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  1. damn, it was this, why would my BIOS change that? i didn't touch anything
  2. So basically the title, 1 month ago with nothing changed in my PC, no bios, no hardware upgrade, maybe windows updated idk, i tried reinstalling drivers (i don't think it should matter right?), it doesn't work And i don't want to try disabling the iGpu in bios because i will need to clear cmos if i can't access anymore I'm using the display port of my gtx 1080 ti, tried the HDMI, doesn't work, i can only get signal in bios with the hdmi connected to the motherboard I have no other problem related to my graphics card I don't think it matters but this is my monitor: ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q cpu: i7 7700k motherboard: asus z270e strix (bios updated)
  3. Ivan Salas

    2070 Super 1440p?

    the 2070 super will probably be fine but wait if you can
  4. Ivan Salas

    2070 Super 1440p?

    It depends of the game and settings, I would say "no" most of the time, above 60 sure, probably I play at 1440p with a 1080ti
  5. Ivan Salas


  6. Ivan Salas

    Recorded video showing washed out colors

    yeah, i get a better video using OBS, but still doesn't look the same, i just tested something and discovered that nvidia share is recording in "limited range" instead of full, and apparently there is nothing i can do, because the 2 settings in nvidia panel are set in Full already... i mostly want to use nvidia cause it has the instant replay, is more useful than recording 2 hours of gameplay
  7. Ivan Salas

    Recorded video showing washed out colors

    i tried, when i said 16 to 0 i meant the 0-255 or 16-255, is not OBS, is not geforce, there is some data lossing, any software that tries to record a video fails
  8. I'm using OBS and Nvidia GeforceExp. The problem is that every time i record my games the colors are washed out, i can play without problem, but the video that i get is the problem, i can take screenshots with Geforce or steam or windows, with good colors, but i can't record videos... I tried every config in OBS or Geforce, i tried changing the range 16 to 0, i didn't have this problem when i was recording in my 1080p 60hz monitor with hdmi, now im using an asus pg279q (2k 165hz g sync ips) with display port OR hdmi at 60 hz or 165hz, same result, i don't get the colors, even if i lower the resolution to 1080p, i'm not testing my old monitor again because i'm sure is going to work just fine, i reinstalled windows 10 last week, this problem i have since i changed the monitor 1 month ago. attached an example
  9. Ivan Salas

    Asus PG279Q Monitor

    yeah i think 150hz is enough for me, i preffer to keep my colors
  10. Ivan Salas

    Asus PG279Q Monitor

    I got the monitor today, i have a little of back bleeding as expected, is not crazy like some cases, but i'm wondering if there is a way to make it disappear a little more, i readed that some people loosen up some screws and that helped but i can already see that this monitor only has 1, and btw im using it at 150hz instead of 144, i'm not sure if i should use 165, i don't know how much that would affect the life span of the monitor, i'm playing safe edited: i can only notice the back bleeding when is booting the computer or i open full screen black in paint
  11. my motherboard is an asus ROG STRIX Z270E and i have it since last year, i recently change of PSU, upgrading from 600w to 750w, since i change my PSU my PC does not boot the first time (it turns off by itself), but if i try again it does, i noticed that after the ROG logo loads the PC shuts down, the second time works fine, full load for hours, i can keep the PC power for days, no problem there, but if i shut it down the PC shuts down after the ROG logo loads, if i reboot there is no problem, only when is turn off, i got a PSU from a friend 650w, brand new, he told me to use it for test if the problem really was my PSU, same problem, the same thing happens. i tried using both PSU in different combinations, nothing works, so i concluded that the problem has to be the motherboard, i hope someone could help me find out how this happen and if i can fix it, i already updated the BIOS 2 times, didnt help more info: 2 SSD 1 hard drive 1 M.2 GTX 1080 EVGA FTW2 i7 7700 (non k) 16GB RAM DDR4 PSU1: corsair tx750m PSU2: evga 650
  12. Ivan Salas


    for what i have seen, it should just boot if i unplug the other drive
  13. Ivan Salas


    i clonned my drive with Macrium Reflect, now what? i cant boot it yet
  14. Ivan Salas


    rebooted, now it works
  15. Ivan Salas


    nothing at all