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About DEcobra11

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    The guy that doesn't like bacon
  • Birthday 1996-11-06

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    ahahaha what a joke
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    IDK what is this :(
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    I only have it for free games... so no chit chat
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  • Star Citizen
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    Only to comment on twitch
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    decobra11 (don't expect me to reply in hours, eh nope, weeks, maybe months... years?)
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    Not Telling
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    Duh... Spain
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    Studying at URJC (what do you think I was doing at my age :/?)


  • CPU
    Intel Core i5 6500
  • Motherboard
    MSI H110I Pro
  • RAM
    1x8 GB DDR4
  • GPU
  • Case
  • Storage
    Western digital WD10EZEX (00WN4A0)
  • PSU
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    BenQ GL2250
  • Cooling
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    Logitech Y-SAF76
  • Mouse
    Gigabyte M5050
  • Sound
    Compaq-JBL 387767-001
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate 64 bits / Windows 10 Pro 64 bits

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  1. 14/10/2013-7/8/2016

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SQZY98


      I guess he quit this forum

    3. RGProductions
    4. SQZY98


      Yeah...I didn't know him but he seemed like a very active member

  2. 4-6 weeks? That would a RMA requesting a repair. A replacement would take at most 1 week
  3. Peripherals\SATA Mode Check that stays at the value you set up before. If you didn't touch anything there when you built your system then there's nothing to check as it'll be the same value
  4. PS2 keyboard or not doesn't matter, it totally ignores it for MSI MBs, even on the manual it states that with fast boot enabled it's not possible to access BIOS. But yeah, software works, though I don't like MSI's, it took me 10 attemps to open it cause it wouldn't work or it'd crash. Also battery or clear CMOS jumper is totally going to work, as you reset BIOS setting to default values Just a note for the OP: don't forget to check SATA mode so it stays at desired settings.
  5. Yes, by default fast boot is disabled, personally I never enable it because MSI's app is a bit wonky
  6. If you can't use MSI's Fast Boot software in your OS then Clear CMOS
  7. DEcobra11

    is it good enough?

    You don't need a 850W PSU for an i5+single GPU For any of the GPUs mentioned in this thread (970, 1060, 480...) something like this would be more than enough
  8. DEcobra11


  9. DEcobra11

    How much would a IBM Netfinity 7100 be worth?

    17 years at most, most likely 14-15, but yeah almost nobody buy these things, that's the kind of stuff you give as a present when someone buys something else. If anything the drives or case might be sold first
  10. DEcobra11

    The tiniest fan ever !

    Dat gunk in your nails though...
  11. DEcobra11

    WTF ...

    You can add more 9s, 0,7% still a big number of members and if we talk about YT... I'd be surpised if so many people would know. Don't reply, it's nearly 6 AM and I can't sleep , just writting some crap
  12. DEcobra11

    Good 300W PSU

    Format? Why 300 W exactly :P? If ATX: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151148 Bulk unit, doesn't come with screws and cable
  13. Ah... how much of a pleasure is having a router that supports IP Binding.

    Keeping organized IPs is gud drug m8

    (also no more IP conflicts)