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  • CPU
    intel i3 4130
  • Motherboard
    gigabyte GA-Z97X-sli
  • RAM
    G.Skill 8GB (2x4GB) 1600Mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA GeForce GTX 750ti FTW (being RMAd)
  • Case
    Corsair 230T Orange
  • Storage
    Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SSD and WD 1TB Blue
  • PSU
    Corsair CX 600M
  • Cooling
    Corsair h55 CPU Cooler
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Vengeance K70
  • Mouse
    EVGA Torq X3
  • Sound
    Turtle beach X12
  • Operating System
    windows 10
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  1. This is the results I have been getting in minecraft using my green / blue screen
  2. im gona put it in my new computer if I win witch now running I3 4130
  3. I like the EDG 750watt psu because it looks nice and has the rubber on it to dampen vibrations!
  4. I LOVE your stuff Linus and + i need a new system so PLZ PICK ME!
  5. Me and dscliff built a computer out of parts from our personal rigs and some parts for my new rig and a motherboard that was given to us! Its an old msi g31tm-p21 motherboard and some spare parts and some parts that came out of our rigs that is our first pc build from scratch. Our personal rigs (that will soon be upgraded) are old dell optiplex 745s with small,cheep nvidia graphics cards in them (they're not even gtx) but they are only temperary and will do for now. Heres a picture of our first build from scratch.
  6. My fav. Thing about the z2 is that it has the custom linus tech tips skin on it and my fav. Thing about dbrand is that they sponserd the video and they make AWESOME skins for things!
  7. CAN I HAVE THEM PLZ! I NEED THEM FOR MY NEW BUILD! and + i fell in love with that GPU as soon as a seen it! :wub:
  8. When i get my new build bought/done im going to be using an EVGA GeForce GTX 750TI FTW Edition
  9. I just went out and bought a corsair 230T in orange to do a build in and I LOVE IT! It looks even better in person than it does on the internet and its really nice for its price! would defiantly recommend it to anyone!
  10. I just bought a corsair Graphite Series 230T in orange to start a new build and I LOVE IT! If it wasn't for Linus's review of it i probably wouldn't have bought it. THANKS LINUS!
  11. A while ago when i was shopping for a switch (A network switch not a light switch) i went to my fav. computer store at the time (Tech Sopt) and asked for a good switch. he gave me a tenda switch (Thew away the box and cant remember the model number) it was $40 for 5 ports. at the time i thought it was a reasonable price. (That was a few months ago) techspot is now closed for good. When i went to kw surplus (Junk store with electronics and paint ball stuff) i seen the same switch for $10 but it had 8 ports!!!! if you see a called tech spot NEVER SHOP THERE! (This is a good example why)
  12. I found a good cpu for my new build but i still need a good looking motherboard with LGA1150 socket and at least 2 PCI-E slots. I would also like it to be at max $150. Want it to look nice in the case that im using.
  13. I like the fact that it went to the top of a mountin and that it is signed by all my fav. Youtubers!!! If that dosent count than i like everything about it.