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  1. Has anyone here used a headphone mixer such as the Behringer MicroAmp HA400 to split different output sources from a pc? I am wanting to plug in my headphones and speakers at the same time and be able to change output easily without having to unplug and plug in when i want to change.
  2. Nice one thanks, think i will do that then!!
  3. I currently have 1 ssd for boot and a hdd for storage and would like to add another ssd to my system. My current 120gb ssd has my os and essential programs and files on it, i would like to RAID 0 this with another 240gb ssd to improve the speeds. To do so would i have to wipe me C: drive and re install windows or can i create a raid with all data on it and it will be separated evenly asif they were always like that. Thanks
  4. for a full custom loop and 3 drives? also not a fan, to many people have it! just personal preferance
  5. This will be my first water cooling build, i currently have 2 970s and a 5690k all air cooled crammed into a s340. I want to put all these in a single loop but would still like space in my case to accommodate my 2x 3.5 inch hard drives and 1x 2.5 inch ssd. any case recommendations that would support enough radiator surface area to cool all this and also have space for all my storage. Thanks in advance
  6. do you want to play cs with me? and 3 others?
  7. Yo boys we are a bunch of scrubs looking for 1 more player, lowest is sliver 2 level all the way up to an AK2 smurfing,
  8. omg we have the same motherboard and type of ram to lol
  9. um and pcb design i think? or are they the same? no idea lol
  10. haha what 970 you have? might be something to do with my msi one
  11. ahh because of factory overclocking, i will set my setting to reference and get back to you!
  12. Thanks, i also read that online to! im looking around aswel
  13. nope:/ never got round to it!