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    Ryzen 5 1600x
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    20GB DDR4
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    8gb RX 580
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    Corsair Carbide Series 100R Mid Tower
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    500GB SSD 1TB HDD
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    Thermaltake SMART 600W
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    Corsair H60 AIO

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  1. I want to make my own desk with the pc built inside of it as a project for this summer. I was wondering if there was a website or store that sold the front IO like whats found on PC cases. So like power button, audio jacks, usb 3, etc. I have found some front hubs on US amazon but it seems to be very limited. The other option is that I'm currently using a MasterBox Q300L which actually has a removable front io, but it pretty bare with just 2 usb ports, power, and audio. Also if you have any other tips for building a desk I plan on making it like all the other ones with a big boy glass pane, its actually going to be a glass shower door because i've got connections meaning i know someone who works in the bathroom renovation and can get them free. I plan on air cooling everything besides my cpu which I already have an aio for. I'll make sure its roomy though so when I want I can put a custom loop in there. I'm still deciding if I want it to look like the one LTT did back in 2016 or if its going to just be a solid square.
  2. you can use something like this https://www.amazon.com/Controller-Support-Computer-Connect-Remote/dp/B07D2XZVV3/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=rgb+sata+controller&qid=1590380655&sr=8-1 It connects to a sata port from your power supply and controls the rgb with a physical controller.
  3. Most affordable would be to get a USB wifi dongle off amazon for $10. You'd have to look into what would be the best one for you though, for example speeds and if you want dual or single band. But for 150mb/s single 2.5ghz band this seems good https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-wireless-network-Adapter-SoftAP/dp/B008IFXQFU/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=wifi+usb&qid=1590181522&sr=8-5
  4. I would definitely say its the parent's responsibility. Don't give your child your credit card and you won't have a problem. If you buy a thing for them online make sure to not save your payment info. If the kid steals the credit card from their parents they have a lot more important things to deal with, with teaching their child not to steal.
  5. Corsair makes good ones but they are expensive af for fans, $130 usd https://www.amazon.com/Corsair-LL120-120mm-Light-Lighting/dp/B075VGN4M1/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=rgb+fans&qid=1589929168&sr=8-2
  6. Currently I have Corsair hs70 but its not connecting to the dongle so they aren't working. I've contacted support but they're taking ages, which in fair they said it would take longer during this time. But in the mean time I don't have any audio. So I'm looking for a new pair of headphones around the 100 to 150 USD mark. Wireless is preferred and either no mic or a retractable one because I use a stand alone for that. I was looking at the Razer Nari (either the normal ones or the ultimate) but I've seen conflicting reviews however, YouTube people are saying theyre great but them forum people are saying they either suck or are just okay. I also looked around at stuff like top 10 headphones but they either seem to be super budget $50 ones or expensive $250 ones or earbuds which for some reason they include on the lists. I don't really know what makes a pair of headphones better than another. I just use them for my computer, so games, music, videos, other normal computer stuff. What headphones are you using? What would you recommend?
  7. Honestly have no idea what the different panels are. I don't do any professional color work, I'm just trying to watch some movies
  8. I want to be able to watch 4k content off my computer as a second monitor. I was looking at a 4K monitor or TV, because I don't plan on gaming on it so I don't need that 1ms response time or 100 fps, just something that is 4k. However all the 4K tvs I find are all like 40 inch and thats a bit too big to put on my desk, and all the 4k monitors are all expensive. Are there any small 4k tvs (~25inch)? or maybe just a cheap 4k monitor?
  9. My wireless HS70 just stopped connecting out of the blue. I thought the battery died so I plugged it in and usually the voice will say "battery charging" but it didn't say anything. When I turn the headset on and off it still makes the normal beeps but there's no voice saying "power on" like it did before. Icue isn't saying the device is connected either. I tried reinstalling the audio drivers, trying different USB ports for the wireless dongle and charger, and tried reinstalling Icue and nothing seems to make it connect.
  10. I'm not sure if you burned the card but I do know your card recommends a minimum psu of 600W
  11. lol its all good. I know the temps weren't that bad to begin with but really I was bored and anything I can do to improve my pc i'll do. The good news is the fans aren't "exposed" so to say because of the mesh filter that goes on the front panel, and I have it sit on my desk and my dog isn't able to jump that high, well really jump at all.
  12. Alright so i've got the Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L TUF mATX and was getting higher temps than I was okay with (like high 70s). So I thought my aio was just bad but then my boys @Semper and @Corsair Nick on my other post said it was just garbo airflow and linked a Gamer Nexus video on how to fix it. Steve decided to drill bigger holes but I wanted to go a bit of a cleaner way so I took a dremel to the face. The whole process was pretty painless. I took everything out of the case including the front io (good thing it super simple because of the option to move it around). If you're going to try and re create this you need to make sure everything is out, you don't want any metal shavings to get onto the components. To outline the hole I was going to cut I just put the two front fans and outline it with some yellow chalk. Then I just took a hand dremel with some sort of spiny bit and went at it. Sparks flew like to lovers sharing their first kiss at the county fair. After getting them out I put some stone sandy bit on it to smooth out the edges so I didn't cut myself on accident. Make sure you hit that baby with an air compressor to get out any metal shavings. So now there are two fan sized holes in the front of my case that are as smooth as a baby's butt. But now the big question. What are the temps? I have the same fan setup and fan curves and I'm proud to say... they have gotten cooler. CPU is now maxing at 60C instead of the normal 70ish. The GPU has also gotten better maxing at 64C instead of high 70s to low 80s. Overall I'm seeing about a 10 degree improvement. Surprisingly the case hasn't really lost any structural integrity its still pretty solid. I would say if you have this case go ahead and cut that baby up like a butcher. I did this in a couple hours and it was my first time using a dremel but I think it came out pretty well. Imgur gallery with before and after: https://imgur.com/a/dekBNqu
  13. moving the radiator to the front gives me idles about 45 - 50 with random peaks up to 57ish and going back down. I tested a few games on normal settings max fps setting at 144 and put together a fancy little table but I don't know how to put a table on this form so its not fancy. This is with the 1600x maxing to 4.01Ghz and 5.31V Average cpu temps Overwatch: 67 Apex: 69 Fallout76: a cool 53 So it looks like putting it up front helped a lot for temps but at the expense of my gpu temp, with it hitting 78C in Overwatch and Apex. The rgb fans are from the MasterBox Lite 5 RGB, model number DF1202512RFMN. I'm not able to find coolermaster selling them by themselves though. The pump is also plugged into the cpu fan header on my mobo (ASUS TUF B450M Plus Gaming) and its always set to 100%
  14. It from back in 2017, square block with no lights. Model number from Amazon is CW-9060007-WW. I've got that original grey fan as well as a rgb fan that came off from my old cooler master case. To cut down on idle noise I have the corsair fan always going but the rgb ones stop until it hits 50C. I made a high quality render to show it. I just moved the pump from the back to the front to see the difference because I watched a bitwit video that said front intake is better. I was also looking at the Artic Freezer 2 and the Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E for 240 mm options.
  15. temps will sometimes go up to 80 81, I know that still isn't considered bad but my pc sits right next to me on my desk so its more of trying to get the temps down to keep the fan noise down.