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  1. X58 is nice. But if you really want some socket 1366 fun go with 5520 chipset. Dual xeon is lots of fun!
  2. I already died a little inside when I saw this same ram kit now goes for $300 less than I paid for it in late 2017. Price fixing arseholes. Where's my class action lawsuit. Lol
  3. So very close. It's a Dell XPS M2010. Stock photo until I get all the peices put back together. Currently waiting on HDD caddies, 2x SSD, 4GB Ram kit, CMOS battery, top cover for the optical drive (hinge point broken for the motorized lift mech), and a new AC adapter (requires 150W, the 90W I have locks the CPU at 1Ghz). Things I'd like to find if anyone knows a source: The original mouse that shipped with it A reputable company that can rebuild the battery pack Replacement back cover for the screen (soft touch is starting to get sticky)
  4. I know how you feel. My daughter was born the same year XP was released, now she's old enough to vote.
  5. Especially if they have the good glowing phosphors that warm my soul.
  6. I understand that completely. But why not take the time to put the empty caddy back? They can be areal pain to find replacements sometimes.
  7. The whole machine is weird. It also has a Core 2 Duo T7600 @ 2.33 Ghz. It originally shipped with 2gb DDR2-667 in dual channel and two 100gb HDDs in RAID 0. Both the RAM and HDD had been removed. I was able to find one stick in my rummage pile for testing and everything seems to work so far. I did have to order HDD caddies. Why do people throw these out??
  8. I have been looking for a way to get into late 90's early 2000's retro computing but didn't want to have another huge desktop system. Trying to find the perfect laptop has been a chore but I think I succeeded today. $40 and 3 hours at a State auction and I have this beauty. Anyone guess what it is? I'll give you a hint. Under the heat sink on the right is this... ATI Radeon Mobility X1800
  9. If they do this without bringing back quad sli I will riot.
  10. But I have room for more cards. They wouldn't put the slots there of they didn't want me to use them.
  11. You aren't the only one. I'd love to find me another 1080 ti or two. But the wallet 'tis thin.
  12. I have a Riva TNT 2 floatin' around. Would you take that in trade?
  13. I went ahead and fired my rig up yesterday. 2.2M today. Hopefully I can maintain or increase that number. Still at stock clocks, I may overclock before too long. I have room for two more cards if anyone wants to donate!
  14. The only 32:9 monitors available at 1080 are VA panels. If you really need IPS you're going to have to spring for the 5120x1440 displays from the usual scumbags. Samsung, LG, Dell, etc. They aren't hard to find just pricey. Expect to pay at leat $1200 USD.
  15. Congratulations to all the winners! I look forward to the next LTT Folding event.
  16. That's definitely a priority. Nobody will hold that against you.
  17. So in your opinion, should I stay on beta or remove the beta flags and just run normal?
  18. Any ideas when we might see better WU's? Kinda sad I can't break 2M PPD with my 1080ti's.
  19. Surprisingly my spot hasn't changed either. Can't believe I'm down 39% from yesterday. These WU's are awful.
  20. I know you guys were having issues with WU 11733 but my cards loved it. Now I've lost 500K PPD running 14176 and 300K PPD on 14167. This does not bode well for my top ten spot. Edit: I have also dropped 10c on my cards so it doesn't seem these WU's are pushing them nearly as hard.