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  1. Hello, there's a requirement in my office to move into a CDN service that provides a TTL of about 600 seconds when running through the proxy. Currently we are using Cloudflare and they allow a TTL of 100 seconds. The servers that require a greater TTL are atm sent directly as DNS in cloudflare. Cloudflare Enterprise I believe can do this but before we upgrade we want to ensure that other services such as Akamai can do this at a cheaper price. The problem is none of these service providers show their max TTL values for their packages in their websites to easily compare. If you know the TTL of akamai or other service provider that allows a TTL of 600 seconds please do let me know with the package name. Thank you.
  2. incorrect management of memory? Like a program not releasing the allocated memory that it was using even after it has been closed. Am i correct?
  3. Hello, I went to an interview and the interviewer asked me "what command can be used to check running processes in linux?". The top command came to my mind so I told him that. He then asked me "using top command, how is it possible to find a memory leak of an application". I wasnt very sure about the answer but I told him that, "using the top command it will be possible to see a closed process still running and using the allocated memory which can be a sign of a memory leak". He then replied there is a specific top command that can show a memory leak. I didnt know the answer to this question. I came home and had a look online for a top command that showed memory leaks, but didnt see a specific command. If you know the answer to this, please do share it with me so I can improve my knowledge. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I'm doing my Cisco CCNA these days and in the introductory classes, I have been taught by an instructor that the easiest way to identify a Cisco Switch from a router is that they do not have a power on/off switch. I asked why, but I didn't get a proper answer. So I came home and googled it. There were various answers to this but none of them looked like a solid answer. Some say that Cisco acquired a company called Catalyst who were making switches, to make Cisco Catalyst series switches. They say Cisco continued to use the same layout that catalyst used when they made switches on their own. Since catalyst were making switches without a power button Cisco switches also dont have it. (Didnt know this Cisco acquiring another company named Catalyst story until now) Some say routers dont have parts that are hot-swappable. So they need a power button to be turned off. And then the final one I saw was that, network devices such as switches should always be on, hence it has no need for a power button. (If this is a valid reason, then why does Routers have a power switch? They are network devices too. ) I also saw another comment stating that he was asked this question in an interview and didnt know how to answer. Dont want that to happen to me. What do you think the reason for this is?
  5. Finished playing Life is Strange. One of the best games I have ever played.

  6. Was interested in the game when it came out but never really got the chance to try it out. Now that its free as well i feel like giving it a shot, however I have seen a number of posts online stating there's hackers and the devs are doing nothing to stop it. What do u think about the game?
  7. The only thing that comes to my mind is HTC mobile devices. Back in the day when they were running Windows mobile OS I used to love them. My dad had one and its the coolest phone I remember. I remember thinking to myself I should get an HTC phone too someday. 10 years later I did, my first phone HTC 820G+. Was very excited when I bought it and after a couple of months of use, realized how crap it was. it was bad in performance and it never got any feature updates.Sometime not even security patches. HTC for some stupid reason makes several versions of the same phone for the same price. They make one set which has got their Sense UI (this is the range that gets updates). The other range has a fake UI that had been made by HTC themselves to look like the Sense UI that never gets any updates (my phone was one of them). IDK who wants a phone that doesnt get any updates and why it had to be in the same price bracket as another one of their own phones that does get updates. Newer HTC devices dont get updates too and their features are not competitive with what other brands offer. HTC has a bad habit of not sending updates to their flagship models too and sometimes when they do the mess up phones features with updates and decide not to fix them by moving on to new devices. The example that comes to my mind is that pink issue bug that happens to their camera after updates in the M series phone (M8 i think). When it happens is when u update ur phone and try to open ur camera everything is pink. As i heard there was no fix to this by HTC. maybe they screwed up the camera's hardware. Theres a local HTC group here and everyone is like, their current HTC mobile is the last HTC they will ever buy. This will be my last one too.
  8. Finally got to play COD Infinite Warfare and finished the story. I must say the story was quite good regardless of being futuristic. 

  9. I believe thats the same issue we got here. i read some advertisements of some IT jobs and according to their descriptions and requirements even an Intern should be able to do it, but they still ask like 2-3 years experience. I applied to those jobs as well. no response.
  10. by looking at vacancies what i have noticed is that almost all employers ask 2-3 years work experience on the related area. I applied for those too because of no options. no responses. And here there arent any agencies that puts u to local jobs.
  11. i did a computer security degree. i have studied some networking modules too so i have been trying for security and networking related jobs.
  12. So it been 1 year since graduation and I have worked at my dads office as a trainee for 6 months to get some experience, dont really want to call that as my first job because, hey I got taken in because its my dads company. I have included this experience, my degree, professional qualifications and other education details in my CV and posted to about 50 vacancies so far throughout last year and received zero responses. I believe I got some decent grades too in my studies, scored atleast 60-70% in every exam I have done. Is this situation 'normal'? Im depressed too for sacrificing soo much for studies, getting through them and receiving no benefits. Meanwhile some of my friends who barely made it through school are doing simple jobs with a rather good salary which sometimes made me think why I even bothered learning so hard. I got some personal goals too and at this rate I dont feel like Im getting anywhere. Looking forward to hearing your story on how you got through. Thanks
  13. Looks like tough luck for me. The Huawei ISP router i have isnt available in the supported devices list in both DD-WRT & AdvancedTomato. The x86 version of DD was there, i think it could be flashed to run on a PC but i feel i will have the same issues as Gargoyle router where my USB network interfaces wont get detected
  14. Would that wipe out all settings of the ISP router. As said in the original question, all the settings of the ISP are built in to the router. There arent any visible settings to note down.
  15. Hello, im in need of setting up a solution for managing network bandwidth and assign quota for multiple devices/users. I have a monthly data cap in my ISP and i want to split it equally between me and my dad's devices. He's got a phone and a laptop and i have got a phone and a laptop (4 devices). Both of us atm connect to the wireless ISP router through WiFi. The ISP router doesnt have these features to limit bandwidth and to put quotas, so Im thinking of setting up a software based firewall in between the ISP router and devices to have these bandwidth and data quota limiters for each user. so far i have tried PfSense and it does not have the option for setting quotas for each user/device. Next i tried gargoyle router on my pc but it doesnt seem to be detecting my network interfaces. So now I have seen Sophos having this: https://www.sophos.com/en-us/products/free-tools/sophos-utm-home-edition.aspx Firewall for home use and im not sure if it the best option and if it has the ability to set quotas. I would like to know if this is a gud solution and if it isnt, im looking forward to hearing any other suggestions from u. Thanks. Note: I do know that it is possible to setup a data cap in windows itself, but i want to have some sort of centralized solution. My isp router cannot be messed with as it will stop communicating with the ISP if the built in settings were wiped out. so installing a custom os like gargoyle right into it is not an option