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  1. I'll be doing heavy photo editing and virtual machines. Sometimes there are games running in the background. I currently have 32gb and I'm running out from time to time.
  2. Hey. What is a good set of ram for my 3900x? I need 64 gb of it and I have been thinking about 3200 MHz cl16 kit from Corsair. My motherboard is msi x570 pro carbon wifi. It probably should be 4x16gb since 32gb sticks are hard to find and/or are expensive. The ram can have RGB and if it's white or silver that would be great. Sorry not going if to link anything here because I'm using my phone to write this.
  3. Not my project, but this came to my mind right when I saw the video. It is test bench made from single old PC case. Project is in finnish, but pictures and google translate should help to understand. http://murobbs.muropaketti.com/threads/tornikotelon-ghettomodaus-testipenkiksi.1250832/