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  1. bcwebster123

    Looking to upgrade my CPU and motherboard

    I've been looking around at different CPU/mobo combos, and wanted to ask if an R7 2700 is really worth the additional cost compared something like an R5 2600?
  2. bcwebster123

    Looking to upgrade my CPU and motherboard

    Yes! The case was one of the first things I changed because my first GPU upgrade didn't fit in the original case haha. Thank you for your help, firewrath! I'll look into all that. Think I'd have much luck selling the components? I feel like this isn't really stuff people would want. Would I have better luck selling all three together?
  3. bcwebster123

    Looking to upgrade my CPU and motherboard

    I'd like to keep it on the cheap side, so I was thinking about going Ryzen. Somewhere around $200-$300 for CPU and motherboard.
  4. Hey guys, I've been upgrading my pre-built Dell desktop piece by piece ever since I got it back in 2012. At this point the only thing remaining is the original i7-3770 and 16gb of 1600 MHz ram. I changed out the motherboard for some crappy Gigabyte mb, but I'm looking to upgrade my CPU, motherboard, and probably ram. Beyond that, I'm running a GTX 980ti. What would you all suggest? I don't stream or edit video, mostly just gaming. Thanks!