u enjoy Mass Effect 3?   
    As a trilogy, Mass Effect needs to be played from beginning to end. If you skip to the end, all you see are a lot of storylines concluding that you didn't really built up a connection to so there's little to no emotional impact when there should have been one.
    Mass Effect 2 and 3 also carried over certain key decisions that you made from the previous game (if you still had the game save file) and that made the game feel "alive" where your decisions throughout the series actually mattered. Granted the story doesn't change from these decisions, but they're enough to make you feel like you had some influence on it. Starting from the last game in the series completely eliminates this factor and the game ends up feeling like it ended before it started. You never get the satisfaction of seeing the end result of all the decisions you've made, and only see the results of decisions that you (the player) never made.
    I also highly recommending watching playthroughs, Lets Plays, or at least the cutscenes from the previous games in order to get a better idea of what happened in the story.
    Personally I did really enjoy the Mass Effect series (1 to 3). What kept me going was wanting to know what happens in the next game, my emotional investment in the characters, and wanting to know how the story would end.