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  1. Vertifai

    Laptop HDD

    All laptops use 2,5" HDD's (this info is true for both SSDs and HDDs), but the thickness of a 2,5" HDD can be ether 7mm, 9,5mm or 15mm in special cases* Before upgrading/replacing/adding a hard drive to a laptop, it is worth keeping in mind, that most laptops only support 1 HDD or SDD, some (mostly larger 17" laptops) can support multiple HDDs, but if you do not know whether or no your laptop supports multiple HDDs, then it is most likely that it will only accommodate one. Laptops that will fit 7mm HDDs: Basically any laptop with an space for a hard drive (including thin/ultrabooks with hard drive support) Laptops that will fit 9,5mm HDDs: Most laptops from $300 cheapish to expensive gaming laptops Laptops that will fit 15mm HDDs: Non (basically) 15mm thick HDDs are only used in external enclosures, and even there they are fading i popularity Chances are that a standard 2,5" 9,5mm hard drive of your desired capacity and brand will do the job fine.
  2. Thanks to Darrin Lynch for joining us today.
  3. This forum thread is cleanly about technology. And as we all know magnets are magic!
  4. Vertifai

    TV Tuner Card

    Sorry I got confused on what you meant... I would not bother to move the topic based on what you question is about. (I got confused my fault) First of: GPU / Graphics card = You 560TI = What displays an image on you monitor(s) TV tuner = Device that allows you to see cable, or over-the-air broadcast television on your computer. So you are getting a new monitor and you want to use your old Dell monitor and your new monitor at the same time, and watch TV on the old Dell monitor. While doing something other on the new monitor? So you need a TV tuner card! Great! what kind of TV tuner does you need? That depends on what kind of television you recive and were you live: Cable or over-the-air broadcast television? Were do you live? (different standards in different counties) When watching TV on a normal televisions, do you then need a box or card that you rent or bought from the company you get your TV service from? I would consider this and the ask in the Home theater section something like this (Just an example): Hello! I need help deciding on what TV tuner I should get. I get my television service from stupid Comcast and I have to use a special box to revive the signal on my TV... What TV tuner can I get that are going to work so that I can watch TV on my PC I do not know that much about TV tuners myself, since i only have an ageing analog Hauppauge WinTV tuner that I use to digitalize VHS tapes. (Also. You 144Hz monitor are still going to be limited to 60Hz because of you GPU. You may just want to disregard this ATM and focus on it later when your able to watch TV on your PC)
  5. Vertifai

    My Dad lost all his Contacts on his Phone

    Is there any setting to select where or not to view contacts from the phone memory or the SIM card? (There is on most of the phones I have used)
  6. Vertifai

    Buying new headphones.

    If the ear cups on the WS77 are any smaller than the ATH-M50 then they would be way to small for my ears! (Small head, but huge ears...)
  7. Vertifai

    TV Tuner Card

    You may want to move the topic to the graphics cards section of the forum. So the way I understands it: You have a PC with a GTX 560TI. You are getting a 144Hz monitor. You want to use you old Dell monitor and your new 144Hz monitor in a dual screen setup Ok... Your 560TI is actually fast enough if you do not need all the settings on max. (just generalizing) Problem however: Nvidia does not support different refresh-rates on different monitors in a multi screen setup If you run dual monitor, because your Dell monitor is only capable of 60Hz... Your 144Hz monitor will be limited to 60Hz!!! If I remember right. AMD GPUs does not have this issue, and can have different refresh rates on multiple monitors. (Though i would recommend asking someone else if AMD GPUs can drive different monitors at different refresh-rates ) If you mostly do productivity stuff, and only game sometimes. You could just disconnect the Dell monitor, but not a perfect solution
  8. Vertifai

    Idiotic RAM question

    The other stick might work. But are you able to RMA just the one faulty stick, or do you need to mail back both sticks? I am not sure
  9. Vertifai

    All USB Devices stop working on Windows 7 Boot Up

    Did you uninstall the GPU driver using the updater itself of manually before you installed the new driver? If you manually uninstalled it did you then remember to do it in safe mode? Try entering safe mode to see if anything works (press F8 after BIOS but before windows boots up. Or just smash the F8 button)
  10. Vertifai

    Linus Edition Fans Any time soon?

    Screw that! I want Slick Edition fans!
  11. Vertifai

    Radeon 7770, Multiple monitors

    If the mini DP port is labelled as DisplayPort++ then you do not need an active adaptor.
  12. Vertifai

    ZX Spectrum coming back :))

    Most keyboards target at the tablet / iPad market are not that great to begin with. Can not see how a rubber button keyboard is going to help...
  13. Vertifai

    My 550ti is better than my R9 270?

    Another silly question: Have you tried deleting the .minecraft folder? (Remember to backup the save games)?
  14. Vertifai

    My 550ti is better than my R9 270?

    Silly question: Do you have 64 bit Java installed?
  15. Vertifai

    Increase in FPS using TV?

    LoL No buddy spotted the obvious? I think it is some kind of switchable garhpics. When you are playing games on the laptop it is using the integrated Intel HD graphics, and when you hook up your TV Nvidia control panel or Nvidia optimus / what ever enabels the GPU. This also seams to fit with the ~3x performance increase from Intel HD3000 -> Nvidia 525M