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  1. Honestly this is bad, but mostly from the perspective that this is clearly a hit piece and will likely have legal ramifications for CTS labs and their benefactor. @rcmaehl does a great job breaking down why this is the text book definition of yellow journalism. Adding to that, since the domains for both sites were registered around the time Intel was notified of Spectre and Meltdown, this is more than likely a smear campaign put together by Intel to take some of the air out of the Ryzen 2 release next month.
  2. Welp, we know that Jorgensen didn't read the officially licensed Star Wars Infinities. Vader did end up in white armor EDIT: In case anyone is curious (spoilers)
  3. @iamdarkyoshi I would suggest adding the following as well, since it basically nullifies the benefit of them slashing the credits required:
  4. So they claim. That is the submission process for "suspicious" files, which is left for the vendor to determine what is suspicious and is sent and what is not. Once again, so they claim. It is all conjecture at this time, but until the release the source code like they pledged -- of not only the build of the client software, but also the server side software that analyzes submitted files and the settings used -- we can't know for sure. As it stands, an Anti-Malware company would be the quintessential pinnacle of cover operations for a state-sponsored intelligence organization. By providing a quality solution, you not only deny opponents access to targets and build trust with consumers to perpetuate your user base but are given unfettered access to the machines of users that buy the client software and can do exactly what the U.S. is alleging happened. If anything, I'd bet most of the NSA's rage is because they didn't think of it.
  5. Am I reading this right? It sounds like Kaspersky is admitting to not only not anonimizing submitted data, but by pointing out that the NSA employee/contractor was using a pirated copy of MS Office, they are admitting they know the contents of the machine in question and (could/did) do exactly what the U.S. government is alleging. I'm no fan of the NSA spying on civilians but by throwing mud, Kaspersky managed to incriminate themselves as being just as bad.
  6. IMO, being able to see any saved password without some form of authentication is not a feature..
  7. Edge has had both for awhile actually. It has things like uBlock Origin, Tampermonkey, RES, bitwarden, BetterTTV, etc, etc.. It and Vivaldi are my daily drivers currently.
  8. That is a very specific use case though. What about compute performance for programmers, video editing, etc? Or total price (CPU, MoBo, cooler,etc) to performance? As it stands, the video is misleading and could cause people to spend a lot more for something that they could have gotten similar performance to for much less. Linus is pretty above board with this kind of stuff (remember them pulling the Note S8 review and re releasing it over the mistake with Bixby vs Siri?). It would be extremely disappointing if they didn't do the same for this.
  9. @GabenJr - Based on this, will LTT be doing a follow up video on Coffee Lake vs Ryzen? If the information in the article is correct, the video as it currently sits is misleading of Coffee Lake's actual performance out of the box and is instead showcasing a specific mother board vendor's implementation of auto-overclocking.
  10. I honestly don't understand the hate Kitguru and TweakTown are throwing right now. And the article saying that "the tech press is unhappy" when it is Kitguru and TweakTown referencing each other is very disingenuous. Two small shops that many have never heard of until today are unhappy. But since this is how they decided to introduce themselves to the world in this adolescent manner, I'm sure that there are plenty of folks that aren't going to be put off by their whining. It would be one thing if Linus had exclusive rights to release benchmarks and/or pricing information. If that had been the case, then I would have 100% agreed with you. But this wasn't that, it was just an unboxing. And not the only one at that. Pictures of the new Vega GPU were all over the internet yesterday from plenty of other reviewers and tech personalities - and a lot of those pictures showed more information about the card than what Linus did during the unboxing on stage.
  11. This is interesting - Hardware Unboxed tweeted a warning about OC'ing Core-X CPUs a couple of days ago:
  12. Interesting.. I was not aware Netflix had a test tool.. I just ran the test (and speedtest) a few times and it looks like Cox is consistently throttling Netflix at 50% of my total bandwidth.
  13. I'm glad to hear it was just a bad initial install! I haven't heard of any Bitdefender updates going bad and doing the same thing so (fingers crossed) you shouldn't have to worry about it happening again
  14. I'm not able to recreate the issue on the VM.. I would definitely try the uninstall and then reinstall. It might not be a bad idea to scan your machine with Malwarebytes (free version) to make sure you aren't already infected before you do the reinstall of Bitdefender.