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  1. Well I just quickly found the solution, Nvidia driver just updated, listed it as a bug. Sorry if I wasted anyones time
  2. It started with overwatch, one day it suddenly started launching in Windowed mode, I would go in to settings and see that the game thought it was in fullscreen, so I tried alt+enter, and it would go fullscreen for a split second and return to windowed. I assumed it was just overwatch, so I deleted my settings file and everything went back to normal, but now I need to delete it everytime I want to launch the game, now the same exact thing is happening with Battlefield 1. I thought it might be Asus' overclocking software, but ending its process in Task manager did nothing, read someone found something similar with nvidia share, but ending that task also did nothing. GTX 1060 MOBO: z87 g45 gaming, CPU:4670k RAM:8GB Patriot DDR3 1600mhz PSU Corsair:650watt Windows 10
  3. Hi guys, So I recently bought a samsung u28e590d, and I love it. However, I decided I wanted to mount it, and when I did I realized the VESA mount is in a ridiculous position less then an inch from the top edge of the display, So I thought, easy fix just flip the monitor! But now that I have done that my viewing angle is absolute trash. If i have the monitor at anything near a reasonable angle and height the bottom of the screen is nearly impossible to see if there is any dark content on it. My question is, could there be a software fix? Or do i need to try figuring out a way to raise my mount another 12 inches?
  4. Does anyone have any experience buying expensive items from resellers? Im looking at buy a laptop and its from a seller with 3736 total ratings and 97% positive but im a little scared of giving $1200 to a reseller. any advice?
  5. @Droidbot Well that sounds perfect, thanks so much for the reply!
  6. Now i'm wondering if i could get away with 4GB RAM with the pro 4.. Not big on photoshop or video editing my only real concern would be the number of browser tabs i use.. (probably 8-10 at a time)
  7. Oh that would explain why the price difference from the pro 3 i5 to i7 is like $50 these days lol
  8. Hello, so im really trying to get out of gaming a bit and focus on school so id really like to grab a surface pro and drop my gaming PC and im trying to decide between the pro 3 and 4, I understand everyone generally says the pro 4 is worth it but the fact is i can grab a 256gb i7 8gb pro 3 for just shy of $600 while an i5 with 4 gigs will cost me closer to $1000 which i cant really justify. As a computer science student I would assume the 8gigs of RAM is far more important then the newer tech in the pro 4 but i thought im jump on here and get some second opinions.
  9. Hello, so christmas is just around the corner and im looking into buying a new set of speakers for the living room for the family. Ive already replaced the sub and the receiver relatively recently so im just looking for a solid set of speakers. Budget would be sub 300 any suggestions are welcome thanks in advance guys!
  10. I'm just curious if a TV from 2016 is going to be significantly better then one from 2014 as far as image quality and viewing angles? I'm getting ready to buy a new TV for my bedroom and I've found some really great looking 40-50 inch TVs on Amazon for under $400 from Sony and im just curious if it's worth it to buy a newer TV instead of saving some $$ and buying an older one.
  11. Specs: MSI Z87 G45 gaming motherboard 4670k +h100i xfx 6870(sold my 780 seperately) 8GB patriot viper 1600mhz ddr3 Antec greenwatts 650 PSU Evo 850 500GB SSD + 500GB seagate HDD CoolerMaster stormtrooper
  12. I recently reset my FIOS router and on my primary PC im now getting 10Mbps as opposed to the 60-80 i was getting before.. Ive tested on other desktops, phones, laptops etc all seem to be normal. I switched the ethernet cable around to no avail. Any ideas?
  13. Hello, i recently received a Proxima DP8000 from a friend who had bought a brand new bulb several months ago but could not get it to function. So i gave it a spin, it revved up and worked just fine, so i attempted to try it outside a hour or so later and no image displayed. I tried using the light signals and the manual to try and gauge what had gone wrong. According to the manual the projector could not find a display. Confused i left it for about an hour and came back to it displaying in all its glory SO i turned it off let it cool down hoping it would work again but nothing. I brought it inside let it sit for the night and tried again in the morning. Boom it worked. Tried letting it cool down and moving it to another location and nothing. I would think its user error but the thing is the projector is completely cool whilst trying to find a display. I could really use some help here. Thanks in advance
  14. Blarg

    DDR4 Vs DDR3

    Plz never so many benchmarks on one page plz god plz k tank~~my brain
  15. Its mean great watching the channel grow and especially seeing luke become more comfortable in his own skin. Keep it up guys!