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  1. Just now tried the free version of Fraps and it takes screenshots in BMP format in 1080p. The problem i had still stays however, when i zoom in a bit the quality reduces significantly. For using steam screenshot feature, does it only work with steam games?
  2. Hello, thank you for suggesting this info. I have checked for DSR in my Nvidia control panel and Geforce experience, none of them included such feature. Maybe its not supported on my 940mx gpu. I then tried the second option which was suggested in that site which was to use MSI afterburner for screenshots. when i took one from with all quality settings set to maximum its screenshots were 1080p and slightly better than that of xbox game bar or bandicam, but they still were in poor quality when zoomed even slightly. tried to increase quality of it with Photoshop according to tutorials on YouTube, but it didnt help. The only thing i didnt try from that link is GeDoSaTo . It looked slightly complex and like a hack which involves risk. would like to know if its safe to do the downsampling with it. Thank you
  3. turns out it bring up a "game bar" which has recording and screenshot facilities
  4. hey thanks for the info, the screenshots however do get captured in 1920x1030. Is there a way to change this. I went through the settings in the xbox app but didnt see any thing
  5. Hello, im looking for a screenshot software that can take quality 1080p images of games and some other apps. I also do not want to lose quality when zooming in a little at the image. i have tried using printscreen option within windows and all that captures is a black screen when i enter the game or app i want to take screenshot of. I tried using Bandicam which has a screenshot feature. its screenshots come in 1080p according to image details but when u zoom in slightly it loses almost all its quality. Sadly Nvidia shadowplay also doesnt support my 940MX GPU. Would be helpful if u could recommend a good software that can capture high quality screenshots. Thank you
  6. i did,there was only 1 video showing about 3 locations and only 1 of them looked good actually.
  7. hello, i have picked up some cars in NFS payback and i have customized them to my liking. i would like to go take some nice pictures of them using the photo mode in the open world, but i do not know the best scenic places to take the best shots and with the limited time i can play, im unable to roam the entire map and find good places. I would like to know the most scenic places u have come across or places u go to take pictures. Would be helpful if u could also state where in the map i could find it. Thank you
  8. hello, im preparing for MCSA Windows Server 2016. Planning to do the 3 exams : 70–740, 70–741 and 70–742. I have checked the local institutions for these tests and their lectures are quite expensive and they require u to pay for exams separately. They do five 6 hour lecture sessions for each exam. Because it is expensive i tried to learn it on my own by videos from Lynda.com. Their lectures feel quite average to me but when i tried some practice questions i'm not getting many of them correct. I got to know that there's a book for each exam, so i got the book for 70–740 which is a huge 900 pages book. i really dont have a brain for studying, it has never gone well. i feel i'm more towards math subjects. Anyway with great difficulty, I have tried studying around 100 pages and i constantly keep forgetting what i studied in the first pages. By the time i hit the 900th page i would take like 2-3 months and im not sure if i will remember them. Now im wondering if this is doable as its been taking me too much time and I feel like i haven't made any progress either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Comment any old skool games like Mafia with a good story. Thank you.

    1. ZeouLs



  10. hello, my father wishes to assign internet data usage quotas for users in his office network so that all staff members get a fair connection. And he also wish to prevent users from accessing unnecessary sites during work hours. What will be our options if we want to put into action the above mentioned rules? Is there a certain free/paid software that can be used in Windows Server OS to limit its users to a specific amount of internet data usage quota or do we have to buy a device such as a router/firewall and have some rules there. Thank you
  11. Music in NFS Payback is probably the worst music ever to be put in a game. Utter trash...  

    1. Techicolors


      Dialogue is just as bad 

    2. dizmo


      NFS UG2 was some of the best. The soundtrack was stellar.

  12. Hello, I am a student who is studying networking and before i continue to my question i must say that my knowledge in what exchange server is capable of is very small. I have not worked in an organization or used exchange server. All i know is that it is a mail servers. I would like to learn it but I heard a couple of YouTube videos saying Microsoft is pushing users to Office 365 instead of exchange server. All i know about office 365 is that it has packages such as MS Word but no idea how it replaces exchange server. Im not very sure how accurate that statement of office 365 replacing exchange server is. But if it is true i wonder if its worth studying and getting certified in MS Exchange. Would appreciate it if someone can breakdown the important features of exchange server and if that office 365 is taking place of exchange and how it does that. Thank you,
  13. Very helpful. Thankyou
  14. Hello, for the past couple of weeks i have been facing issues in my phone (HTC U Play) when downloading and uploading files. Uploading and downloading in most apps like Whatsapp failed due to some reason. Most of the issues have resolved on its own or either by updating/reinstalling. Whatsapp works ok now after reinstalling. None of this however worked to Instagram. I can upload photos to it, but when i select a video and moves on to the page to type the caption, the app crashes and closes out by giving the error saying "Instagram has suddenly stopped working". i tried uploading the same video from another phone and it works. It would be grateful if you can give any suggestion to fix it. Thanks.
  15. Cant ping my router

    I have Windows Server 2016 setup in my laptop using VM Ware. i have connected 2 network adapters to this VM, which is my Ethernet and my WIFI adapter. The Ethernet is connected to another laptop which is running server 2016 as a DHCP server. my second network adapter is the WIFI adapter which is connected to my router that provides IP addresses from its own DHCP. my problem is i can connect to this router and even get an IP from it but i cant ping it or the other computers connected to it. i cannot also access internet from it. any suggestions to troubleshoot this would be very helpful. Thank you.