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  1. Hi all, I'm in a pickle. I'm running a Z170 platform with a 6700K. I was using my computer about a week ago to write a paper for class, and it conked out on me. At first I thought, "nbd, power cycle it, get back to work." Didn't work. I'd get to the windows login screen, and it would just stop. No blue screen, no error codes, nothing. I gave up, and waited until I could give it more time. A few days later, I tried everything. I tested my RAM, all good. Removed DIMMs, didnt work. Tried reinstalling windows, and it crashes before I can even select what version to install. A few times I got a, "critical_service_died" error, but most of the time it just ended up stopping without any error whatsoever. I checked my BIOS (ASUS Z170-A) and apparently it was up to date. I removed my GPU and tried using the IGPU on my 6700K, but it wouldn't output any signal. I took out all my drives, changed my boot drive out, still nothing. I'm at a loss. My thinking is that my CPU is dead, and its time for some new hardware. Problem is, I can't afford new hardware at the moment. Does anyone have any idea what is happening? Or, am I SOL? ANY ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.