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  1. BKOben

    Bedroom tv setup

    PLEX.... makes me happy.... I also use plex with amazon fire tv.
  2. I would say its part of what makes a core part of the game.... ship combat and damage from that combat is kind of important. I dont see how this would not be considered part of the core gameplay.
  3. USB thumb drives may be used maybe?
  4. BKOben

    Hitman Alpha Cant run 60fps 1080p on Titan X

    ...................................................it's Alpha........................................................
  5. BKOben

    Suggestions for quick cheap replacement headphones

    Should work for what I need.
  6. BKOben

    Suggestions for quick cheap replacement headphones

    Ended up spending a little more than $30 as I did not see much for choice at the exchange store on base, and had to get back to work. Went with the Sennheiser CX 275s that has a 2 year warranty and was a name I trusted over my choice of SkullCandy and ILUV as well as BEATS and a few cheap Sony headphones. Should last awhile until I get a better set in a few months.
  7. BKOben

    Suggestions for quick cheap replacement headphones

    Thanks not sure if they carry that in the stores I will be going to but I will look. I leave for lunch in about 10 min.
  8. I need to replace my headphones during lunch ( cheap no name pair I stole from wife) that broke, I have a set of hyper x cloud headphones I use at home with my pc but I recently changed departments at work and can now listen to music while working on my phone, problem is so does everyone else. And I dont want to have giant headphones on while at work. I cant stand others peoples music sometimes especially today so I was wondering if I could get some suggestions for a decenent set of in ear headphones around $30 or less I can pick up at lunch on base at the exchange ( I am active military ) or at walmart just off base. I listen to mostly 90's alternative and classic rock but also daft punk and other more electronic or house music sometimes. Just need a quick fix to keep me from going crazy from everyone elses music, as I dont want to be that guy that tells my juniors to turn off their music as they do work very well and they like being able to jam out while they work. I will probably get a decent pair of IEM's later but not for a few months when my recentent promotion raise kicks in. Thanks if you can help!!!!
  9. BKOben

    Steam requires SSN or TIN in order to list items.

    If you trade alot it will ask you for it, nothing new I did this last year I think when i was selling a bunch of trading cards. Your making money which means its taxable.
  10. BKOben

    LG G PRO 2 or LG G3

    Sent you back a few PM's as well as a link to the G3 subreddit.
  11. BKOben

    LG G PRO 2 or LG G3

    G3, only because I have one and absolutley love it.
  12. BKOben

    Waggy The Geek reviews Tomorrowland

    I kinda disagree, Nix was the "villain" if your looking for one person to fit that role in the movie, but I would say the movie is not about fighting a villain at all.
  13. BKOben

    Good single player games

    Any HalfLife game, Portal games, Bioshock games, Fallout games, Elder Scrools games, GTA games, Deus Ex, Mass Effect series, The Walking Dead series, Dishonered... there are just so many!