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  1. Oh yeah? Well how about a connection that never goes under 200.... For every game.... That's what I have to deal with every damn day. speedtest gives me a reading of 30-40ms but if I go to play a game, the latency on every server is at least 100. I was playing Battlefield 1 and complaining in chat about my situation and some guy says that his ping is 50 and he uses the 10mbps down CenturyLink plan in the boonies which is exactly how I play. You would think living in the center of the United States would get you the same ping on every US server and you'd be right! Crap connection to every server. Just freaking lovely.
  2. I haven't had any pop-ups or anything of the sort when using it. I do run Malwarebytes every once in a while. I just ran it after using the program. It found 3 PUPs but by their name these were simply fibers and inactive bits of some malware that I got a long time ago. I'm just skittish I think. I have extreme malwarephobia ever since I got some the first time. Ah, thank you. I will promptly delete this thread. I don't mean any harm of course Wait where's the delete button?
  3. I have been using Ummy Video Downloader for months and months now, but I'm not sure if it's safe or not. Does it distribute any form of malware?