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  1. Hi, Can anyone help me with this? I followed every step in Jacks post/video, but I can't get it to work. When I download a game form steam, it directly goed to the dns. There is little to none network activity on the ubuntu server. I set my pc's dns server to the server ip, so that's not the problem
  2. I'm recovering the files, but I noticed something strange, the external hdd is 500gb, I ussed about 320GB. But my internal HDD of 2TB filled up with 652GB? How is it posible that I got 652GB of a 500GB drive?
  3. Did you read the text?? I can't access the drive. Recuva is running for 2/3 hours with 0% progres.
  4. Hello, I'm new to the forum, also English isn't my main languages so plz don't expect a perfect use of the language.My dad tried tot access our external Toshiba USB HDD. When he tried access it did he get a message which was saying he needed tot format the drive. When I took a look at it, did I got a message which was saying that the parameter is incorrect. I opened disk management where the drive showed up like a normal HDD. I changed the driver letter, tried the drive on another system with no luck. I formatted the drive, I can access it now like a normal driver. I'm currently running recuva to look if I can see some files. The weird thing is that task manager say's the drive is 100% in use, wile there is 0kb/s read/writer activity. When I actual look at it does in make a weird soft ticking noise. I'm not going to reuse the drive after this. This drive is my family's archive. Many recent family pictures/document are one it.Thanks in advance for any kind of help.