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  1. Assuming carrier not to be an issue
  2. Hey guys! For a while now my Samsung has been slowing down; it was already a pretty low end model back when I got it, over two years ago. That said, I'm looking for a new phone, but I've yet to find a phone that suits my needs; I also can't seem to find a good website that allows me to look for the specs I want. I only really care about: Dual-SIM Good camera 4G (LTE) 5-6'' screen with decent resolution (>250ppi) 170-240 USD range Things I don't really care about: Storage (8GBs would be enough for me, not really a hoarder) Biometric sensors Removable battery Brand (as long as it's not excessively fishy ) Anyone have any suggestions (either a model or a specific website where I can look for what I want)?