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  1. TG, while great, is not a non-profit. Its made by the creator of vkontakte (CIS facebook) after his business, lets say, was aquired by the mail.ru group. At the moment monetisation is meager but they are aiming at releasing a coin to serve as a in-app currency, ive had an invitation to join early buy-in ~1,5 years ago, but the idea seems kinda meh. They were denied by the FTC a few months ago since their coin didnt comply to some standarts, now they are reworking it. To speak to Durovs integrity, they offered refunds at 0,7/1, i think, but almost none of the investors took it, so there is at least investor confidence. You will see telegram being a more agressive corporation in some time, after their coin fails/is only worth 50% of the estimate, since the time when it was a "revolutionary" idea is gone and fb, baidu and tencent are all making their own coins for in-app usage. Its kinda what happened to vk before mail.ru takeover, they were ramping up ad services and revamping their content policy, since at the time it had kinda the greatest collection of music and videos on the russia web, torrents aside. In the end they still needed to be profitable. Mail.ru aquisiton just made the process way faster, but Pavel Durov aint a saint, perhaps his brother is))
  2. im seriously tempted to throw away 1,5 grand for a cool toy...
  3. We need graphics cards with female pci-e and an external powerbrick for the most jank "modular" pc
  4. Drone delivery makes sense for time sensetive cargo considering congestion. In a while, perhaps when the route automation is at a level you need 1 operator per 10/20/30 drones, it will make alot more sense for anything that can be feasibly lifted and delivered by them since the cut on the fuel and personell costs would be immense (im basing this on electicity prices of Russia though with 3 tarification periods and power being dirt cheap for business at night)
  5. KFC dating app is next with coupons for chicken on the 1st date... KFC love hotels though... oh japan
  6. https://support.apple.com/irp-program So no more showing schematics on streams Seems qualifying for the programm is not that hard, other then this they want to review your business docs and you to be in the commercial zone
  7. He can always hire one or get one of his "goons" certified) The most interesting stuff is prolly in the agreement on how you are allowed to handle those parts, i.e only the certified technician is allowed to handle them in any way and Apple somehow has a way to find out and will persue penalties. Or they can always have excuberant prices for parts for their stores and do the magic accounting stuff.
  8. Unless there is a catch, its finally a celebration for Loius Rossmann
  9. All i want is for amd to make their own kaby lake g chip with hbm on board, goddamn that would be a sick APU. I think amd patented their own implementation of emib some time ago so 1 zen2 die, 40 navi CU and 16gb hbm2.... ah, what a dream. Makes me somewhat sad that there is no real market for that unless you sell it to chinese lol and dota maniacs
  10. Dunno, sounds great. Blockchain is a great tech, but bitcoin itself is kinda meh, its even more fiat then the current fiat currencies, dont want any of that
  11. Ah, finally some good news. You may laugh and call russian soft "untrustworthy", but then i wonder, who is trustworthy? And Russia has some of best software engeneers, and if Kruchev wasnt a fucken idiot, would have some of the best hardware engeneers
  12. Will there be a TR APU, perhaps next gen? i want that so bad
  13. Damn, i really love the switch, might even shill out for the "pro" version. Who gives a shit whats its made of? It could literally be made of shit and sticks and would still provide arguably the most fun games there are. edit: blaze it