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  1. Here's my stats page ^^ Got my guest PC folding away since I have no friends and because that heating bill tho 7350K @ 4.7Ghz + GTX 1060 FE = 450k ppd My main rig also fold whenever I'm not using it (~8hrs/day + over night) 7600K @ 5.0Ghz + MSI Aero 1070Ti = 800k ppd Overall very pleased with my current setup, especially since it raises the room temp by about 9 degrees C over outside, from cold to acceptable I'm wondering if I should put the cores on my shared MC server to use and fold on those? It's got 2 x5660s that are both sitting at 20% most of the time.
  2. Oh nice, I can't find a creator under $2500 with the specs I want compared to $1700 for the Stealth thin itself
  3. P65 is also $1000 more (on avg)
  4. Evidently all the reviewers got the script that said the GS65 comes with a fingerprint reader built into the power button, but as of writing this post I still haven't seen anything confirming this or refuting this. Is it physically there but not implemented? Not there at all? Or is it there and just mediocre enough to fly under my radar? Asking because holiday season is coming and I'm torn between an Aero 15W and a GS65, as both are perfect for my kind of workflow (also bc I got screwed over by amazon who delivered to the wrong address)
  5. ShadowChaser

    best $300 GPU?

    Or wait for another ebay sale and snag the cheapest 1070ti you can find (That's legit, of course) I got an MSI Aero 1070ti for $263 that was used but like new (no dust!), down from $309 regular price when they had the 15% off anything sale a few weeks ago. https://imgur.com/7JkW8y0 For proof https://imgur.com/HczX1BG Beauty shot This is only if you have the patience, though with the holiday season coming, I bet eBay will do something similar again!
  6. ShadowChaser

    About i7-4870HQ...On desktop

    The only reason I can see anyone doing this is for power consumption reasons. 850RMB seems reasonable but it's been a while since I've investigated the chinese used parts market. Are you sure there's nothing on taobao/tianmao that would suit your needs better? Or is this just a "I can because I can" thing.
  7. Do note that at the high end the tdps are either 95w or 130w, which is a far cry from the 2600's 65w (If I'm not mistaken). This means: Better cooler needed (especially if you decide to OC) Higher wattage PSU potentially just to be safe, I've seen spikes of up to 190W (albeit briefly) with my x5677 Good luck finding a cheap x58 board that isn't utter crap or a server board, though. I have a modified server board just because I couldn't afford an x58 mobo when my asus one broke.
  8. ShadowChaser

    <$175 12c24t server "build"

    While I did say I was using two cpus, I never went into detail as to how the hardware is allocated (giant rabbit hole). Yes, I'm a relative noob to VMs, but that doesn't mean I'm not capable of using them. I might live with my parents, but the fact that you assume kids don't pay bills is just wrong personally (unless your family is rich...I suppose? No idea) If you bought a bare board then yes, finding a case would be difficult, but hey, this ain't a guide. There are many listings on eBay that are server chassis based, but you'd be surprised at how many people run PCs out of cardboard boxes and how awesomely efficient they are! Yes, electricity costs money, I concede that, but why would a system be running 24/7 if it's not needed 24/7? In my case, yes, it'll be running 24/7, as it has NAS function built in, but why people leave their computers on over night w/o a good reason still baffles me. Of course there's a ratio between old hardware vs new hardware in cost vs performance and power consumption. 1366 seems to ride the line, as 771 is too power hungry for the same (if even the same) performance, while 2011 still has a relatively inflated price. 1156 is kinda weird as it has much of the same architectures from 1366 (Nehalem, Westmere, Lynnfield, etc) with similar power consumption for high, mid, and low end. As for the PSU, do you really think someone in need of cheap performance would be able to buy an 800W Gold PSU? I'm merely including an example of a psu, as I cannot account for local market volatility. Yes, it's bad by modern standards, but so is everything else about the build, so I see no point being made there. I have a spare evga supernova psu, but that costs $100 by itself, so no, I don't see why anyone on a shoestring budget would want to buy a high end PSU. For single socket, any PSU will do just fine, and realistically, splitting the EPS plug isn't that bad either, unless the cables are spaghetti. PSUs made in the last few years have many protections in place, so a PSU blowing up is either bad luck, exceptionally poor QC, or bad cables (Unfortunately, I have experienced all 3, but never has it been a fault of the PSU itself, per se) I still think you missed the point of ECC ram (Or maybe I'm just misunderstanding?) More ram = better in my scenario, it's different for everyone. I just listed what I'll be doing with my setup. I can't possibly account for all the different setups as that'd be a nightmare. You mention quality of life issues regarding noise/heat. As much as I love/hate the joke of servers being jet engines and/or space heaters, most servers past the P4 era have been astonishingly quiet under load, maybe 35dba max for a 2U, and 43dba for a 1U. This is all from what I have personally seen and heard, and many of these servers had 130W chips in them to boot. Reliability was not the purpose of this build, it was to off load tasks from a regular desktop that would otherwise be taking up valuable cycles, resources, etc. Like I said, niche product for niche people Perhaps it works for my workflow and not for yours, which I totally understand.
  9. ShadowChaser

    <$175 12c24t server "build"

    a G6590 would take forever encoding 1080p video, and this is coming from a guy who has a dual 771 server in the closet For $5 I'd rather get a quad core Xeon. $37 gets you 24GB of ecc ram (Which is why the server board is a good choice, ecc memory is stupid cheap) I really don't understand why you are trying to undermine this "build", heck, it's in the name. It's for ppl that want server grade hardware without server grade cost. Even on my 7600K plex can easily eat up all my cpu cycles if I'm not careful, and I personally intend to use the system as a NAS, media storage + plex, and MC server for my friends, as well as many, many more things I can't have running amok on my main PC. For $170, that kind of value is really hard to beat, and I do invite you to try and prove me wrong! I don't need a gaming server - the idea in itself is rather ludicrous, though Linus's home server does look nice - as I have a pretty decent desktop already. It's for the tasks that my current server (8c8t 771) and my desktop cannot handle. Yes, it's niche, but now this niche has been filled, and that's a win in my book If we were talking about LP servers like you suggested (which we were not), a raspberry pi for $35 is the way to go. Seriously.
  10. ShadowChaser

    <$175 12c24t server "build"

    Fair point, I just haven’t found any for a good price.
  11. ShadowChaser

    <$175 12c24t server "build"

    Did you read? I never recommended buying heatsinks outright. This is not for gaming (like what? Really?) try to see if you can find a 200w space heater. They don’t do much. I will change the Psu tho as it does only have one 8 pin. now, I’m not saying you’re wrong, but have you seen ddr4 prices? They’re still insane, and a kit of 16gb can cost more than the entire build
  12. ShadowChaser

    <$175 12c24t server "build"

    Have they changed anything recently? Corsair’s CX series has many of the same components and it’s recommended for many, many budget builds. I will change the PSU though, I have each 4 pin plugged into a different socket and it is not recommended but doable. I never said this was a recommended build or anything.
  13. ShadowChaser

    <$175 12c24t server "build"

    Yes, but getting hands on is a good way to get into servers, not to mention save a little cash >.o
  14. ShadowChaser

    Old laptop died. Time to seek out something new.

    For $1500 you can get a lot of laptop, as I'm assuming it'll be a desktop replacement battery life should not be a priority. With that in mind, you should aim for any laptop with a 1070, especially if your programs can utilize the gpu, though the 32GB RAM requirement might have to be traded for this kind of power. In short: 1060 + 32GB RAM or 1070 + 16GB RAM; CPU should be any high tdp mobile or low tdp desktop chip (intel 8th gen H series, amd ryzen non "u" series)
  15. For those of you who want to dabble in home servers (looking at you, plex grrr) or just want to play around with cinebench, here's how to get started for a ridiculously low price. (Assuming electricity is a non-factor!!!) This build does not include any storage, but hard drives are pretty much spare change if you spend enough time looking, or if you have a local computer shop. The basic, basic idea is this: Server components from the 1366 era are cheap. Like, ridiculously cheap. note: not that I would recommend you do this, if you have the money, buy something new. Or you could just be like me and want to screw around with plex encoding, in house streaming, and NAS stuff all in one. Parts! Motherboard: Any dual socket 1366 board should work, but for whichever one you find, make sure you read the manual and figure out what CPUs are supported! These are typically found for $40-$50 on eBay US. If you find one that comes with heatsinks, RAM, or other goodies, do factor that into the price! CPU: If you need cores, the X5650 (2.66Ghz base, 3.06Ghz boost) gives you 6c12t in a 95W package. If you need clock speed, the X5677 (3.46Ghz base, 3.73Ghz boost) or X5672 (3.20Ghz base, 3.60Ghz boost) gives you 4c8t in a 130W or 95W package. Both can be had for $40/pair or sometimes less. I found a set of X5650s for $30 shipped and a set of X5677s for $44 shipped. If you need power efficiency, though, L series Xeons from this era are even cheaper, and they have a TDP of 60-80W. Expect to pay $15 to $20 for these puppies. RAM: Nehalem Xeons support up to triple channel memory, so be sure to take advantage of that if you need it! 12GB or even 24GB of RAM (ecc or not, doesn't matter) should be relatively easy to find for $30, but if you have the budget, you can't go wrong with more, like, for a Minecraft server or something. Heatsink: Ignore this if you found a bundle that came with heatsinks, but try to find either an aftermarket cooler, or at the very least a 2U (80mm) sized server heatsink. $12 apiece should get you something that isn't abysmal. What you REALLY need to make sure is that your heatsink 1. supports LGA 1366, and 2. Doesn't interfere with any components near the socket. I forgot about #2 and I found out the 20 pin atx power socket in right in front of one of my heatsinks. Fans: Ignore this if your heatsinks came with fans. If you've got money to spend (which I doubt, considering you're reading this), noctua's 80mm fans are great! Otherwise, find the beefiest fans you can for $5-6 each. Cooler Master used to have some solid fans for $8, but I can't find them anymore :< Case: Who am I kidding I have no budget for a case, especially if the motherboard if a proprietary size! Most dual socket 1366 boards are either E-ATX or proprietary, so your case selection will be limited, if not non-existant. If you are not comfortable running your system open air, try to find an all-in-one bundle that includes the server chassis. PSU: This is where things can get messy. While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest PSU out there, don't. Power supplies have gotten much better at the low end, but do find one with two eight pin eps power plugs if you go with dual cpus. Try to find a used server psu if you need to save money, but the cx450/550 is a good choice for single cpus With the right timing and/or patience, you can build a barebones but powerful server for under $200 Here's my config: CPU: $30 - X5650 x2 Mobo: $40 - Supermicro X8DTU-F RAM: $30 - 12x2GB DDR3 10600R ECC Heatsinks: $22 - Supermicro 2U Fans: $12 - Generic high CFM fans PSU: $29 - AcBel 500w 80+ Gold PSU Total for server only: $164 I'm assuming you have a keyboard + mouse, a monitor, and a spare fan or two for air circulation. You will need your own storage and corresponding cables, though, so the price will vary. Also, eBay is a dynamic market, so make those offers! I cut down the price of RAM from $48 to $30, the motherboard from $50 to $40, etc. If you add some storage: 240gb ssd - $35 1tb hdd - $40 Still not that bad!