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  1. Using a virtual HDD in host PC on hyper V VM

    yes through a network and i believe i have permissions as it didnt throw me a error like "password required"
  2. hi, i have created a virtual disk in my host server 2016 pc using diskpart and when i tried accessing this disk from another server 2016 running in hyper v, using the following diskpart select command it gives me a error saying "Diskpart has encountered an error: The network name cannot be found". im able to ping the IP of the host from vm and i have also tried replacing the IP in the command below with the computer name.still getting same error. i guess it is possible to do this with the hyper v GUI but i would like to try it in command line for learning. would be very helpful if u could help troubleshoot this.thank you select vdisk file="\\\C:\storage4core.vhdx"
  3. I have followed this video which shows a easy way to combine the 2 swm files to one wim file with Imagex. He had even included URLs to download imagex application. I manged to successfully install with WDS using the wim file it generated.
  4. hello, im trying to install server 2016 on a virtual machine in remote pc using windows deployment service and in that it requires to specify a wim file for install image and boot image. In my server 2016 CD im able to find a boot.wim but not a install.wim. instead in my cd i have 2 install.swm files known as install.swm and install2.swm. I checked any other options for preparing a wim file out of these 2 swm files and saw some tutorials where they used a software called Imagex to do such tasks however i was not able to find a reliable download location for it. i would appreciate if someone could suggest a way to get around this. Thank you
  5. hello i have a 300gb D drive with 70 gb free. i wanted to make a 50 gb partition out of it. i initially went to disk management and shrink 50gb out of the D drive to create the 50gb unallocated space. this process kept loading forever so after like 45 minutes i stopped it from task manager and restarted the pc. idk if it should take that long or if it is safe to force stop like that. The 70gb free space is still there in the D drive and it is accessible without any issue however the pc feels very slow and the disk management doesn't load now. what can be done to fix this issue and to create a partition
  6. Battlefield 4 or 1 for MP

    hello i would like to know if the servers are still active in Asian region for battlefield 4. atm BF1 is on sale and i feel like buying it for MP but first i would like to know if battlefield 1 also has good amount of populated servers for asia and would its MP die with the introduction of the next battlefield game. (Battlefield V) p.s: im referring to PC servers
  7. @scottyseng hey, u are preparing for the CCNA on your own right? Im planning to go to a institute and do it as i do not have any equipment to practice. my dad is telling me to go to a well known institute as he thinks the name of the place you studied could increase your chances of getting u to a good job even though if u studied from a not so much reputed institute gets u the same CCNA certification. what do u think about this?
  8. Here in local institutes some shows the path that u said here in the quote (CCENT -> CCNA) and some others showed me a path called 100-101 ICND1 and 100-102 ICND2. When u finish these 2 exams then u get CCNA qualified. another place showed me just one 200-125 CCNA exam which is 1 single paper and u get the CCNA qualification. are there different paths like this to get the certification?
  9. The following are two links to the places that i have asked about CCNA and as seen, the first one is showing a very large syllabus and the second one is quite small. however both these are routing and switching. Could u please help me in analyzing which is the correct course. is the cheaper one an actual rip off https://www.sliit.lk/professional-programms/ccna-routing-switching/ http://turnkey.lk/cisco-certified-network-associate/
  10. i was actually not aware of the several branches in CCNA, i thought this routing and switching thing is something u take after a certification called CCNA. now as u have said that routing and switching is the first part of ccna i have understood a little bit and i assume the places i went to who said their course is only 2.5 months must be teaching this part only. when u finish the routing and switching part do u get some kind of transcript stating u did that part? do u get transcripts like this for every part or do u have to finish everything and then they give u one called ccna?
  11. Even here there are many different types right, so do u have to do all these things to be CCNA qualified
  12. oh, is your ccna course 1 year long too?
  13. how long is the CCNA course u are taking?
  14. do i have any other options if i want do networking related things?