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  1. Hey, I really like the concept of Photoshop but whenever I think about if I want to go into all of that, I refuse to because of the fear that it would take me a very long time to even get the basics. If you use photoshop, how long does it take getting used to the basics of it, thank you.
  2. Hello, my dad cannot play with a keyboard and mouse so I bought a USB controller for him and will connect that to a laptop which is connected to a TV. I'm looking for some good free games we can all play together online. Any recommendations? Priority on FPS games. Thanks
  3. ilove64

    Selling computers, need help.

    Guys the main point of this thread was me asking the main question that I don't know what to do about and you're asking about the more simpler one that I already got a feel about, the question is, how do I get the money for the parts? Is it expected for them to pay me before I order the parts?
  4. ilove64

    Selling computers, need help.

    I feel like this is a risk I might want to at least give a shot to, I'd rather not work in McDonalds lol. (If only I would understand that school was important for real as a child, uhhhhh)
  5. ilove64

    Selling computers, need help.

    Thank you, but would you mind answering the bigger question in the post? Appreciate it a lot!
  6. Hello guys, my parents are low on money and I just turned 18, I was thinking about building custom computers for people and selling them for the same amount that I bought the parts for plus the building fee, I made a small advertisement for this idea near the place where I live, and two people are interested in buying a computer I would build for them (for around 500$ worth of parts). My question is, how much in your opinion would be a reasonable price to taking for the process of helping decide on parts, and building the computer. As well as how could I make this work? I don't think I could just expect them to pay me so that I would get the parts before I have even ordered anything, I understand that that would be a risk for them that they wouldn't take. At the same time, it would be a risk for me if I would want to buy the parts myself and build the computer and then get a message from one of them saying he changed his mind etc. Can anyone help me with this? I would love to help my family with some income, and I think I got a shot at this if I could figure these things out.
  7. ilove64

    Anime Club - Heaven Society

    @MyInnerFred May I join the club please?
  8. ilove64

    Good program for Making Music?

    I thought logic was required in order to make music.
  9. ilove64

    Good program for Making Music?

    LOL but seriously what program do you recommend?
  10. ilove64

    Good program for Making Music?

    Do you guys have any recommendations for a good program I can edit music and start some myself with? Dubstep for example or just anything instrumental. ty
  11. ilove64

    Is this a good internet speed?

    Music/Games/Files on Google Chrome mostly.
  12. ilove64

    Is this a good internet speed?

    Wait so if my speedtest says 50MB/s im suppose to have ~6 Mb per second while downloading? Why do I only get ~1Mb per second?
  13. Headphones>keyboard>mouse I find mice not being difference performance wise comparing my 40$ anker mouse to any dell or whatever.
  14. ilove64

    Used keyboard, should I buy?

    Hello, someone was offering me this keyboard http://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-JQD-00001-SideWinder-X4-Keyboard/dp/B002ZV51DI/ref=sr_1_15?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1422039519&sr=1-15&keywords=microsoft+keyboard (Microsoft Side Winder X4) for 40$ like brand new, is it worth a buy or should I save up for a mechanical keyboard?