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  1. Hello, I was thinking about inserting my a sim card into an Ipad air 2 to use on the go. I think the Ipad is wifi (no +cellular), does anyone know if this will work and what kind of sim it uses? Thanks.
  2. Hello, Nowadays, I am on the computer a lot more at work and school since a lot of work relates to modeling, CAD and the likes. I would like to know if anyone has any experience with blue light or "gaming" glasses and whether or not they worked for you. If possible please provide a link or name of the glasses so I (and perhaps others like me in the future) can do some research and find something that fits our needs and budgets. I don't have a laptop so f.lux all day isn't an option but I do have flux at home on my PC. At school I use their computers and I can't install f.lux on all of them. Any help is greatly appreciated
  3. 27in 1080p Dell monitor with Freesync for 110 USD
  4. Hello all, I was blessed this Black Friday and was fortunate enough to pick up a new 27in 1080p monitor. However, I would also like to use my old 20in 1024x768 monitor as a secondary display off to the side. I still need to get some adapters to convert my rx 580 outputs (3 displayports, 1 hdmi) in order to make this work as the old monitor only uses vga (new one uses vga and hdmi). I was wondering if anyone has any experience with a configuration like this or could provide some insight regarding the setup. Are there any softwares or anything I need to download? I would like the 27in to be my primary display. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello, As of right now, I have been experiencing somewhat inconsistent performance with my computer via wifi. Sometimes I could be in a game or discord and my ping will shoot up to 4000 ms or so the connection being so slow that I would straight up not be able to open a webpage. The router is in the living room and I am unable to bring it into mine. I do have a range extender in my room with an Ethernet out that I have to use for the printer (it is an older one without wifi capability). I was wondering if I could use a network switch to split the ethernet out into two ethernet connects, one for my computer and one for my printer. I have attached a picture of what the configuration I just mentioned. By chance, has anyone tried a configuration such as this? Does it worsen performance or latency or anything?
  6. Loved the ending. Growing up, X men were the superhero movies (prior to avengers era) so it was quite sad for me to send Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart play their parts one last time. The ending really hit a chord for me and made me think about the first I saw X2 (my first x-men movie).
  7. How can you have a ham sandwich without cheese lmao
  8. Didn't get to watch WAN show live. Excited though!
  9. The flames can change colors if you expose them to a salt
  10. Strange that the text saids "K70 RGB Platinum" while the picture is of a K96 Platinum
  11. No. I am am aware that it is not dead. I guess i mean more of dying/failing. I doubt that it is a service since it was was working fine the day before
  12. Hello all, Since Friday, my desktop has been running incredibly slow. It takes about 15 minutes to get to the home screen and 15 minutes to shut down. I have forced restarted (held down the power button) many times this past weekend. A few times, I have seen the message "failed to connect to a windows service" upon booting up. My desktop has been running incredibly slowly and I cannot do simple things such as viewing the web. Simple things such as going through folders on my desktop has been frustrating simply due to the time (It will take a very long time and stop responding while it loads). Does anyone know what might the cause be? Virus? Dead drive? Should I reformat? Should I factory reset? Thank you.