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  1. Anyone done mem volt Mods to the asus 780 dcuII or have a data sheet to the voltage controller for memory? I was able to manually get the core up but can't find the data sheet for the memory VC as its a retardedly renamed VC
  2. Hey guys, recently purchased an asus gtx 780 DCUII from ebay as not working and was expecting a dead core or shot memory as it didnt have an output and was wanting it for the VRM so i could do a zombie mod now the problem is i have put it in my test bench to see if it did work and got nothing, gave it a quick inspection to see if any components where vapourised or cracked but all looked good so i tossed it in the oven just to see if it would magically come back but still nothing so i decided to test voltages, and what i found is that i have no vcore or vmem, the voltage controller is an ASP1212 (attached is the datasheet) i have probed VCC of the controller and i am getting the required 3.3 volts, i would probe the enable pin but it doesnt seem to be hooked up and all the pictures on google show the pcb with the same resistor not in place on the enable pin, unless it has a trace under the VC i have no idea. Can anyone think of any ideas as to what i can do in attempt to power up the VRM manually. I want to see if the core of this card is still good and if it is i will just fix it and use it for benchmarks and if the core is dead but the i can fix the vrm i will cut it up for a zombie. ASP1212.pdf
  3. If thats ok with you that would be awesome. Im willing to give it a try, i have a mc server setup at the moment but inactive as it doesnt work becasue of this issue.
  4. My server is running dual E5649 6core xeons, 64gb of ram and windows server 2012 r2 on a 128gb ssd but i have around 2tb of other storage present in the server. I will how ever be running other game servers on this server at the same time. was gonna dedicate 20gb of ram to the mc server. Also i will be using forge 2768 for mc version 1.12.2
  5. Hmmm, i might try garbage collection as i have never used it in a normal windows jar file server XD Yeah i have been contemplating getting a dedicated machine for the server just so i dont have to worry about these issues anymore. Was thinking of getting another DL380 G5 or a G6 with dual quad core xeons and 16gb/32gb of ram. The server is only dealing with under 20 people at the moment as its just serving my discord server atm.
  6. Dedicated an entire ssd to MC and 20+ gb of ram and for some stupid reason its does this even on vanilla
  7. I was using the entire drive to eleminate any i/o write speed issues that could be causing me this. Even if i run a vanilla minecraft server downloaded from the MC website and run it on my servers host OS (Server 2012) with a basic batch file it still gives me this tick lag. I just cant win with MC servers XD
  8. In Hyper-v you can dedicate the physical drive to a VM just have to make it offline in disk manager
  9. Thats good to hear. HAHA of course XD
  10. If you have ran an mc server how did it go?
  11. Im hoping so. I cant find the post but i think i read somewhere a while ago the MC doest particularly like VM's as the VM system time cant keep up properly or something and then causes tick lag. if i could find the post i would link it but i seen that about a year ago. There was talk in that post that people where running cron jobs to update system time or something along those lines and apparently that was pretty effective but it still happened sometimes.
  12. Eveytime i have tried to host a mc server within windows i have always had some form of tick issues, even on vanilla. the moment i moved to mineos those issues where resolved. Thanks for the offer but ill just stick with hardware i already have spare for the moment. i might even just grab a cheap ssd down the line as you can get 120gb ssd's for 30 AUD now and then i would be able to have a few vms on the same ssd.
  13. Obviously 500gb for a mc server is overkill but i dont have any smaller drives other than ssd's that would still be fast enough. i only have old 160gb drives that are ancient. I'll be using MineOS for the mc server as i use that now on a dedicated machine and its far better than using windows as a host OS for a MC server.
  14. Hey guys. Just looking for some opinions about running a minecraft server in a Hyper-V VM using MineOS as the host OS, Pros and cons, expected bugs and issues. I am looking to get a "new" rack mount server (Dell r710) with dual 6 core 12 thread xeons and 64gb of ram to host mutiple game servers at once. The other games i want to host i already know work fine in a VM. As i know minecraft servers can be flakey af i thought i would get some opinions before attemting it. I am planning on running Forge 2768 on MC version 1.12.2 with around 30 odd mods and was going to dedicate an entire spare 500gb hdd or spare ssd i have to that VM just to avoid any read/write bottle necks and probably like 10gb or more of ram to it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers ShmoeMo