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  1. Be kind of nice if it didn't sell information at all but that's cool, you do you
  2. With Season of Dawn right around the corner and a bunch of rumors about Trials returning, I'm gonna come out and say it.


    Destiny 2's PvP sandbox is not ready for Trials.

  3. It's a pre-built desktop, I'd imagine most of those still comes with optical drives. -Moved to Laptops and Pre-Built Systems-
  4. I think it's still good. Not one of my favorites by him, but still good.
  5. Decided today was a Warlock day, so I hopped into Rumble and started experimenting. I initially ran Coldheart and a curated Lonesome(Reckoning sidearm), but that didn't go over so nicely in a lobby of Recluses and Riskrunners. Following that, I started looking around in my vault for different kinetic weapons, as I still wanted to do a build with Coldheart. What I have for you today is not a build featuring Coldheart. Instead, I have a build that I'm tentatively naming "Rocky Balboa". This build features a Year 1 pulse rifle, the Disrespectful Stare: I like this pulse rifle because it's a decent PvP option with the buff to high impact pulses in Shadowkeep, and it features high-caliber rounds on top of being a high-impact. The SC Holo sight is also my favorite sight in the game. This pulse rifle will indeed kill a Guardian in two bursts. I'm warming up to it very quickly. In my energy slot, I have a Wizened Rebuke that Saladin gave me yesterday: This baby features a Red Dot sight, Liquid Coils, Auto-Loading Holster, and Tap The Trigger(the best perk for fusion rifles in my opinion). The icing on the cake is the range masterwork. I added a targeting adjuster mod for extra consistency. Also, due to being a high impact frame, this fusion rifle is incredibly forgiving. In my power slot, I'm running just about anything. Since I'm not running an exotic anywhere else in my loadout, this is where I've been sticking my exotic weapon. Black Talon, Deathbringer, and Thunderlord have been my options so far. Black Talon is a particular favorite of mine, it has all the benefits of running a sword with none of the drawbacks.
  6. Or you could turn down settings...
  7. Much cheaper to take my Type A mouse from my desktop and plug it into my laptop whenever I need an external mouse. That is a fair point, I generally judge all the laptops I consider buying from the same viewpoint. I want my laptops to be as versatile as they can be, without needing anything extra to carry. This is why I like ThinkPads so much.
  8. I like to not use dongles as much as possible. Having only TB3 forces me to use a dongle for everything that isn't a USB-C connection. I think the Touchbar is useful, but I'd rather have that and Function keys instead of one or the other. But if I had to choose between the two, I would take the Function keys.
  9. That doesn't seem bad, actually. If it had better I/O and Function keys, I might actually consider it.

    1. dizmo


      I really like another one of her songs too, but I can't recall the name.

    2. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      I've heard a few of her other songs, yet to hear one I dislike.

  11. This. My 1070 runs semi fanless, it's pretty normal for modern GPUs.
  12. @captain_to_fire Pay attention to the guitar solo
  13. Yeah, that was my thought process as well. It would probably be much more cost-effective to have a couple servers with high end hardware running VMs.