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  1. So I have "Always On Display" set to "Tap to show" for my Samsung Galaxy S10+ (on Verizon, in case that matters). For some reason, when the screen is black and I tap, the time info shown is displayed in landscape no matter how the phone is oriented. In addition, if I'm holding it vertically (portrait) then if I unlock the phone after tapping the screen and see that clock in landscape, the display quickly rotates from landscape to portrait post-unlock. Does anyone know why my phone thinks it's always sideways when I'm not using it? This is the weirdest thing.... EDIT: I think I figured it out, now I feel dumb, and can't delete this thread............ any mod around that can delete it for me? Thanks
  2. Decided to go with the "fresh install OS and re-install all programs" route, and I'm feeling pretty crushed under the weight of all that I now have to look into reinstalling..... I guess there's no other way around it in the end
  3. But I have SO much installed, and it'll take probably days to reinstall all of that all over again on the SSD
  4. So don't use that disc clone software the other people were talking about? How come?
  5. So I ordered an SSD finally last week, and now that it's here I'm ready to install it and switch to booting etc from my SSD instead of my HDD (gonna leave my movies on the HDD though). Can anyone recommend software for cloning my HDD to my SSD, with the ability to select what gets copied over? Pretty much gonna clone everything on my main HDD minus the aforementioned movies. Also, as this is the first time I've switched from my main HDD as my boot device (and main drive) in as-long-as-I-can-remember, feel free to offer any tips that I should keep in mind. Thanks!
  6. Oof, here's hoping someone will want it....
  7. Okay so my math was a little off. It wound up costing $290 for that 65" TCL 4k HDR. A pretty good price IMO. Now I have to sell off my old 50" plasma lol, I wonder if I can get $100 for it
  8. Yep, I guess the TCL is just marginally lower than the Samsung. Overall, I think it's a good pick-up for under $350. You agree?
  9. On second thought I'm sticking with the TCL, I totally forgot the 20% off coupon doesn't apply to any Samsung TVs....
  10. Haha thanks for your input along with everyone else who chimed in! If anyone else has 2-cents to chip in, I'm all ears of course. I won't be able to swap it until tomorrow afternoon anyhow.
  11. Damn then it boils down to me boxing my TCL back up and swapping it for the Samsung eh? lol
  12. So you'd say the Samsung is a little bit better, and any app stuff I like on the TCL would be there on the Samsung as well? From the little I read, the motion interpolation can be turned off?
  13. I'm not the best judge on picture since the TV I'm upgrading from is a 720p plasma from about a dozen years ago. I already bought the TCL, but I can easily make the swap if the Samsung is the superior set. Why do you hate Vizio? And does the Samsung have all the same apps etc that the TCL does?
  14. What about picture quality between the Samsung/TCL/Vizio?
  15. Already have 'em pulled up (which is why I'm kinda leaning away from the LG) but the other 3 are so damn close to one another lol.