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  1. it'll be enough, just don't stress the gpu too much and you'll be below 500W for sure
  2. most likely some sort of power bug that doesn't let cores idle when it's in an idle workload, then only gets bumped down when you start up a different task (task manager, in this case). Might be fixable with a bios update but honestly it's only an issue with laptops as they have to deal with battery drain. 75C is perfectly fine. If you have expensive electricity then I'd go forward with ironing out the kinks.
  3. Kaby Lake (7th gen) chips generally will work in a Z170 chipset, but coffee lake (8th gen) will not. The best performing cpu you can put in a z170 board is the 7700K, but a 7700 will work as long as the newest bios supports it.
  4. The central standoff is what you want to line up first in my experience with larger boards, then the corners, then the ones on the edges. Can you not adjust any of the standoffs? If so, make sure your case is E-ATX compatible. If you screwed in the standoffs yourself, just try again
  5. Pretty sure every single pga socketted chip I've had my luck of using has had this issue - the clamping force on the cpu is tiny compared to that of an lga chip. I've learned to have a razor handy when doing repasting or cooler swapping The twisting method is great, as is having hot paste, and when I remove a cooler I put pressure on one side while lifting up the other to ensure the cpu stays in the socket. Not possible on older chips without an ihs but for modern AMD cpus that's the best way I've come up with.
  6. Sounds like the GPU may be the root of the issue if swapping in a different card eliminates your problem. Have you been able to test this same gpu in a different system at all? If the problem goes with the card then that's your problem I presume. I'd personally make sure that the gpu is causing these issues before reflashing the bios for sure.
  7. I setup a dedicated dataset for windows filesharing, with the options of guest access and only allow guest access checked. I also specifically allowed all the IPs of the PCs I intend to use with the system. I wish I could see what I was accessing the server as, then I could assign users to groups. I also don't understand why I can read/write from one of them but not any of the others. I have a dataset that is only for windows, and that is what I'm trying to setup currently
  8. I really just need a simplified rundown as I'm really struggling to figure out how to get the windows PCs on my home network to read and write to my home server instead of a network attached disk. I can read and write from one laptop currently but none of my other laptops and desktops can write for some reason. Guest Access is enabled and so is Guest Access Only. Not sure what I did wrong or if I missed anything as this is the extent the user guide explains setting up unauthorized sharing for samba. So, any help would be appreciated as I have zero clue what I'm doing System is running FreeNas 11.2U5 Hardware is the following SuperMicro X8DTU-F Dual X5650 6x8GB ECC RDIMM 2 USB drives as OS drives 4x4TB HGST attached to Dell Perc H310 in IT mode (SAS2008) The only thing I can tell is my laptop is connected to wifi and everything else is ethernet, but that may just be a coincidence. Someone who actually knows their way around FreeNAS could probably tell me what I'm doing wrong here!
  9. Here's the thing, I'm now pretty certain that it's a power issue somehow. Perhaps just dirty power from the wall or something. Either way none of the problems all point towards any one component and with some help from a friend I have verified that all the parts are functional. Though getting my HBA to recognize my drives is a whole other issue now...
  10. So this morning just for kicks I reinstalled all the RAM and both CPUs, ran fine, booted into FreeNAS and all 24 threads and 24GB shows up. CPU avg temp of 35C, hottest core of 60C so definitely will have to reapply paste After 45 minutes of uptime I decide to shut down the server to test IPMI functionality since for some reason it's decided to work. Shuts down fine, and now doesn't start without power cycling... *face desk* I've added two extra 120mm fans blowing straight down on the motherboard where there was little cross flow, didn't seem to help but I'm keeping them there.
  11. It doesn't even take 20 minutes most of the time, the video I linked, it starts the power cycle halfway through - you hear the beep the board gives CPU temps are typically mid 30s - when it does boot into an OS, I can touch the heatsinks and they are barely warm. Memtest does make them hotter but if I can hold the heatsink it's good. I don't have any other DDR3 - mentioned that in my post I'll see if I can find some cheap but I doubt that's the problem
  12. Been troubleshooting my server for the last two days and starting to get frustrated... Specs: Dual Xeon X5650 Hex Core Processor 12x2GB 2Rx8 DDR3 RDIMM Reg ECC Memory SuperMicro X8DTU-F BIOS Rev. 2.1c (latest as far as I can tell, even though it's from 2012) The system will post, then boot, then restart/power cycle a few minutes in - I can only get maybe 20 minutes of uptime maximum, then it bootloops/power cycles afterwards with no error beeps. Troubleshooting steps taken so far: Verify both CPUs work - yes, tested both in either socket Verify both Sockets work - yes, see above Verify both CPUs work together - yes, swapped between either as well. Both work in both sockets together. Verify memory work - NO, Memtest86 boots but never gets to finish Memory cont.: booting one CPU in socket 1, with a single stick of memory in slots 1a, 2a, and 3a - problem persists Booting one cpu in socket 2, with a single stick of memory in slots 1a, 2a, and 3a - problem persists Repeated the above with different CPU and different stick of RAM (out of 12, gone through 4 already) Everything shows up when it does boot, and for the duration that Memtest runs no problems occur. Windows boots, as does FreeNAS, but then the server will shutdown without warning. This is my only system with DDR3 or LGA1366, so my options are little limited. These 12 sticks of memory are also my entire stock. PSU is Corsair RM750i - 20pin and 2x8pin are connected. Only deviced connected are Logitech K400+ and 2GB flash drive housing Memtest, windows and FreeNAS drives are disconnected during testing. Board hotspots did not go above 50C Relevant Video, I apologize for shooting in portrait: Any thoughts?
  13. thing is this motherboard (f or not) is really common and so are dual x5600 systems so I'm kinda stumped as to what's happening. Beep code is also inconsistent and not in the manual either. I may just run memtest 86 for all the sticks and see, though I think that's kinda a stretch.
  14. I installed windows on it a few months ago and it showed 12c24t just fine Thing is it'll post once, then revert to power cycling. It's doing it right now with just one cpu in either socket so I'm back to trying RAM again.
  15. Budget board choices would be AsRock B450 Pro4 (matx or atx your pick, VRMs are the same) Higher end would be B450 Tomahawk, Prime X470 Pro, etc. See this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-ZwVuH_tinzgpsOdfMvYeCLI5ZbIpnq5fyiWD4NCkkU/edit#gid=229691480 and pick the best board you can afford I have a B450M Pro4 running a 2600X, VRMs are merely warm with a 1.42v core