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  1. Shammikit

    Best Disk Defragment software i can get for free

    I used Auslogics Disk Defrag which was recommended by my friend and did the defragment. It improved R6 loading times massively
  2. Shammikit

    Best Disk Defragment software i can get for free

    Im sorry, those are not the specs i have now. im playing in a laptop i bought. Those specs are from my desktop PC. I must update that. The spec of laptop im playing R6 is: RAM: 8GB CPU: Intel Core I5 8250U GPU: nvidia 940MX HDD:1TB (5400RPM i think) My friend has a 6th gen i7, nvidia 840M, 8gb of ram and also 1TB of HDD and most probably same as my HDD speed. His laptop is around 3 years old. He has clogged up alot of files in his drive and has very few free space remaining and still manages to load to the matches in R6 in few seconds while mine take about a minute. My friend said it was like that for him too until he defragmented. We have similar internet speeds too ping in game is around 40ms, download speed as shown by speed test is 20mbps download and 1.5mbps upload.
  3. Shammikit

    Best Disk Defragment software i can get for free

    Here in our country everything is stupidly expensive. These days our political situation is also not gud so the economy is also bad and it has also hit the exchange rate hard. So importing from sites like amazon is also not an option as some items dont ship here or the shipping cost is 2-3 times more than the price of the item.
  4. i want to improve my loading speeds when playing Rainbow 6. i dont have an SSD and cannot afford one atm. One of my friends told me to defragment the disks as it improved his loading speeds and i can seem him loading very quickly to matches in R6. i have already tried the built in Windows one but it wasnt much of an improvement. My friend suggested me the software he used which was: Auslogics Disk Defrag. Not sure if its a reliable one. would like to know if it is gud or any other suggestions. Dont want to take any risks and F up my HDD.
  5. Ok, i went to friends place and copied the files. turns out his Ethernet adapter is an FE, my one is a GE. We got a CAT6 cable and tried anyway and still didnt get over 10mbps. Had to wait for around 2 hours to copy. For getting anything above 10 mbps do both our adapters need to be GE? I thought FE supported upto 100mbps and thought we could get atleast that speed.
  6. Shammikit

    Download size changes in Destiny 2

    in our country all ISPs provide this kind of package for this price. the next package is extremely expensive and it can only be bought be the wealthy ones. and its not much of an improvement either, u will get about 20gb more and with same speeds. When it comes to fiber connections they can only be still bought by offices. sucks to be in this country, the average person cant have anything nice.
  7. Shammikit

    Download size changes in Destiny 2

    yup, but that's half of my data package gone in the very first day of the month
  8. Shammikit

    Download size changes in Destiny 2

    with my internet speeds and off peak hours the ISP provide, i cant download the whole thing straight in the given time. so had to download in parts
  9. Shammikit

    Download size changes in Destiny 2

    So i put Destiny 2 to download as parts using offpeak data that my ISP provides and its the 3rd night im putting this now. Last time i stopped i remember very well it said 36gb remaining. now today it says 45GB remaining! Did Destiny 2 very recently get a massive update or something?
  10. I checked from device manager and it shows as Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. so as u said i think it is gigabit ethernet capable. we were using CAT5 so maybe thats the problem
  11. So me and my friend bought R6 from steam when it was on sale recently. he has fully downloaded the game and i want to copy the game files to my laptop as the game is too big for me to download from my internet package. we had copied games and other files in the past by connecting a Ethernet cable between our laptops and sharing a volume. this worked but the maximum copying speeds were not more than 10MBps. I would like to know if there's a possibility of increasing this speed as the files we plan to exchange in a few days are quite large and the current speeds would take like the entire day to copy. We dont have any other storage like an external HDD or big enough USB drive to share the files. so the only option we see is sharing by Ethernet.
  12. So I logged in to Cisco Packet Tracer on a lab computer using my netacad account and i completely forgot to sign out after using it. I fear if this would have an impact for the security of my netacad account and sadly Im unable to visit the place for another two weeks. I would like to know if there's a way of remotely signing out from that computer like in gmail where there's an option to sign out from all the devices where we have logged in. Thanks.
  13. hello, this is the first Microsoft exam i will be attending and after finishing my course I have been advised to buy this thing called a dump and i was told it would help greatly to pass the exam. I was also told to buy the latest ones and not get the cheaper older ones. This is quite expensive here according to our exchange rate. I would like to know how this would help to pass exam easily and why i have been told to get the latest ones and why older ones will not help. i have been doing past papers for all my previous exams as preparations, then why would it not work here? And if i must buy, where are the recommended places to look for? And if the latest ones can be achieved freely, please do mention that too. Thanks
  14. its quite alot to spend on a game,thats why was waiting for a discount. we bought our copies on steam few moments ago for just $9