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  1. loony979

    tiny cooling loop for GPU

    Just an idea - why not go a cheap bigger tower for the moment till ya can get a some thing for now and still benefit ?
  2. loony979

    Issue not sure were it is tho.

    Fixed it - gpu updated didn't work so took the GPU it self out "lucky i use soft tubing" put it back in & bobs ya uncle. thank god i didn;t have to do a re-install.
  3. loony979

    Issue not sure were it is tho.

    Ok an update on this - got new PGU drivers didn't install the sound driver ive got my own sound. Tested it again. & then played GTA V to get this freeze & also the sound freezes as well. see pic ALSO have in mind other games working fine. As you can see the freeze sections in this it looks blocky that's the freezing then it got ok then back to it. It's strange.
  4. loony979

    Issue not sure were it is tho.

    memory test what i use for that ?
  5. loony979

    Issue not sure were it is tho.

    um my oc on my gpu is - oh 1st up that temp thing my mistake. this is my overclock at the moment nothing silly on it. see pic. Also i don't use a AIO ive got a 4 rad system - r yeah see pic.
  6. Right so my MSI afterburner is showing a stupid CPU temp of over 360 oC Also my gta v on pc now freezes just started today. so i played a game of "Age Of Empires 3 with no issues" . i don't get it i checked the bios & my pump real quick. after seeing the that temp all is fine. 28oC. it's sitting on so hmm. 2 issues in 1 ? oh my specs are: Asus Z270 AR 24gb ram. 970 g1 - technically it's 3.5gb's - runs game fine. 7600k @ 4.6gh'z at the moment - did have it set to 4.7ghz b4 seeing that temp. um if anything needed in terms of specs ask.
  7. As a Pastel user for over 2-3 yrs i can say these work extremely well for me. I never turn my pc of only restart it from time to time. EK Pastel worked fine for me. Now im on Mayhems Pastel UV White. I was also in the same boat & was considering the Vue, to not getting it due to what i heard. if you go Clear then with a Dye - or even the Pastel way you will be happy. this is my thoughts on it. (Don't get that Vue) .
  8. Yep im totally happy in my choice to use Mayhems Patel Uv White - not that i use the Uv but the white is so good. glad i didn't take the hype train on this, there is no way i would be able to use this and game here in the heat of Summer in Australia. All i need to do i get these pass-thu's in the system and ill be happy. Just need to get the drill bit for it. and be very gentle lolz.
  9. loony979

    EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM Elite Edition

    Right now i know things "are" strange and im not loosing it xD. & not a noob lol. Um what ill do is, leave it as is just let the Molex run it. (does get i little warm tho guessing this is the norm on the base) As it is well over a year old now. And when i upgrade ill grab 1 that has the "4 pin PWM" then i know that i can control it. Also i don't want to start a new thread just quickly ask here if i get 2 pumps would it be beneficial. 4 rad system. not seeing that much movement in the loop, tho the temps are very good. Thanks Again. The Help-has been well appreciated.
  10. loony979

    EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM Elite Edition

    This should sort things out.
  11. loony979

    EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM Elite Edition

    Ill try to get a good pic later today. As im a bit busy. - can you explain this part for me kind sir. "your PWM leg is not connected and floating in mid air". And thanks for the help guys i appreciate it a lot.
  12. loony979

    EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM Elite Edition

    it is 2 cables ( 1 green 1 blue ) - to the 3pin . The Molex is 2 cables for power. And RollinLower im thinking this as well. Did get this over a yr ago easy so.
  13. loony979

    EK-XTOP DDC 3.2 PWM Elite Edition

    few pics all the info i can gather . - had i look at the cables it is 2 cables ( 1 green 1 blue ) - to the 3pin connector.
  14. How to control pump speed, Very noobish question considering ive used this for quit some time now ~ lolz i know. But let me explain things. nearly 2 yrs water cooling my pc. It states on EKWB That it has a " (4-pin PWM FAN Connector) " Mine has a 3 pin Connector. I started water cooling a few yrs ago, with that said i got this. EK KIT X240 Water Cooling Kit added on since then added so on. (it's how i got started Anyway). Im wondering if this pump is Different to the 1 Advertised - but at the end of the day i want to control it, just to sus it all out, see how things will run if i set it to such and such. especially now that Winter is Coming for us. (Im Aussie) so it reversed for those yarda yarda you know what i mean. Tests: !.Used the 4 pin MOLEX to get this working with out the 3pin connected - it's been running just fine since day dot. 2.Used the 3pin hook it up to the dedicated 4pin header on the motherboard " ( ASUS PRIME Z270-AR LGA 1151) " Left the Molex un pluged. In BIOS - TESTED: DDC Control, PWM Control, so forth made sure it was on. This setting is called AIO PUMP. Setting Monitor/Ignor AIO PUMP - set to On. says N/A. 3.Same as 2 but with Molex connected still same speed. (Runs the same) Setting Monitor/Ignor AIO PUMP - set to On. says N/A So im not sure if im setting something Wrong or the PWM Feature just doesn't work Or it's the 4pin header on the MOBO or i have to plug the 3pin PWM to a fan header. Fudged if i know But for now it's on Molex only. And oh yes i did have settings for threshold speed. temp uppers so on. i know how to set them that's fine . it's the - Setting Monitor/Ignor AIO PUMP - set to On. says N/A. part i understand it but why does it not work or is this me lol. Thanks in advance. Pic is for Reference Only.
  15. Due to using that for another project - none pc related.