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  1. Hey guy's I have an old Acerpower F1 lying about with two gigabit Ethernet cards in it and I was wondering what firewall OS would be the most beneficial? Thanks, Liam.
  2. Hey guys I recently had some nerd rage and I kinda broke one of my cherry mx blue switches and it bottomed out through the keycap and it got stuck down. So I took the keyboard apart and used a paperclip to pop the key back up. Then some hotglue to stop the keyswitch getting stuck down again. The only problem is that key kinda feels really weird to type on.
  3. Logan from Tek Syndicate should Cameo a live stream with Linus and Slick. I think it would be good to have three of most tech awesome people from Canada have a discussion on a Linus live stream.
  4. I meant like some sort of auto-cache
  5. Because I really cannot get my head around Unix based OSes I don't know why, I think I'm just too used to Windows.
  6. Is this overkill for just a NAS that's just running a share folder off a RAID-5 array? Considering it runs no programs whatsoever apart from a GUI version of Server 2012. (I have a spare FX-3850 thats going in there when I get a new cooler haha) Side note: anyway is there anyone that I can Cache most used applications/files in the RAM?
  7. Yeah so it was the SSD got it returned for a shiny new, exactly the same thing. But with all my stuff gone. Again. Don't you hate it when your backup dies while trying to do a network restore.
  8. I was using my computer when I had a soft hang so I had to force shutdown and it courrupted the OS but when I went to reinstall windows 8 for some reason the installer hangs on "setup is starting..." Any help would be greatly appreceated :)
  9. Hey guys I have a little problem. After I install Windows Server 2008, the comptuer will randomly restart and BOOTMGR will somehow die... I'm really stumped and I'd appreciate a hand :D
  10. Congratulations on your new GPU :D
  11. Thanks guys! I'll definitely have to do more then haha.
  12. DIY Test Bed I had a couple of old computer cases lying about and I thought it might be good idea to build a test bench, seeing as I do quite a bit of computer repair and diagnostics. I used an old Mid-Tower because I don’t really get allot of motherboards to work on that are more than just a regular Micro-ATX or ATX Materials: - 60*60 Sheet metal - Angle Aluminium - 1 Old computer case - Rivets - Self-etching primer - Various spray paints These are some optional extra’s I think that would make the overall aesthetic look even better. - Delrin Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch Black - 22mm Green Ring - Delrin Vandal Resistant Illuminated Switch Black - 22mm Red Ring Test Bench Build Log Day 1 I completely dis-assembled the case, drilling out all the rivets and such just to leave the back panel and the motherboard tray. I forgot to take any pictures of before I removed the motherboard tray but anyways. Next I traced the Power supply cut-out hole because; I couldn't find a decent template online. Materials I will be using at some point. Cutting with a jigsaw because I quickly got bored of the hacksaw. I STRONGLY recommend using a proper metal blade, I used a wood blade a first and it didn’t go so well. Cutting! More cutting… More cutting…. Filing, yay. Self-etching primer for all of the spray-paint goodness. And then actually priming it… More later, I can’t say it will be tomorrow but it will be soon. Hopefully J