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  1. Snipergod87

    mouse pad play area slippery

    I do not since I do not use them personally, but many others here do.
  2. Snipergod87

    mouse pad play area slippery

    Sounds like normal wear, the mouses movements are wearing down the pad little by little over time, only real solution is to replace the pad. I don't use a mousepad, and my desk is quite a lot smoother where I primarily use my mouse, to the point where it is quite a bit more reflective or has a polished look.
  3. Snipergod87

    More FPS with 4x4 ram over 2x8?

    Either way you are still running in dual channel, there is no performance increase You would need threadripper or intel's HEDT platform to see any small % increase by moving to quad channel ram.
  4. Snipergod87

    Sata data cable splitter Imac

    As others stated you cant daisy chain off 1 cable. 1 SATA port on motherboard = 1 drive connected.
  5. Snipergod87

    Practical RAMDISK pc

    RAM with battery backups are a thing, but only in the enterprise space.
  6. Snipergod87

    Trying to full format a HDD

    Before you make any permanent changes, try unplugging your HDD and seeing if your computer boots. If it boots normally than disk 0 the 1TB drive can be wiped, if it doesnt you need to remove the old HDD and reinstall windows. When you already have windows installed on another drive for some stupid reason Windows decides to put the boot loader amoung other important recovery stuff on a drive separate from your primary disk.
  7. If its only recording on motion it will last quite awhile
  8. Data should still be there but I wouldnt know how to access it, when a drive is paired with Optane it greats a pool of storage, you remove part of that pool you end up where you are now.
  9. Its a completely different protocol a simple cable won't do it, you will need someone to design and program a circuit board to convert the signals than pass that to a USB controller. Unless someone makes an off the shelf part you are out of luck.
  10. Snipergod87

    Stop Service Host from Hogging Bandwidth

    You can right click on that svchost process and see what processes are running inside of it.
  11. Snipergod87

    Interesting thought

    Also most GPU's in laptops are soldered, if they arent they are MXM modules which are rather expensive and probably will not work with the existing cooling system
  12. Snipergod87

    HP Proliant DL380 G3 Build

    Pretty poorly in benchmarks especially considering that is an ancient G3 What you basically have there are 2x 2.8Ghz Pentium 4's, basically worthless. Also you expansion is limited to PCIX which is NOT PCI-Express, but basically 2x PCI slots combined. The cheapest NUC you can find would run circles around that.
  13. maybe @jonnyGURU Can offer some input, I think this is beyond most of our forum members knowledge.
  14. Snipergod87

    Can I DIY Dual eGPU to m.2 m-key x4

    Intel is working on pushing mobo manufacturers to allow PCI-Express bifurication on future motherboards to allow for use with their new Optane drives which are Optane + QLC flash, but needs PCI-Express Bifurication to work as they have to report as to seperate drives. Bifurication allows for multiple devices on a single connector, otherwise it is one device per connector.
  15. Snipergod87

    Can I DIY Dual eGPU to m.2 m-key x4

    dual GPU off a single M.2 slot wont work, the slot would need to support PCI-Express Bifurication which at this point no consumer boards do, only server. Only thing that would work is dual GPU's on a single card.