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  1. The exact same thing happened with my pc. The two things to check for is ram issue or psu issue take out one stick of ram and try if still doesn't work use the other stick if ram checks out it is your psu and I recommend not trying to start is again if it turns out of be a psu issue. In my case due to my psu I had to go through 2 motherboards and 3 processors before the psu actually died fully... I suggest rmaing your psu and stating it as a restating issue.
  2. OK then let's forget the weight limit too and keep the thickness as a limit not thicker than an alienware m15 but which can keep its processor cool
  3. Yes i meant aftersales and warranty sorry to be wage and no I mean 2-2.3 pounds that is approximately 1.5-1.6 Kg
  4. I am studying in Canada currently need to buy a laptop in a month or so. No budget limitations. Have a high end desktop so mainly needed for programming and minor gaming on the go. Battery life, build quality, thickness and service is a must. I am tilted towards buying a Mac 16inch because this is 99% for programming but I am still viewing my options before choosing the apple poison.
  5. I guess try reinstalling that is the only thing I can think of
  6. So I was wanting to buy a high end laptop from MSI and was wondering how do you feel about the build quality, customer support, battery life and recurring costs of getting a MSI laptop.
  7. Is this problem in other games too?
  8. One issue can be that it is an internet issue and second a windows issue. And most of the times when it is a windows issue it's either because of a pirated copy of windows or because the hard drive is going or gone bad. I recommend when you benchmark your system tomorrow also do crystaldiskinfo to check health and status of your hard drive.
  9. When does it stutter? Like only while moving or always?
  10. I too am a Escape from Tarkov player and I run a gtx 1080ti 9700k 16Gb ram and honestly EFT is very poorly optimized and the play style it offers won't benefit from high refresh rate. Anything above 75 FPS in EFT is good and I don't really recommend upgrading for EFT to a 2000 series GPU and when it comes to Cyberpunk it will definitely need a higher performing Graphics Card but I recommend waiting for the game to be released and then deciding whether to shell out money for the upgrade.
  11. Are you using a gou for your blue iris machine?
  12. What are the recommended specs for this? I couldn't find any documentation linking that.
  13. If you are really low on cash then maybe a 75hz is a good option but it again comes down to the person if you prefer the colors viewing angles sharpness of the 75hz then it's a no Brainer but if all of these things are better in 144hz it is a better option. 65 euro is not a huge investment if you are getting a vastly better experience. It really comes down to your preference as you are the one who. Has to sit in front of it for hours straight. My recommendation is go to the store and put a solid 20-30 mins admiring both the panels to actually see which is more comfortable for you.
  14. I am deploying about 13 Ip 4mp cameras for a friend and I was wondering if I should veer of from buying a Hikvision or Dahua NVR and rather get / make one. Which option is better? I will require smart features like line cross detection and object alarms hikvision has those but also have a cap on the maximum number of cameras it can handle and it sometimes tend to hang up and slow down. Things to note Full network is wired for cat 6a and gigabit switches are deployed everywhere. Switches for clients and cameras are separate but still joined together into the whole network. My budget is about 250-300$ (maximum) My friend is non tech savvy and cannot diagnose anything so need a super reliable setup.
  15. I was deploying a small network for a friend with about 20-22 clients and 13 4mp IP cameras from Hikvision. My friend already had the networking gear he got a 24 Port Unmanaged Gigabit switch from Cisco and a 16 Port poe unmanaged gigabit switch from Hikvision and a separate NVR. Both the switches have a SFP port on them I was wondering if connecting both of them with SFP will give me any advantage over RJ45 the switches will require maximum 3 meter of cable to connect so this is not a large distance run which might have drops in bandwidth.
  16. After sales support really comes down to the different regions of the world. Asus has a really solid line of laptops and brand is also good with not so frequent manufacturing defects causing you to rma. Yes some people have had a pretty bad time but my experience with my motherboard has been fantastic. Although it took a bit long for them to replace the product and sometimes amny times you call the status of rms is the same but they replaced the whole product without any fuss. They saw I was having a issue and without ifs and buts did what was to be done.
  17. Then maybe binge watch some star wars ?
  18. https://productkeysdl.com/windows-10-product-key/
  19. Yeah and don't crack it this time it might show activate windows when you boot up ignore those pop up for now and stress test it if it works them you maybe consider buying the 10$ key just to remove the pop-up but there will be no issue running it as is if it fixes the issue
  20. The crack caused the issue for me. Changing to a non cracked version fixed it for me.
  21. You can get a splitter for the mic and if you really want 7.1 you can get a separate 7.1 audio dingle because the issue is not with the headset but hyperx's dongle and don't buy a cd key just take one from the net there are many floating around and It will do you perfectly well. Although search for the key first because key vary from version to version (pro/home/multi language etc)