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  1. Hi I would really like some help picking the right parts for a medium sized build. will be used for light gaming. Budget: £350 Uk does not need to include peripherals! including case fans thanks in advance
  2. George8D

    Amd Budget Build

    also could you include cooling?
  3. George8D

    Amd Budget Build

    worth getting the 4460k?
  4. George8D

    Amd Budget Build

    Hi. Looking to build into the case I have (NZXT Phantom 3.0) I would like to use it for playing LoL at reasonable graphics with high frames. maybe bf4 occasional. would like to spend £400-£500 GBP I have all peripherals(mouse/board/screen/headset etc) I also have 16gb of corsair veng 1600mhz quad channel thanks in advance
  5. Well done guys on reaching 1,000,000 subscribers! A mighty feat indeed I would like to thank you guys for giving me a list aslong as my arm of awesome technology that I want.. And thank you not just to the fantastic 7 but thank you to the fab (f****** Amaze Balls) community that you have brought together! Cant wait to see you guys on 2M subs soon! <3
  6. George8D

    Problems installing w7 update.

    i did this,but all it comes up with is no os installed. I have enabled boot from external, but it still doesnt work
  7. George8D

    Problems installing w7 update.

    I have a bootable Iso now via a SD Card. is there anything else I need todo other then put the new hdd in?
  8. George8D

    Problems installing w7 update.

    aye, i know how todo that. Its just installing the os i dont understand. And i dont have any windows disks to do it
  9. Het, so I have a sony vaio (vpceb2moe) I have recently restored to factory settings. Been going through the process of installing w7 updates and its come to abit of a loop hole.. When I turn on, it goes to configuring windows update but does not go past 8%. After a while it then starts to shutdown. It then will crash and blue screen. Havnt caught what it says. Also I have a new wd hdd that I would like to instal inspace of the seagate it has. How would I go about doing this without windows disks of any kind? Baby language please Thank you in advance for answering!
  10. George8D

    Photo editing laptop

  11. looks so fresh, I want todo something similiar.
  12. George8D

    Server/Storage/CCTV recording PC

    quick reply from me!. forgot about this looks great thank you!
  13. George8D

    Server/Storage/CCTV recording PC

    thanks! and to be honest I have been distracted by other things. as many drives as I can possibly fit. maxing out at about 10tb/20
  14. George8D

    Server/Storage/CCTV recording PC

    I just felt the aftermarket would give the system abit more safety, as it will most probably be running 24/7. I have honestly no idea what OS to use as it is foreign territory to me Also W7 has the advantage of being used by someone other then me.