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    Intel i7-4790k
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    Asus Maximus Hero VII
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    16 gigs Vengeance DDR3
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    Asus Titan X
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    Corsair 750D with 3x Fractal Venturi HF-14 fans
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    OS: Crucial MX200 250 GB, Crucial MX200 1 TB Steam,Crucial MX200 1TB for Movies and Music
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    Logitech G510
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    Razer Mamba
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    Asus Xonar DX,Audioengine D1 with Audioengine S5+ and Audioengine S8
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  1. I heard that Dr.Disrespect will be heading the project.
  2. I have a friend that use to own a computer shop and with all the dead sticks he would put key rings on them and re-sell them as key chains.
  3. Has nothing to do with being entitled or whining,im just stating my view when it started to change.
  4. Twitch has started to go downhill since Amazon bought them and now its starting to turn into a SJW and Whiteknight safe haven.
  5. The only wrong doing i see Newegg doing here is breach of privacy laws.Canada is the same way in claiming sale tax/tax if your arnt charged you need to claim it.
  6. When you owe close to 36 million in debts,Eveything must go.
  7. Throw the Router out and when he asks where it is say someone must of stole it and then say i told you not to have it set up with WPS and it had to many loopholes.
  8. Don't worry nothing is illegal until you get caught.
  9. You have to buy all the microtransactions then pay $150 for the Mayweather DLC.
  10. Would depend on the contract EX: 3 spots on Wan show for $10,000 type stuff, I know some of the Big streamers can $5,000-$20,000 to stream a game for 8hrs.
  11. $1.00 to $20,000 or as high as $50,000 maybe even higher hard to say.And they wont say.
  12. This is the only Official post so far. But right now it seems its going really ruff, The Call back system has bin Offline all day. But i guess right now its a wait and see till more is posted.