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  1. running the game in compatibility mode? (Vista SP2) Worked so far no crashes. Thanks. and i di this in side staem , steam apps. i think is were the games are. so yeah all fixed . thanks.
  2. don't see why i would need to. tho ill give that a go when i play later on.
  3. Win-10 After playing the game for a bit. (not every time it will happen) Has this issue happened since you bought the game on Steam? Yes. i had the game on cd's never had this issue.
  4. So ive played this game since 2008 only recently about 3 months back i bought it on Steam. tho sometimes not always but sometimes Desktop appears and then that msg Age 3 has stopped working.(then turns of). Ive uninstalled the game reinstalled it still same issue from time to time. should i now uninstall Steam then reinstall Steam ? I can play any other game fine. Hmm i wonder if it's a Framenet upgrade i should do or not. Not sure Advice please. And as Normal thanks in advance. Always appreciate your feedback.
  5. I Don't Know Why My PC Won't Work

    as soon as you press the power button press F2 / or Delete button then it will get into BIOS. tho you should see a asus screen come up.
  6. Issue with the program i use and Windows .

    Right so sorry for the late response to this: The Program im Using is srs old school, Sonic Foundry CD Architect 5.0 Red Book authoring Music stuff. and the program work great lets not get this confused. all it's doing to me is. After i use/add an effect - when i exit out of that Box a web browser comes up with that msg every single time. Now the program is srsly out dated bought back in 2004 then SONY bought it called it Sony CD Architect 5.1/5.2 or some craptastic name. Anyway is there a way to turn that of from coming up everytime ? or am i stuck with this., Hence im not grabin a win-8.1 version of windows. bugger that. just a work around is all i need then im golden. Tho will say once again Thanks again for the help.
  7. Right so when ever i do something in my old program in Win-10-64bit-home. It comes up with this. It's really peeing me of. is there a way to stop this from coming up ? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/917607/error-opening-help-in-windows-based-programs-feature-not-included-or-h And yes it says: Error opening Help in Windows-based programs: "Feature not included" or "Help not supported" And thanks as well always pleased by the help i get .
  8. So The last Warcraft game i played was over 10 yrs ago . Yikes i know hu. Was Warcraft 2 Battle.Net Edition . Now im gonna get Warcraft 3 . So Um what do i get lol Would this be all i need - Warcraft 3 III Reign of Chaos - Gold Edition (Inc. Frozen Throne Expansion) PC AU $23.76 Best way to go about it guys ? I want It All-in 1 hit Package ? Thanks again. Guys - Only reason i ask is i seen the game on sale in the shops for years and seen a 3 pack thingy .Hold up ill get a pic. Umm While im at it Starcraft 2 as well. Just seen that.
  9. New GPU, what's the best bang for the buck?

    Hold on a few weeks i know it's gonna kill ya ,wanting it now now. but saving that little extra for a 1070 my god you will have blissful dreams man. lol srs tho.

    Move over RGB - im waiting on El Wire Laser Wire Plasma Wire - Some Ram have this. For our cables built in. some how. Still waiting on Laser Tv's there was talks about this ages ago not sure if it happened or not Tho did see a Laser Projector this it was from SONY. $40k or so upward of this. 5yrs people and we will see something like this happen. If not sooner. The RGB ram Looks great - can only get better is all im saying.
  11. does this look right ?

    im getting pass throws soon-ish. then get this to do the job. but not till im on holidays. so i do not rush it. Getting things done slow.
  12. does this look right ?

    Thanks Mick, that is what i meant. Solved.
  13. does this look right ?

    The top picture is for reference only: i was hoping it turned out like that top pic xd. mine is the 1 on the bottom . This is my pc nothing special.
  14. it's not leaking or anything tho i thought it would look cleaner . it looks great yes tho i must admit. just a quick question. this vs this is what im worried about .
  15. Ok so this is an easy question i just redone my loop to start this years loop. To keep it healthy so to speak. But i want Lime green pastel ,but rrr i just put in EK clear coolant into it. Can i still use that empty a little on to my reserve bottle. Then put Ek Pastel EK Pastel Lime Green in ? Or do i need to put that into my bottle or get rid of it then get the r rrr umm Distilled water. Or can i keep some of my coolant. Is there pastel with out coolant and just throw it in ? After 1 year now on clear im happy to move on to a color and do Pastel. (NOTE) i do know i can add Dye ,but um i don't want clear. Family came thought up the color to get and my misses wants me to put pastel in my PC . Once again thanks for all the great feed back .