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  1. Try until you get it to boot once I guess if you can't get it to boot ever again I wouldn't waste money on it by looking for replacements, just get a new base system
  2. https://sebastianraschka.com/Articles/2014_python_2_3_key_diff.html
  3. There are too many to summarize on a forum post, plus this is someone else's thread.
  4. Both 2.7 and 3 require a colon at the end of an if statement iirc. On a side note 2.7 is EOL, if you use python regularly I strongly recommend moving to 3.
  5. Everyone should use ublock. It's open source and doesn't take bribes from anyone.
  6. It's unlikely all your ram sticks died at the same time so it's probably an issue with your motherboard. Try resetting CMOS, maybe run a memtest for a few hours to see if you get a lot of errors with a specific stick or slot.
  7. If I don't parts of it grow up to my eyes
  8. ...sounds like someone is insecure about their manliness... there's nothing wrong with being unable to grow a beard, nor do stereotypes about what women supposedly like have any merit in this respect. Sometimes I wish I couldn't grow a beard tbh, shaving is a hassle and so is grooming it if you let it grow out. dunno, you seem a lot more concerned with how manly other people look...
  9. Everyone knows this. This has been the way Apple has operated for decades
  10. It's going to get all the resources that aren't being used by the host system. If you're not doing anything on the host that's close to 100%. If you need CUDA you'll need to check if your motherboard allows vfio passthrough of the graphics card and you'll also need another gpu for your host system. Yes. Obviously you can use a "server" distro on a desktop and vice versa but its design will reflect its intended purpose. Yes, you can "just install other packages" but you're still limited to what's in the repositories and what is compatible with the rest of the system. A "server" distribution will generally focus on stability rather than pure performance or bleeding edge packages - you can work around that (sometimes) but it's still just that, a workaround rather than a simple native solution. Again, you can make almost anything work, that doesn't mean it's the optimal solution.
  11. I haven't played every game ever so I can't make an informed call... out of the ones I've played it's probably age of empires 2
  12. You can pass 8 cores to the VM, the kernel will take care of allocating resources as needed. If you only use the VM while you're working you'll get close to 100% performance. I guess, but here we're talking about fixed releases like 7 and 8...
  13. Not as easy as I would like but it can be done. Have you considered virtual machines for the packages that don't work natively on 8? KVM is pretty fast and CentOS fully supports it out of the box. Not really, install the nvidia driver and go from there. Not as far as I know.
  14. That's because DOS lies to you on this, as does Windows as @Lurick pointed out. Not sure about "the old day Linux" but nowadays ls gives you the byte count or k/M/G, it never displays kB/MB/GB afaik.
  15. Yes, I did say "typically". We're speculating at this point so we have to make do with what information we have. Yes, obviously, benchmarks will have the final word but we can make a rough guess in the meantime. It's kind of like saying that a given car has a V12 engine... that doesn't give you all the information to determine its performance but you can assume it's probably some sort of supercar. Well... there isn't really a set definition so anything goes. In this case we know that this is smaller than Intel's previous nodes though which is all that matters.
  16. GiB is the "correct" name for 2^30 bytes but, colloquially, Gigabyte sounds a lot better than Gibibyte so nowadays the former is often used for both (as it was in the '90s as well).
  17. Then at the very least I'd recommend using CentOS 8 and not the much older 7. I use it on a server.
  18. Just because the pinout is the same doesn't mean it's going to be compatible across releases. Sure, but for enthusiasts efficiency improvements are extremely boring. To an individual customer this makes pretty much no difference. Typically a smaller node allows for higher density and therefore... more CPU on the same package. It also often comes with a higher frequency overhead due to lower temperatures (though that's becoming less and less true as taking the heat out of ultradense chips is proving to be a bit of a challenge). None of this is guaranteed of course. Does it really matter how large the CPU package is? It's not even that much larger than LGA115x...
  19. If it's giving you read issues and the checks crash it's already dead. Backup what data you can before more of it gets corrupted.
  20. CentOS is mainly oriented towards servers and as such it has really old (but stable) packages, which also means you may have problems with new hardware. You're also not using the latest release so this is even more the case. If you like it you should try Fedora which is very similar but uses up to date packages and is intended for desktop use.
  21. This is not an xbox, it's a desktop motherboard with an x86 cpu and presumably a uefi BIOS so if it's not a scam it should work just like a normal PC. I'm assuming AMD is getting rid of leftover stock.