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  1. Unfortunately looks like there is not much you can do about that, that layout is awful.
  2. The HD650 and the HD6XX are identical headphones, Sennheiser has recently opened a new factory in Romania where the new HD660S is being made, since the 600-series pretty much uses most of the same tooling I'd hazard a guess that Sennheiser has moved all 600-series production there. Also, there is no sound difference between a 3.5mm and a 6.35mm jack, just depends on what is coming out of your source.
  3. It's way harder to make a pair of headphones that are already loose on your head tighter (these aren't those AT 3D wing headphones after all). If you don't feel comfortable wearing them, get something else, especially if you're gaming with them for long periods of time.
  4. USB OTG to basically any portable solution on the planet. Audioquest Dragonfly Black/Red if you want something USB stick sized, if you want something bigger something like an Oppo HA2, Fiio E17K or JDS C5D would work. The Schiit Fulla 2 would require an external USB source for power, so I don't recommend that personally.
  5. Pelican is pretty good, 1010 is probably good enough for just the headphones themselves + a few tips. Personally I'd go for a semi-hard unless you really need the waterproof. Campfire's semi-hards look pretty nice.
  6. A sweater pocket isnt terrible though, something else has to be up if OP is burning through the cables so quickly. Jeans pocket on the other hand.
  7. They should work out of mobo audio, though personally I’d get at least a Fulla 2.
  8. Given how I think everything 1More makes is absolute dogshit, I'm guessing this will be absolute dogshit as well.
  9. The problem with earbuds is that it's extremely hard to make them water resistant, because lets face it earbuds need a large opening so that it can project sound into you ear without having to be in the ear canal, and it needs a fairly large bass port somewhere in the chassis. TL;DR, I think you'd be hard pressed to find half-decent (or frankly any) earbuds that are water resistant.
  10. OP is right, the biggest problem IMO is the lack of a proper standard of how to implement audio in the future. Wireless is never going to be the choice of millions and OEMs have to accommodate them. At the very least, Apple has given us a inexpensive, high-quality audio solution that comes free with all their phones. But not all OEMs have done the same, some don't even come with a dongle and require a separate purchase with dodgy audio hardware. It's such a shame because this was really the time to be like "yes, we can improve audio on phones by doing what computer audiophiles have done for a long time, removing the audio pathway from the source", but they haven't shone us any commitment to doing so.
  11. I use my phone or my AK70 on the go. Currently the ATH-LS200 are my IEM of choice, but I'm getting customs made right now.
  12. But a double bass clearly plays in the sub bass region, and that seems to be OPs problem, not the midbass warmth.
  13. Sounds like it tbh, I'd say go for something from AKG or Audio Technica's ADx line at this point. Sounds like you might like bright headphones better.
  14. May I ask what are you directly comparing the 598 to? Makes alot of difference if we know what gear you're coming from.
  15. It's the first time I've ever seen someone say a 598 has too much bass. They have quite a lot of bass rolloff past 100hz. What I do understand is the double bass sounding muddy since it has lots of distortion down low. Too loud is just weird to me.
  16. While some motherboards have a seperate op-amp that they activate when using the front panel jacks, the vast majority just run off the stock codec which sends amped signal out of both ends. If this weren't the case, you wouldn't be able to use headphones in the back panel jacks. So either way, you're going to be double amping.
  17. For Windows DirectSound, I recommend the following. Set your bit-depth to 24-bit or higher, this means that if you use computer audio to control volume, the bits that are shaved off to lower the volume does not effect any regular 16-bit music. Set your sampling rate to 44.1khz, while 48khz is more used in video and gaming, resampling does not effect the experience nearly as much as listening to music. This means that any 44.1khz file (most music) will simply be sent to the DAC without any resampling
  18. You don't need a sound card for gaming. Gaming soundcards area literally just the same components on your typical onboard or cheaper soundcard, slapped onto a PCB with some extra shielding, and sold to consumers for a huge markup. If you want to spend money, you get a Schiit Fulla 2 / Micca Origen, those are half the price and offer better quality and features. If the thing you really wanted was that control center that could go on your desk, they have it, as both have an up-facing volume knob great for desk use.
  19. The only way I know how to ghetto this is: transcode your music manually then use BTSync (now known as Resilio) to automatically sync that transcoded music folder across all your devices.
  20. I will personally murder anyone who thinks its okay to control a studio monitor's volume by going round to the back and turning their individual volume knobs.
  21. I would probably suggest against going HD600/650 or 700 for your usecase. I think something like the Oppo PM3 would be pretty good. A little U-shaped, not that heavy and it's closed back so you can take it out and about.
  22. Get HyperX Clouds, thats the only good option on your list. Alternatively get a Sennheiser G4ME (Zero or One depending on if you want open or closed).
  23. Can you get a Fiio E10k or a Micca Origen?
  24. It would honestly depend on how different the analog stages are on the two DACs, you buy the Bifrost for the analog stage, not for the chip. But the extra money that could be spent on a Bifrost 4490 could go instead to a Modibit so right now the Bifrost is in dire need of an upgrade.
  25. What were you using before? GIve them a good week of solid use before trying to form your opinion on them.