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  • Birthday 2001-10-04

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    Nice try, NSA.
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    Keyboards and trying really hard to lucid dream.
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    I play teh vidya gaem.
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    Student, wai?


  • CPU
    i5 4960k or something, idc.
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7
  • RAM
    8 GB
  • GPU
    GeForce GTX 970
  • Storage
    4 TB HDD & 120 GB SSD.
  • Display(s)
    BenQ 1080p (getting 4k next year when i get another 970)
  • Cooling
    Generic heatsync
  • Keyboard
    Heavily Modified K65
  • Mouse
    Razer Mamba
  • Sound
    Some generic $25 headphone set.
  • Operating System
    Windows 7
  1. Aah, I didn't. Sorry if I sounded rude, I was just annoyed at the woosh.
  2. You all need to get a sense of humor. Nobody is this stupid, of course the Hippocrates thing was intentional. Firstly, his name was capitalized and I said "is Hippocrate" not "is *a* Hippocrate". Why you would assume someone with as decent grammar as mine to write something that stupid, is a question I don't even want you all to answer.
  3. "Who cares, it's just a keyboard". Also, my friend made fun of me for spending AED 6500 on a computer. His glasses broke, so I said "dude why you so stressed?" They were AED 7000. My friend is Hippocrates. EDIT: Looks like some people have no sense of humor. No, my friend is not hypocritical, he is an ancient greek physician.
  4. I'm hanging out at the Warhammer club when my friend, Matt, is peering over at his brother, who's on the computer. He accidentally freudian types "virus" because I'm freaking out about my microbes test. I ask him if he still plays Team Fortress 2. Matt spins around and says "No, I have a virus." I am laughing because he probably said this due to my test and is just trolling, but he's like "No, my virus ate away all of my graphic chip." Plz.
  5. Well, his gem happened to me during Personal Social Health Education day at my school, a year ago. We had cards with famous people on it. We got to pick two of them. I picked Flea and Linus Torvalds (not you, Linus. Sorry.) Mine: - Linus Torvalds (nobody knows who he is) - Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers guy, nobody knows who he is) - Some sports people that get paid for advertising energy drinks. - Clint Eastwood (nobody knows who he is) So we had to describe them using yes/no answers and we were allowed a hint. My hint for Clint Eastwood? "Famous Western-film hero". I did for Flea "most well known member of the Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers. Someone got all the sports people, my friend got Flea, because I introduced him to good music like the Butthole Surfers, Nirvana, RHCP etc. Okay, so that's all good. This other girl, it was her turn. C will represent me, as always in my stories. Her: This person is famous in technology. He invented the computer. Despite being moderately tech literate, still not versed in technology, I go on to ask: C: Is it a boy or a girl? Her: A boy. So I think a bit more. I'm thinking of Alan Turing and ENIAC, but I can't remember the guy's names. I remember Presper something, so I ask "Is his first name Presper?" Her: No. C: (remembering at this point) JOHN MATUSZA- er, MAUCHLY! Her: Never heard of them! Then it friggin strikes me: This girl is stupid as hell when it comes to technology! How would she even know about ENIAC, let alone Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. So I ask her for another hint. She goes again. Her: The person also invented the web. C: You're retarded. Her: Forget the entire computer part. C: Tim Berners-Lee! Her: Nao. C: Timothy Berners-Lee! Her: No. C: Timothy Lee-Berners? (maybe I got it wrong) Her: No. C: Tim Lee-Berners? Her: No. C: Lee-Tim Berners? Her: OKAY I DAMN GIVE UP! Stop, no his name is not Berners or Lee or anything. C: Tim? I'm pulling her leg at this point, because I know she has it wrong. Then I realize, maybe she means internet, not web. C: Rob Kane? Her: No. C: Bob Kane? Oh sorry, it was KAHN! Her: No. C: Vint Surfer? Her: No. C: The Butthole Surfers, no wait, I GOT IT! C: (This is my chance to mock democrats) AL GORE! Her: He invented the internet and the first computer. C: Okay, who. Her:
  6. This post on reddit titled "CPU". CPU =/= Computer. http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/2z3bed/cpu/
  7. 1. That's not what being colorblind is, colorblind is when two different shades of a color look the same to a person. 2. How much does a Color TI 84 cost in USD?
  8. Ouch... typing on greens? Did you have to do finger pressups and that?
  9. Honestly does it matter? At school they say that cursive is really important for your personality. Honestly I don't subscribe to that belief, but I just have to okay? It doesn't and shouldn't matter for this question. How helpful. I absolutely love your answer. I asked basically what it was that made people prefer not to use reds for typing when you answered "Preference".
  10. I mean, I was just wondering. How are they, and namely what is it that people don't like about them? I don't like tactile feedback too much for gaming and I currently own a Khail switch Razer Blackwidow. I much prefer my friend's reds for gaming, but I've not had a chance typing on them. I type quite rarely, because I much prefer writing (plus my cursive has to really improve) on paper. But I am beginning to learn HTML and some Javascript, so what is it about these Red switches people hate so much for typing? I like the cushioned feel of rubber domes but DETEST having to bottom out.
  11. Well sometimes people use memory to say long term memory, when us techies use it to say short term memory AKA RAM and say storage for long term memory. Basically it's much simpler to say RAM and storage so they don't get confused, whereas we know often which one just purely based on price or practicality.
  12. I really don't know, but I advise against it either way. Just print off a sheet of paper and look at that if you get stuck. Also, it is likely that the keys are different types on each row and maybe on each key if you have a super ergo one.
  13. How is that even legal? Where do you live? And WHAT THE HELL WAS THE SCHOOL'S REASONING BEHIND THAT?
  14. What I actually do- What people think I am: What I actually am: