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  1. Ubi is giving away steep for free and u can add it to ur library from uplay. I think it will stay in ur account permanently
  2. Damn, things certainly have improved in linux. However from what i saw in that link most Ubisoft games have trouble working
  3. This PC is for gaming so there's not much that i would run apart from modern games. Atm i play games like Rainbow 6, The Crew, World of Tanks. If all modern games work in general without any performance of compatibility issues, I would like to jump over very soon.
  4. So I used Ubuntu many years back for a few days and I remember trying to run Prince of Persia in it and it didn't handle well. The game was very laggy and the overall experience of the OS was pretty dull so i switched back to Windows 7 back then. I did use Ubuntu 16.04 again last year for my university projects and i did like the look of it. It was very stable and responsive too. The same cannot be said for Windows 10 according to my experience, because something is always broken no matter how well i take care of it. Similar complaints come from almost all my friends and my office workers. I was wondering if the program support for Linux and gaming has been improved or is being improved as i would love to permanently switch to it now or hopefully in the near future if things happen soon.
  5. Shammikit

    Does anyone play "world of tanks"?

    I used to be a daily free-to-play player but few months back I kinda gave up because of the increase in pay to win aspects of the game.
  6. Shammikit

    Best photo locations in The Crew

    Would you like to share the photo locations that you have discovered in The Crew. If u can, post a picture of the location in the map and a photo you took there, Thanks. This is what I have found in the internet so far:
  7. Shammikit

    Tips for playing Rainbow Six Siege with a controller

    dont know if true, but i saw somewhere that people who used macros stored on their input devices to lean and crouch spam had got banned. I know this remapping of a key isn't something like that but who knows if i get unlucky for such a thing. I'll first try my best to learn the controls the way as it is now, the ADS on the sticks is whats troubling me. if it doesnt work out i'll see if a key mapping software is available
  8. Shammikit

    Tips for playing Rainbow Six Siege with a controller

    its PC, would i be caught for cheating in battle eye if i use such software
  9. Shammikit

    Tips for playing Rainbow Six Siege with a controller

    yea i have been playing nothing but terrorist hunt for the past couple of days. the default sensitivity feels alright to me but is it possible to change the lean to D-pad? i think ubisoft has disabled mapping of the keys in controller
  10. Shammikit

    Tips for playing Rainbow Six Siege with a controller

    i used to be good with the controller in FPS games more than in keyboard and mouse. so that's why i thought of giving it a try here in R6.
  11. I have got myself an Xbox 360 controller and i would like to use it to play R6, however I'm struggling to catch up with the change maybe because i haven't played an FPS game using a controller in like 2 years now. Back then I used to be good at FPS games like call of duty with the controller and i thought it might be comfortable to play R6 using a controller as well. I find myself mostly having trouble leaning and hitting moving targets since you have to ADS and do the lean with the sticks. I find it difficult to do it fast in a heated fight. For starting the game with a controller what tips can u give and what settings do u use when u play. Thanks
  12. Hello, I'm having an Audi A4 B5 1997 with the ADR engine. Its an automatic car and I had its gearbox replaced few months back. The ATF and filter was also changed. At the moment the car runs ok on flat roads but when climbing hills the car revs upto 4000 rpm to change to the next gear. I have got myself a VAG KKL cable and a vgate scanner to scan the errors and I'm getting this error code 18020 "engine control module incorrectly coded :1612 static -no". (I have the pictures) It has a drive by cable throttle body and I have a doubt that this issue has something to do with the throttle body. I have also got my throttle body aligned but the issue is still same. Is there any fix to this issue or a way to disable throttle detection while climbing hills. Thanks in advance
  13. Any of u guys downloaded the new Burnt Horizon update of Rainbow 6? If so how is it, are there any bugs and how much was the download size for u?