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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from Firewrath9 in GTX 1080 Strix idle temps   
    Normal and at those temps you will die of old age before the GPU dies of heat failure.
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    Snipergod87 reacted to firelighter487 in IBM Made a CPU PCI-E Expansion Card??!?!!   
    i haven't looked into it, but it being for an ibm server it's probably proprietary. IBM love proprietary. 
    i have some old ibm rackmount servers from like 2006, and they have 2 socket's, but you have to buy the second VRM in expansion card form. 
    i didn't know that until i found out when it wouldn't boot with dual-cpu's installed. 
    but yeah in all seriousness, it's cool tech but they probably did this:
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    Snipergod87 reacted to CUDAcores89 in IBM Made a CPU PCI-E Expansion Card??!?!!   
    Yep, these are quite common in the server market. Having a CPU on an expansion card that plugs into some sort of slot, (in this case a PCIe slot), is an easy way for server manufacturers to lower the BOM cost while still allowing for expanansion later on.
    I can't be bothered to look for it, but at one point I found a Pentium 4 PC on a PCI express card that looked like it went into a mainframe PC. The pictures are somewhere on the LTT forums under my posts.
    However do note that just because it's a PCIe x16 slot, doesn't mean it will actually work if you decide to throw it in any old PCIe slot on a motherboard. The server manufacturers often just take a pre-existing connector (in this case a PCIe slot) and adapt the pins to their needs like routing intels QPI through a PCIe connector instead of through something proprietary.
  4. Informative
    Snipergod87 got a reaction from Turtle Rig in Will a 21:9 monitor give black borders on the sides ?   
    Yes you will get black bars on all 16:9 content, most movies are ~21:9.
    I think Non native resolution it will stretch it out to fit typically if it is full screened, unless it is a really really really old game.  If i remember correctly.
    You can test this with your current display by running a game at non native resolution
  5. Informative
    Snipergod87 got a reaction from Kalm_Traveler1 in Windows Updates for home network - is WSUS + regmod each PC the best way?   
    A steam cache server can do it AFAIK, and Windows will automatically share the updates over the network if allowed to.
    I advise against WSUS for a small setup as the sheer amount of disk space it needs its tremendous, some patch tuesdays our work WSUS server would try and download 1.3TB of patches, no joke.
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from PrinceNorris in Question on splitting ethernet connections   
    You can use your existing router if it supports this functionality (Most do but some cheap end ones dont), you would also not use the "internet" port on the extra router, but plug it into one of the LAN ports, you would need to configure the router to not act as a gateway but as a switch.
    Look though this, ignore the part about a crossover cable tho, those arent needed https://www.wikihow.tech/Use-a-Router-As-a-Switchhttps://www.wikihow.tech/Use-a-Router-As-a-Switch
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from Gorgoroth in Bought WD Red   
    Shouldn't be an issue really, there might be a restocking fee though.
    I have been running WD RED drives for years, out of 14 drives, 1 failed after 3+ years of 24/7 use.  Most of them are in my NAS, two of them are in my server, which serves up multimedia content over the network.  Been extremely reliable.
    Also IIRC the Blues have a much shorter warranty than the RED's as well.
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from Gorgoroth in Bought WD Red   
    Its firmware is tuned for NAS environments but will work fine in a desktop
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    Snipergod87 reacted to Lurick in [Help] How do I block anonymous/unknown callers on Android 9 ?   
    You can turn on the options under:
    Under Phone > Settings > Caller ID & Spam
    Should be two options, turn them on
    Depending on your phone provider they can offer the option to block anonymous and unknown callers as well so they won't eve hit your phone.
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from BenBart03 in iPhone Samsung Text Messaging   
    You would send a normal text message, iMessage is IOS only.  Messaging isn't any easier or harder with normal texting, its the same.
    The same as an iPhone user being able to call an android user or anybody else.
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from Firewrath9 in In-wall ethernet wiring   
    Going to want a crimper, a decent one there are alota crappy ones, and some RJ45 termination blocks to connect to the switch at the other end if the cable is not going into a punch down block.
    Probably a cheap tool just to check connectivity of each individual wire as well make sure the connections are good.
    Going to want ethernet keystone jacks in the 3 different rooms to run the wires to as well as well as their face plates.
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from Buc221 in What are the best settings for OBS recording?   
    h265 has best quality but more cpu cycles h and x 264 imo are interchangeable
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from chuckM in Upgrade from a 7700k to the upcoming RYZEN 3000 series   
    Wait until we get product reviews and it is launched.
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from PrinceNorris in XBOX 360 discs not working   
    You can probably find a used xbox 360 dvd drive online and just replace it.  Its a really simple operation, if indeed the laser is bad.
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from fantasia. in Solutions to develop future processors for CS:GO and onward   
    You're never going to get a processor designed for FPS gaming, market isnt there for the R&D.  Also what if one CPU was good as CS:GO and was trash at say fortnight, very few people would buy it.
    As it currently stands Intel has the lead in performance in titles where games are CPU bound like CS:GO.
    Instead of trying to get a custom processor its far easier to try and get software companies to optimize there games.
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from lieder1987 in is there a way to connect a dvd/ bluray carousel to a pc to use as data storage, even if it was read only?   
    Not unless the device was intended to be hooked up to a computer via a USB port or something of the sort.
    The carousel would also need to be blueray compatible, many I have seen over the years are CD only as it was meant for a music library.
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from unijab in Need Advice for Networking Solution   
    Any thing storying PHI or CC info you really want someone there who knows what they are doing no offense.
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    Snipergod87 reacted to emosun in Program for mounting iso's on windows 10   
    i was gonna say i though windows 10 already mounts iso images
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    Snipergod87 reacted to Mira Yurizaki in Program for mounting iso's on windows 10   
    Windows 10 has native ability to mount ISOs: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-mount-or-unmount-iso-images-windows-10
  20. Funny
    Snipergod87 got a reaction from paddy-stone in Server Names   
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    Snipergod87 reacted to micash41 in Floatplane: Add a buffer between top of video and search bar.   
    Every time that I watch a video on Floatplane I naturally will scroll my mouse wheel up. This is because as I am looking at the video player it appears as though the video may be getting cutoff. I know that I am not actually losing any image but its a weird look IMO to have the top of the video player directly against the search bar. Maybe consider adding just a few pixels of buffer to ease my insanity. I made used dev options to see what it would look like with 5px between the video and search bar and I think it is much better looking, but you could get away with even less. First image is with buffer (my version) , second image is without buffer(current version)

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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from SlothPaladin in PCIe lanes, juggling GPU, raid cards and other PCIe devices   
    m.2 NVME ssd's will also use PCI-express lanes.
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from fasauceome in GPU socket instead of PCI-E slots   
    People have brought this up alot in the past, memory in your PC is exponentially slower than VRAM, so using the same memory on a GPU would hugely impact performance.  I would have to be a different type of memory which would probably be expensive due to lack of demand.
    There are other concerns as well like compatibility, physically fitting the modules etc.
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    Snipergod87 got a reaction from WoodenMarker in i5 stock cooler on i7?   
    probably won't be able to sustain the turbos if at all
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    Snipergod87 reacted to Enderman in Windows 10 Media Error   
    Uh, no.
    The creation tool should NOT be on the flash drive.
    You select the flash drive when running to creation tool and that's where the tool will put the ISO.
    The tool needs to format the flash drive.