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  1. Hello, its me again with this problem once again. I tried disabling everything in UpdateOrchestrator and WindowsUpdates in task scheduler and disabled windows update service. Windows update assistant didnt show up again, however theres this service called host process for windows services that download somewhat large files and i realized its windows updates again when the "update and shutdown" option showed up when i tried to shutdown my PC. Then today this service has downloaded a gigantic update and im down to just 7GB of data for the rest of the month! This is totally out of control now. I went through google and found this suggestion saying to disable Background Intelligent Transfer Service and it should stop svchost.exe downloading updates and also another suggestion was to set the connection as metered connection. I got a couple of questions: Would these options actually stop this menace? When the connection is setup to metered, would online games start to lag? Please do let me know if u all know anything. Thanks
  2. What does this Snort alert mean?

    Thanks for your time
  3. What does this Snort alert mean?

    I have seen clients send [RST,ACK] at the end of the connection after every [FIN,ACK] to the server. I guess this is for closing the port after the connection is done. Then there are instances where a [RST] and [RST,ACK] was sent after the first [RST,ACK] (I have attached a image for this below). The snort alert i have shown at the start of this question is for the last [RST,ACK] shown in the image. I have seen this happen throughout the capture. If this could be an attack, what sort of attack could it be? What im guessing is a DOS attack to force close the clients port.but im not sure why a server would attack a client who was trying to connect to them. My guess could be very wrong. My second guess is, the initial [RST,ACK] that was sent by the client got lost. but as i see it happen quite occasionally im not sure if that could be the reason. would like to know ur thoughts about it if u know any possibilities.Thanks.
  4. What does this Snort alert mean?

    When i analysed a packet capture using snort the alerts generated included an alert regarding a malware and this: [**] [129:15:1] Reset outside window [**] [Classification: Potentially Bad Traffic] [Priority: 2] for the malware alert I found plenty of information, however for this reset outside window alert i didnt see anything helpful. It would be very helpful if someone could explain the meaning of this alert and on what occasions this could be generated. Thank you
  5. There are a couple of websites that I have found in a packet capture and I want to know what are in those sites without visiting them. Is there some kind of online service that can be used to analyse web sites safely without visiting them? I saw some articles online saying use this website called web-sniffer.net for doing such tasks but for me it didnt even load. A certificate error also came for this site and it kept on loading forever. wonder if web-sniffer.net is safe first! would appreciate if someone could suggest a good method. Thanks
  6. passmark didnt have some of the phones that im looking for.
  7. i have been searching for websites to compare phones to help myself decide to which phone i must upgrade to. all i came across were sites that display the spec of each phone side by side. as i do not have much knowledge about mobile phone hardware idk which is the more powerful phone by just looking at the specs. it would be great if someone could direct me to a site that does comparison like this PC hardware comparison site http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/ . Thank you
  8. Is the HTC U Play a good phone?

    hey, thank you for sharing your thoughts.
  9. Is the HTC U Play a good phone?

    HTC U Play is a budget phone. I would like to know if it gets good firmware updates, can it be reliably used for like 3 years, can it handle around 4 social media apps without drastically slowing down and crashing and its got this 16mp camera both sides and i would like to know if it good quality. I got to use the phone once, i tried the camera but on both cameras, the quality wasnt that good. There were alot of noise in the image.wonder if it was a fault in the camera in the unit that i tried or if its normal
  10. Is the HTC U Play a good phone?

    Would like to know your experiences of the 3GB RAM version of the 2017 HTC U Play. Even thoughts about the higher end 4GB version would be helpful.would also like to know about the camera as i heard its good.
  11. Thanks i will see to this. However from my previous experience where i disable services only in windows update in task scheduler it had managed to turn itself back on after a restart. but sometimes it doesnt. very odd actvitiy
  12. Hello, so recently my computer automatically downloaded this client software called windows update assistant without even asking me and now its prompting me with windows updates almost every time i connect to the internet. I have no idea how this software got downloaded as I had blocked the windows update service from services.msc. however now as windows update assistant is in my computer, it automatically enables this windows updates service whenever im connected to internet and when it happens its almost impossible to disable it again. I tried several things like writing a firewall rule to block its activity, tried disabling tasks in Task scheduler that are related to windows update and also tried uninstalling windows update assistant. None of these methods worked. It would be very helpful if someone could suggest a way to stop this as its using up almost all processing power when running and im unable to even browse through my directories. When playing games its very annoying as it minimizes the game and suddenly says its downloading an update and it gets very laggy because it use all hardware resources and internet bandwidth. Plus our ISPs only provide connections with a monthly data cap and it would end in no time according to the number of updates its downloading. Thanks
  13. I did watch a tutorial where a guy compress and 150mb file to around 50 mb. i tried the same but ended up with a file that is of same size. Tried a couple more different settings but i was able to decrease the size only by 30mb
  14. hello, i have some 1080p video files that i want to compress. Each of them are around 700 MB in size and i would like to know if there's a way to bring it down to around 400 - 300 MB. Dont mind dropping the quality to 720p. I have tried YTD to convert the videos to its medium setting and the size remained pretty close to 700MB. Tried this other software called handbrake and that didnt change the file size at all. would like to know about better options that are available and it would be great if the software is free and is light to download. thank you
  15. Thoughts on the Nissan Skyline GT250 (Infiniti G25)

    it is very ugly to me, but father says its a good deal and he thinks it can be sold at a much higher price like 5 grand more. the car is actually like 8 grand less compared to other sellers. idk why the current owner is selling it so cheap. he has a loan for the car i guess and i think he is having trouble paying it and so he is giving it cheap. need to check on that, im not sure.my dad went and met the person and test driven the car. he came home and said the car felt very powerful and the ride was comfortable. the only down side he has seen is the bad paint of the car. I explained about the bad looks of the car and he said maybe we could get a Nissan GTR front face and could solve it. * Inner Ricer intensifies*