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Ducky obs.erve.me

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About Ducky obs.erve.me

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  • Birthday 2001-04-11

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    Ducky obs.erve.me
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    United Kingdom


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    2x Intel Xeon E5 - 2670
  • Motherboard
    Asus Z9PE-D16/2L
  • RAM
    16x Kingston 4GB PC3-10600 1333mhz DDR3
  • GPU
    2x Asus GTX 780 DirectCU
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    Phanteks Ethoo Pro - Full Tower
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    Sandisk SSD+ 240GB
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    Rosewill 1000w Semi-Modular
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    2x Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
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    MadCatz R.A.T 3
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    Windows 10 Professional

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  1. Ducky obs.erve.me

    Post Linus Memes Here! << -Original thread has returned

    Ran out of bacon to fix it... (I made it at 1:08 A.M. Give me a break you Grammar Nazi)
  2. Ducky obs.erve.me

    gt GEforce 720 to gtx 1050

    Should be fine, Newer architectures on GPU's are generally less power-hungry... You may even save a little on your Bill! (Unless you OC) o7
  3. Ducky obs.erve.me

    How to make videos upload faster

    Try HandBreak. It can be told to use custom RF Signatures and I love it. Free, simple and always performs well. (And it's Open Source!) https://handbrake.fr o7
  4. Ducky obs.erve.me

    Overclocking question just in general

    Automatic Overclock using 3rd-Party Software is usually ok. If you are enthusiast and want to get the most performance out of your chip then go manual. Just be careful and think about how far out you are going from Stock. 10-15% overclock is reasonable. 20%+ is where you need to look out for typos and referring to your CPU's manufacturer on max voltage and temps...
  5. Ducky obs.erve.me

    Someone help me pick out a monitor I'm very confused

    Ever heard of Ultrawide monitors? (2560x1080). They can be configured in 1920x1080 mode for when you are playing games on your Xbox or Computer and 2560x1080 When you are working... I personally use a LG Ultrawide - 25UM57P... http://www.lg.com/uk/monitors/lg-25UM57 Very good display, Highly recommended for Video Editing, 3D Design or just plain server hosting nightmares... o7
  6. Ducky obs.erve.me

    Why does my pc overheat

    That isn't actually far-fetched, I accidentally didn't apply enough Thermal Paste onto my Xeon 2670 months ago. I took it out and only 2/3 of the CPU's heat-spreader was covered in Thermal paste... (Xeons don't get very hot...) If you do remove your CPU cooler, be careful to not let any of the sticky paste drop onto your Motherboard o7
  7. Ducky obs.erve.me

    Why does my pc overheat

    Does this count for both CPU and / or GPU?
  8. Ducky obs.erve.me

    Why does my pc overheat

    Do you know which component(s) are overheating?
  9. Ducky obs.erve.me

    Why does my pc overheat

    Are the fans on the GPU and CPU Cooler even spinning?
  10. Ducky obs.erve.me

    Dual CPU 16 Dimms vs 8 Dimms

    Thank you very much!
  11. Ducky obs.erve.me

    Dual CPU 16 Dimms vs 8 Dimms

    Nothing to do with upgrading, just pure performance wise. Which would do better?
  12. Ducky obs.erve.me

    Dual CPU 16 Dimms vs 8 Dimms

    Intel Xeon E5 - 2670 LGA-2011 And I'm talking about using 2 different motherboards, one with 16 Dimms of 4gb or another with 8 Dimms of 8gb
  13. Hello users! (And test subjects) I am wishing to pick one of your brains about Ram Channels and Memory Performance... (Notes: CPU's can use Quad Channel) So, in scenarios A or B. Which would yield more Performance in a Server or Game based Situation? A: Dual CPU with 16 Dimms of Memory (8 Per CPU) Using 4GB Dimms. B: Dual CPU with 8 Dimms of Memory (4 Per CPU) Using 8GB Dimms. Bonus Round! Does it use it in 2x 4 Channel Memory per CPU in Scenario A? Thanks - Some random nüb