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  1. Boo i prefer watching via forum
  2. I can get in there either @Slick
  3. If just browsing web and watching videos APU is more than enough.
  4. there were some decent technical issues in the beginning as well.
  5. not that level of customization but more than others also cat 6 is not a port but a cable
  6. potentially driver related, TBH i have had some shitty realtek NIC's including in my Z87 board.
  7. Your company should have mobile device management software installed that will allow them to do that. If it is not the businesses phone I wont help as it is still theft.
  8. Where are you downloading from or testing from, some CDN's cannot deliver that speed, for example steam caps out around 500Mbit IIRC
  9. To be honest this is common with AMD's sockets. the paste will either harden or create a tight vacuum and be removed with the cooler it isn't a big deal.
  10. Honestly dont both with RAID 0 and just get an SSD, the connection for a CD drive is probably SATA 1 which is 150MB/s. and for a 2011 system your main port will probably be SATA 2 at 300MB/s but possibly SATA 3, depends on how cheap apple wanted to go.
  11. Not unless you use another app for messaging, standard sms does not have that ability
  12. USB to express card would not work, it would still be USB. You need some sort of PCI-Express interface. Thunderbolt (your AMD laptop wont have) M.2 NVMe (probably doesnt have that either) or the mini pci wifi standards as you mentioned, but performance would be low I am not sure if will work on your laptops display or if you will be forced to use an external one.
  13. You can either build or re-use and old PC, or get a NAS enclosure, You can get like a DS218j or a DS216se for pretty cheap. Add your two disk's configure RAID 1 or SHR-1 (same thing basically) and setup the network share
  14. You are going to have to look around I don't use wireless earbuds, but I believe just when the airbuds2 came out another superior product launched that actually stays in peoples ears. Hard plastic hurts the inside of my ears and apples normal ear buds dont fit me period., they will go in but fall right out. This is the product i was talking about that is launching soon: https://mashable.com/article/beats-powerbeats-wireless-apple-airpods-competitor/ Though im not a fan of beats, they are overpriced But just search bluetooth earbuds there are plenty of good roundups
  15. Use something better then airpods, not all ears are the same even on your own head, apple for some reason only makes the one version, while real manufacturers have silicone adapters you put on them to better fit your ears.
  16. Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should. Odd placements but considering the huge socket and small space to work with that board is super packed some sacrifices probably had to be made
  17. I mean i kinda think you are stuck with a displayport and USB KVM, and one that passes thru the g-sync signal, like the one from Level 1 techs
  18. I don't know about certifications, but job experience means more than certifications when hiring, hopefully your part time job will be in the tech field.
  19. Probably wouldn't work for a varity of reason's, but the first one would be the bios/uefi would notice a unrecognized operating system and just stop right there
  20. i probably wouldn't recommend going higher than a 750 ot 750 ti really, hardware in there is over 10 years old
  21. You do realize you can run a 9700k on a Z370 board. If the key is tied to your MS account then you are fine. system should boot normally but you will need some different drivers to be installed.