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  1. Thanks for the input Every 1 ... ive just started a new map today and it's there - it's strange but i guess i can deal with it . Only the game runs when i play games. you know what i mean. I also did do a DDU on the Display drivers. They may know about this issue tho lets hope.
  2. So im really getting into Planet Coaster now and it's getting quite a bit laggy I play it on 1080p 60 Hz and that's what i got. So im wondering could it be my GPU that's not keeping up or my cpu ? So my specs are : 7600k - Oc~d - 5ghz Gtx 970 G1 Bios hacked Oc~d 24gb of Ram 2133 Mhz 2x4gb - 2x8gb. Win~10 - Home 64 Bit Need anymore Specs Ask. Should i install it on my SSD ? i did try lowering all settings All other games work rather well. im thinking i would be 1 of 2 things the cpu is slow or the Gpu witch has only 3.5gb's. Let me know your thoughts thanks In Advance. Cheers.
  3. Ok 1st up what windows you using cus on win-10 Underground, original most wanted and carbon can not run. For me this was due to an update with win-10, as thee install Discs have a protection thing on those games, that hackers used to do bad things with it. Also with that said did you get the game running. With the save game install ive done this b4 and it's worked i hope it works for you as well.
  4. Severe in game stuttering after win-10 update

    now i just formatted the pc re-installed everything and the game 7 discs . still the same. so yeah something better fix it.
  5. Severe in game stuttering after win-10 update

    ok it's still the same i guess it's time to re-install win-10 then the pain staking time of re-installing the game discs. and everything else that goes with my installing like programs and so on. that's my weekend.
  6. Severe in game stuttering after win-10 update

    ok i press win-g nothing happens
  7. Hey guys: My issue today is after ive installed the new Win-10 update the game ( & only this game ((tested)) ) has a major stuttering effect while driving or just simply looking around while on ground or in an aircraft. Now lets get something straight 1st up, b4 thee update things was all fine happy playing times. ive lowered all settings to the min- as they can get with out changing res ( tested this as well seemed a bit better ) even lowered my 7600k down from 5.0ghz to 4.7ghz with out any improvement. So um yeah Oh ive also done a DDU on my GPU Drivers re-installed it same again. The game is installed on a SSD. My Pc Specs : Have changed so ill place this here now: MB: ASUS Z270 - AR CPU: Intel 7600k RAM: Corsair Vengence LPX ( 2x8gb ) also (2x4gb) = total of 24gb. 2133mhz SSD: Sanddisc 480gb GPU: GTX G1 970 So if you guys are able to let me know on what the next steps are in order to get this working fine and dandy again do let me know. Keep in mind the game worked fine b4 the Win-10 update.
  8. running the game in compatibility mode? (Vista SP2) Worked so far no crashes. Thanks. and i di this in side staem , steam apps. i think is were the games are. so yeah all fixed . thanks.
  9. don't see why i would need to. tho ill give that a go when i play later on.
  10. Win-10 After playing the game for a bit. (not every time it will happen) Has this issue happened since you bought the game on Steam? Yes. i had the game on cd's never had this issue.
  11. So ive played this game since 2008 only recently about 3 months back i bought it on Steam. tho sometimes not always but sometimes Desktop appears and then that msg Age 3 has stopped working.(then turns of). Ive uninstalled the game reinstalled it still same issue from time to time. should i now uninstall Steam then reinstall Steam ? I can play any other game fine. Hmm i wonder if it's a Framenet upgrade i should do or not. Not sure Advice please. And as Normal thanks in advance. Always appreciate your feedback.
  12. I Don't Know Why My PC Won't Work

    as soon as you press the power button press F2 / or Delete button then it will get into BIOS. tho you should see a asus screen come up.
  13. Issue with the program i use and Windows .

    Right so sorry for the late response to this: The Program im Using is srs old school, Sonic Foundry CD Architect 5.0 Red Book authoring Music stuff. and the program work great lets not get this confused. all it's doing to me is. After i use/add an effect - when i exit out of that Box a web browser comes up with that msg every single time. Now the program is srsly out dated bought back in 2004 then SONY bought it called it Sony CD Architect 5.1/5.2 or some craptastic name. Anyway is there a way to turn that of from coming up everytime ? or am i stuck with this., Hence im not grabin a win-8.1 version of windows. bugger that. just a work around is all i need then im golden. Tho will say once again Thanks again for the help.
  14. Right so when ever i do something in my old program in Win-10-64bit-home. It comes up with this. It's really peeing me of. is there a way to stop this from coming up ? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/917607/error-opening-help-in-windows-based-programs-feature-not-included-or-h And yes it says: Error opening Help in Windows-based programs: "Feature not included" or "Help not supported" And thanks as well always pleased by the help i get .
  15. So The last Warcraft game i played was over 10 yrs ago . Yikes i know hu. Was Warcraft 2 Battle.Net Edition . Now im gonna get Warcraft 3 . So Um what do i get lol Would this be all i need - Warcraft 3 III Reign of Chaos - Gold Edition (Inc. Frozen Throne Expansion) PC AU $23.76 Best way to go about it guys ? I want It All-in 1 hit Package ? Thanks again. Guys - Only reason i ask is i seen the game on sale in the shops for years and seen a 3 pack thingy .Hold up ill get a pic. Umm While im at it Starcraft 2 as well. Just seen that.