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  1. Boo i prefer watching via forum
  2. I can get in there either @Slick
  3. If just browsing web and watching videos APU is more than enough.
  4. there were some decent technical issues in the beginning as well.
  5. not that level of customization but more than others also cat 6 is not a port but a cable
  6. potentially driver related, TBH i have had some shitty realtek NIC's including in my Z87 board.
  7. Your company should have mobile device management software installed that will allow them to do that. If it is not the businesses phone I wont help as it is still theft.
  8. Where are you downloading from or testing from, some CDN's cannot deliver that speed, for example steam caps out around 500Mbit IIRC
  9. To be honest this is common with AMD's sockets. the paste will either harden or create a tight vacuum and be removed with the cooler it isn't a big deal.
  10. Honestly dont both with RAID 0 and just get an SSD, the connection for a CD drive is probably SATA 1 which is 150MB/s. and for a 2011 system your main port will probably be SATA 2 at 300MB/s but possibly SATA 3, depends on how cheap apple wanted to go.
  11. The device with the SIM card MUST be online, thats just how it works for SMS.
  12. Not unless you use another app for messaging, standard sms does not have that ability
  13. USB to express card would not work, it would still be USB. You need some sort of PCI-Express interface. Thunderbolt (your AMD laptop wont have) M.2 NVMe (probably doesnt have that either) or the mini pci wifi standards as you mentioned, but performance would be low I am not sure if will work on your laptops display or if you will be forced to use an external one.