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About Zorba2.17

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  • Birthday 1999-12-20

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    Computational devices(hardware and software),mechanics(certain aspects),Physics(Classical aspect and some quantum stuff too[electronics]),Singing and keyboard
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    Struggling to implement passion and convert it into work!!
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  • CPU
    i3-2130(Sandy Bridge)
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    2.00 gb
  • GPU
  • Case
    Hp-omni 120-1233il all in one
  • Storage
    500GB HDD
  • PSU
    120W external adapter
  • Display(s)
    integrated Led panel 720p res
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Logitech(Ancient mod)
  • Mouse
    HP( Wireless idk mod)
  • Sound
    integrated speakers
  • Operating System
    win 7 home basic

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  1. Zorba2.17

    Computer doesn't turn on... Sometimes

    try swapping the PSU, I suppose your PSU must be the cause of error here.Maybe try to boot system with one of your friends PSU and see if the error persists.
  2. Zorba2.17

    Need help choosing a new phone

    https://www.gadgetsnow.com/mobile-phones/POCOPHONE-F1 check this link for specs~ $287.62
  3. Zorba2.17

    Need help choosing a new phone

    Yes! the back cover is just plastic and removable. but some basic tools can enable you to remove the battery pretty easily.
  4. Zorba2.17

    Need help choosing a new phone

    I dont agree, there are some pretty awesome LCD IPS displays out there and xaomi certainly has soome good ones, OLED again should be preference at that device size it dosen't even matter that much. if he is asking for user replaceable batteries, I bet he'd care less about OLED. The best price-performance hands down pocophone f1 at least the battery is accessible.
  5. Zorba2.17


    IDK you but really appreciate your work. It's almost impossible to find individuals like you, keep it up
  6. Zorba2.17

    Need help choosing a new phone

    Pocophone f1
  7. Zorba2.17


    Sorry, not to interfere but @GoldenLag sir! your patience and perseverance is commendable hats off.
  8. Zorba2.17

    Tarans perfect keyboard

    This would make Taran's desk much elegant and pro looking, right now it just seems like he is getting some paid endorsements
  9. Zorba2.17

    Will Apple change its ways??!?

    Apple will be assembling iPhones in India! Seemd techy to me, my bad.
  10. Considering this move of Apple, focusing on growing markets-both in numbers and consumers as well. What do you guys think, will Apple start acknowledging your debts? and consider devices apart from iPhones which will become more considerate on your wallet and overall experience as well from a performance per dollar perspective. Especially accounting the huge iPhone sale and Apple share value percentage drops,as Lewis has stated and techlinked POV as well:
  11. Zorba2.17

    Where to get Cisco Certified

    Is that so? thank you for sharing this with me, I recently posted this exact same scenario in posts and got pretty much mixed feedback. A degree has just become necessity than necessary at least in IT sect. now you can probably get certified in a fraction of time an money that degree costs you and land a job at least-and start decking your resume with experience down the line whilst learning more than a 4-year sole emphasis on theory and exams would've given. It's not bad but not a smart investment especially for financially crushed individuals like us.
  12. Zorba2.17

    Where to get Cisco Certified

    Oh man! sad to hear that, I am in a similar situation,in a dilemma to rather invest in this certifications and get a job ASAP, then probably pay for my own degree. degree won't provide skills which these certifications do.
  13. Zorba2.17

    Where to get Cisco Certified

    Wow that was narrow cut-off,Good to know you are doing it, what prompted you to get certified?
  14. Zorba2.17

    Where to get Cisco Certified

    Thank you very much!Are you cisco certified btw?
  15. Zorba2.17

    Ultimate Programming Resources Thread

    thanks for this initiative!