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  1. Ok thanks. That's kind of what I was gravitating towards just looking at newegg/amazon. What's the difference in the A8 vs the R8? Mostly lower noise?
  2. I will be keeping my "media" pc/nas in a closed cabinet about 20x20x16 inches. It's just a Linux running on an ancient phenom 2, so it doesn't need much, just to keep the air from getting stagnant. I threw an old 80mm fan on the back I had lying around but it's very loud and want something quieter. I'd like to keep it 80mm so I don't have to cut a new hole. Recommendations for a nice quiet fan that will move enough air?
  3. I recently got a PIA subscription (please refrain from comments on the service alone, I am learning it's quirks) and am installing the apps on all my devices. My TV is a Sony Bravia 4k (2015) running Android 7.0. After installing the app I'm running into a weird issue where the TV won't turn back on from being "off" (it's more similar to a sleep state where you just turn off your screen on your phone and press the button to wake it up). The power light comes on but screen remains blank for about 20 seconds, turns back off completely, then begins to reboot (and it's not a quick startup). The whole process can take over a minute which is a long time to wait every time I want to watch something. I leave the VPN always on because it's cumbersome to go to the app to turn off. Any guidance or suggestions?
  4. I've been trying to figure out a good weather proof case for outdoor cameras. I'm in Texas so it doesn't get very cold, but where I am it rains a lot and is also very humid. I settled on this pelican 1010 case drilling a hole for the power cable resealing with silicon. My concern is with overheating since there will be zero airflow and a fair bit of insulation with the rubber insert. Further the two IR lamps on the camera module I got put out a good little bit of heat. I haven't powered it up enclosed yet to test and check temps, but do I need to figure out a cooling solution of some sort? https://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-Case-Pelican-1010-Micro/dp/B001CCZF6E?keywords=pelican+1010&qid=1538359013&sr=8-3&ref=mp_s_a_1_3
  5. Wow guys, thanks for the different config recommendations. I'm pleasantly surprised that I could fit a hard disk in there too. Also the mouse and keyboard are just what I was thinking! Looks like in my price range I can either go Ryzen 3 + 1060, or Ryzen 5 + 1050... any thoughts on which would be preferable?
  6. I'm looking for help with this build both in what hardware to select as well as aesthetic design ideas. Location: USA Budget (system hardware only, not peripherals or OS): $550-$700 USD Display: I will get a single 1080p or 1440p 22-24" monitor Peripherals: Theme appropriate suggestions welcome but don't really need much help here. Definitely getting a mechanical keyboard though cause she likes the clicky! At the moment, the Sims 4 would probably be the most taxing thing she'll probably be doing with this. The rest will be general light productivity, internet, youtube, office suite, etc. She gets impatient with technology and computers so even though this won't be some gaming monster, I want it to feel snappy and responsive for normal tasks. I'm thinking about a Ryzen 3 or 5 (mostly because I want to do a Ryzen build as my own current system is a 6th gen Intel). I'm not really sure if the Sims is more GPU or CPU intensive. For the GPU, at 1080p I'm assuming a gtx 1060 would be sufficient, but it would be nice price wise if I could get away with a 1050. Maybe an RX 560 would work also? (looks like the 570s and 580s are still over priced cuz mining...) Ram I'm thinking 8 Gb(ish) depending on price, or 4 min and throw some more in down the road if the price ever goes down. She won't need much storage, so I'll probably start with a ~256 Gb SSD boot drive and add hard disk drives later if needed. Aesthetics-wise, my ideas at the moment are to start with a white case as the base, hopefully with a side window, and use the bright blue and green as a theme. These don't seem to be super popular hardware colors, so I'll use things like the fans and such to add the color, and maybe even paint some stuff. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and experiment a little. I also want to add some decals of our family as Sims either on the front or the right panel. That's as far as I have and it seems a tad underwhelming, so let me hear your ideas! I don't play the Sims really at all and I'm not super creative so I'm coming to you guys. Addition: I will also mention the park she likes most about Sims is the building aspect and designing house layouts and decorating them. If this could be incorporated in some way that'd be neat.
  7. I know it depends quite a bit on the game and the settings, but I routinely use 6+ GB vram with my 480 on 1080p. I haven't ran the same games with the same settings on a 4GB card so I'm not really sure if it's a case of "if you have it it'll use it" but the 8GB will certainly last longer. Especially if you ever upgrade your monitor.
  8. Yes.. I actually really wanted to go Ryzen but I didn't want to wait for the mobos to come down in price before building. Maybe when I build my wife a computer. Ok gotcha. Don't have any gta games yet. I'll have to get gta 5 at some point and see what it'll do.
  9. I just got a 6500 with an Rx480 for 1080p gaming and I've been very happy so far. I picked it because I didn't want to mess with overclocking and the cheaper b150 mobo and sticking with the stock cooler made the price advantage appealing. Couldn't find a used one but I didn't look very hard either. The only reason I didn't go with the 7500 was price; didn't need the extra speed or features. So far the rig has been able to handle everything I've thrown at it without flinching. Throwing out my own question too.. for a mid-range setup like this and at 1080p, are there going to actually be any games that would be bottlenecked by an i5?
  10. I thought the 8GB 480 I just got was going to be overkill, but I wanted it to be at least slightly usable for the next several years. Turns out it's a good thing I didn't go 4GB cause I fired up Shadow of Mordor and I've seen upwards of 7.1 VRAM used at 60 fps at all max settings. I'm sure it would still look fine at lower texture resolutions, but dammit I want to run everything on ultra if I can!
  11. Yes, yes I definitely appreciate this about him.
  12. Oh I agree, I don't think Intel really has anything to worry about. I think Linus was just disappointed at how lazy of a response this was from Intel. Though you make a good point there right at the end about the internet (shall we say, the general populace?) placing importance in meaninglessness, and I think Intel knows this, which is probably exactly what the whole i9 etc launch was about. Because there would be a lot of people saying things like "Threadripper?! Damn Intel, and you just going to take that??" so they hastily launch a lazy retort. I will fully admit I'm sadly misinformed about... well nearly everything, but this is just what the whole thing seems like to me at this point.
  13. BGR took notice of Linus's rant about the i9 and X299 chipset. "For such a big player to break from the script and annoy the biggest processor company on earth isn’t a common occurrence, so more than ever it’s worth taking note." The author makes an interesting point that Linus wasn't afraid to tell it like it is (though really, when has he ever?). http://bgr.com/2017/06/05/intel-core-i9-preview-linus-tech-tips-not-happy/