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    Amd fx 4300 clocked at 4.5ghz
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    A motherboard
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    Evga gtx 1050 it
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    Cooler master hyper evo 212
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  1. Thats wot they all sayXD
  2. I guess its one of those things where it just depends on you and your life style like me I have a switch, pc and PS4 but other people see the need in only pc so again I guess it just depends on u
  3. Only on hard drive but the virus could delete drivers and import stuff to stop your pc from working with other parts of it Ex ram
  4. Siri isn't on the iPhone it's on the cloud that's why it says Siri not available with not internet connection iPhone would have to be pretty powerful to run a advanced AI but I believe bixby is the best cuz I a android fan
  5. I bought a pre built then upgraded the gpu to a gtx 1050ti and a CPU cooler that runs overclocked at 4.6 I get 200 fps on high in cs and 100 in bo3
  6. If your using it unplugged the fps drops to save battery but if you use it plugged in then idk
  7. I turn off my computer by unplugging the power cord by accident and now when I turn it on it boots up but right before it goes to the log in screen I get just a blank black screen-_- btw I used windows 10
  8. Check in bios if quick boot up is on and that it's on in windows settings to maybe that might speed things up but if u want to go hardcore try a Ssd maybe?!?
  9. If I wanted to use a old hard drive in a new computer do I just backup everything to a USB drive and then delete everything on the old hard drive and then install windows 10 on the new system after putting in the old hard drive
  10. My bad I meant 7600k for i5
  11. Why wouldn't they wan put to support it specs are fine for want the games are plus have you seen the game list and this game list doesn't show games in the future cuz the switch hasn't been out that long and Nintendo consoles have a life span of 6 years https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nintendo_Switch_games
  12. I think switch I worth it because portable Zelda and more games will be in the switch soon the last game on the Wii U IS botw so I guess if you want to play old games plus no software updates and not new games then get a Wii U
  13. If you want your pc full of malware and the worst way to run it then be my guest
  14. Rip my bad it's late and night so I'm not reading right but still the switch is a great console
  15. Wot you said it has more storage for games yet the switch and Wii U have the same on board storage another thing wrong is how is there "content restrictions" on the switch there's no difference in the games besides graphics get your facts right plz. Plus you don't even have a switch so why should u get a say in it I believe when more games come out the switch will be great